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As a recording musician, or even someone with not much time to cook, it's essential to have a quick supply of takeaway pizza.  So when we asked for reviews, we went to the most knowledgeable experts we could find.

We recruited three members of world famous lizard surf band The Zillatones (also Hong Kong's number one rock band) to test 4 different pizzas during a recording session for their forthcoming album "Disorganised Vectors of Windswell with a Gnarly Mutant Lip" due out in 2017 on Sharawaji Records.  Which pizza is the best in Mui Wo?

"First up, with a collect time of 20 minutes is the large pepperoni pizza from La Pizzeria.  This is a thick crust pizza crammed with cheese, pepperoni, onion, green pepper and olives. We ordered some thick cut chips with it too.  It's hard to fault it as it is exactly what you would expect from a thick crust pizza.  The tomato sauce is pretty thick too, with a slight hint of barbecue to it.  Also in the box was a tub of tomato sauce, and some kind of sour cream.  We didn't go for the sour cream much, but the ketchup was great with the chips."

"The next pepperoni pizza is from The Kitchen.  The bread is obviously baked on the premises and is very thin.  The toppings were generous and heavily seasoned.  In fact you should expect toppings to slide off during eating.  Overall I'd say this pizza works best in the restaurant itself rather than as a takeaway.  It's a bit posh for a regular takeaway pizza.  You would probably want to order some salad and a bottle of wine with it, and look at some dogs.  This is probably the healthiest pizza, but a good tasty pizza nonetheless."  

"The next large pepperoni pizza is from The China Bear, with a collect time of 15 minutes.  This pizza is thin crust but not so thin as The Kitchen's pizza.  There is an adequate amount of toppings and was filling enough.  The large one is probably too much for one person, but the small one is probably going to be ok."

"If you are on a budget you can pick up a Dr Oetker pepperoni pizza for 49 HKD.  These take 15 minutes to cook in a mini oven.  It's about the same thickness as the China Bear pizza, but not as tasty.  

"Overall it's horses for courses and depends on how hungry you are."

Best pizza in Mui Wo if you are hungry

La Pizzeria

Best Pizza in Mui Wo if you are being healthy

The Kitchen

Best pizza in Mui Wo if you want a medium sized pizza

The China Bear

Best pizza in Mui Wo if you want convenience

Dr Oetker from Wellcome.




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