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Lantau Weather

°F | °C
Humidity: 91%
25 mph
Scattered Thunderstorms
79 | 80
26 | 26
Mostly Sunny
78 | 80
25 | 26

Aviation WX

[Source: ADDS]
VHHH 212330Z 21007KT 150V240 9999 FEW012 SCT035 27/25 Q1008 NOSIG =
VHHH 212300Z 2200/2306 21010KT 8000 FEW015 SCT040 TX31/2208Z TX31/2306Z TN26/2222Z BECMG 2212/2214 VRB05KT TEMPO 2302/2306 21010KT =
SR / SS: 22:23 / 09:54 UTC ( 2016-10-21)

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Long Term Weather Forecast

  • Bulletin updated at 06:15 HKT 22/Oct/2016
    General Situation:
    Haima has weakened into an area of low pressure. The weather over the coast of Guangdong will improve gradually today and tomorrow. An anticyclone aloft over southern China will bring generally fine weather to the region midweek next week. A surge of the northeast monsoon will reach southern China over the weekend next week.

    Date/Month: 22/10 (Saturday)
    Wind: Southwest force 4 to 5, occasionally force 6 offshore at first.
    Weather: Cloudy with a few showers at first. Sunny intervals in the afternoon. There will be swells.
    Temp range: 26 - 30 C
    R.H. range: 75 - 95 per Cent

    Date/Month: 23/10 (Sunday)
    Wind: South to southwest force 2 to 3.
    Weather: Sunny periods and a few showers.
    Temp range: 25 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 70 - 95 per Cent

    Date/Month: 24/10 (Monday)
    Wind: East force 3 to 4.
    Weather: Sunny intervals. One or two rain patches in the morning and at night.
    Temp range: 24 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 70 - 90 per Cent

    Date/Month: 25/10 (Tuesday)
    Wind: East force 3 to 4.
    Weather: Sunny intervals. A few rain patches in the morning and at night.
    Temp range: 24 - 28 C
    R.H. range: 75 - 95 per Cent

    Date/Month: 26/10 (Wednesday)
    Wind: East force 3 to 4.
    Weather: Sunny periods. One or two rain patches at first.
    Temp range: 24 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 70 - 90 per Cent

    Date/Month: 27/10 (Thursday)
    Wind: East force 3.
    Weather: Mainly fine.
    Temp range: 24 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 60 - 85 per Cent

    Date/Month: 28/10 (Friday)
    Wind: Light winds force 2.
    Weather: Mainly fine.
    Temp range: 24 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 60 - 85 per Cent

    Date/Month: 29/10 (Saturday)
    Wind: Light winds force 2, becoming northeast force 4 to 5 later.
    Weather: Mainly fine. Becoming cloudy with a few rain patches.
    Temp range: 24 - 29 C
    R.H. range: 65 - 90 per Cent

    Date/Month: 30/10 (Sunday)
    Wind: Northeast force 4 to 5.
    Weather: Mainly cloudy.
    Temp range: 23 - 26 C
    R.H. range: 70 - 90 per Cent

    Sea surface temperature at 2 P.M. 21/10/2016 at North Point was 26 degrees C.
    Soil temperatures at 7 A.M. 21/10/2016 at Hong Kong Observatory :
    0.5 M below surface was 27.3 degrees C
    1.0 M below surface was 28.1 degrees C

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Hong Kong News from SCMP

  • In Hong Kong, separation of powers is an illusion
    Who would have thought the use of a few derogatory terms and swear words by two political upstarts in their oath-taking as legislators could trigger a far-reaching debate about the constitutional foundation of Hong Kong? Or so the pan-democrats have claimed. Their argument is that the Basic Law envisions a separation of powers between the three branches of government. But does it? You don’t need to be a constitutional scholar, just a concerned resident, to ask the question. Right...
  • Pro-Beijing camp goes all out to stop retaking of oaths by Hong Kong localist legislators who insulted China
    Pro-Beijing lawmakers are piling pressure on the head of Hong Kong’s legislature to impose an outright ban on swearing in two localists who insulted China, and have threatened to use “all possible means” – including another walkout – to get their way. The pro-establishment camp said on Friday it was up to Legislative Council president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen to decide how he could make use of rules and laws to reverse his own decision to allow the localist pair to...
  • China blamed for New Zealand snub of high-profile Hong Kong duo critical of Beijing
    China has been accused of pressuring leading politicians in New Zealand and Australia to cancel meetings with two high-profile Hong Kong critics of Beijing who claim its growing interference places the city’s future under the “one country, two systems” policy in jeopardy. The allegations were prompted by the last-minute cancellation by New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Bill English of a meeting with former chief secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang, and Democratic Party...
  • Hong Kong broadcaster ViuTV apologises to former student leader over unscheduled event allegation
    Broadcaster ViuTV has formally apologised to an exiled mainland Chinese dissident and a former University of Hong Kong student leader a day after admitting it had wrongly accused the two pro-democracy activists of staging an unscheduled event during the filming of a travelogue. The development came after the broadcaster confirmed on Thursday that it had arranged the itinerary for an event where University of Hong Kong former student union head Billy Fung Jing-en and exiled mainland activist...
  • Could burrowing into Hong Kong’s hillsides help tackle its land shortage?
    In the future, Hongkongers could head underground to go for a swim, park their car, pick out their favourite wine or store essential data, according to a government proposal. Under the plan, precious land space in nearly 50 rock caverns across the city would be freed for a series of developments – a way to tackle land shortage. Hong Kong’s steep, hilly terrain tends to limit the growth of urban areas, but the new proposal aims to overcome and make use of such natural constraints,...
  • As Hong Kong taxi drivers jack up fares again during typhoon, is it time to legalise such ‘surcharges’?
    Some taxi drivers touting for business while Typhoon Haima pounded the city on Friday took advantage of the lack of transport options to demand hefty surcharges from passengers. Although the practice is illegal, most people have become accustomed to the extra charge, and one lawmaker raised the possibility of legalising such payments. With public transport limited or suspended when the No 8 typhoon signal is raised, passengers who need to get to work have little option but to hand over the...
  • Some love it, others hate it as Typhoon Haima passes Hong Kong
    Typhoon chasers, air passengers and tourists had a love-hate relationship with Typhoon Haima, which brought the city to a standstill for much of Friday. Haima prompted the issuing of typhoon signal No 8, which turned Friday into a day off with flight cancellations, heavy rain, fallen trees and the suspension of business activities and classes across the city. The typhoon made landfall in Shanwei in eastern Guangdong province on Friday afternoon. Watch: Typhoon Haima brings traffic to a...
  • Hongkonger could face death penalty over HK$723 million drug bust in China
    A Hongkonger could face the death penalty along with more than 10 others arrested in Guangdong province over the seizure of more than two tonnes of the drug Ice valued at HK$723.6 million that was reportedly destined for the city. On a tip-off, mainland police confiscated 2,010kg of the drug, two imitation guns and more than 10 bullets along with manufacturing equipment when they shut down two illicit drug producing factories, according to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department...
  • Typhoon Haima leaves one dead in Hong Kong as city counts the cost
    Hong Kong was paralysed on Friday by a powerful late-season typhoon that triggered the first No 8 storm warning in October in more than two decades, and left one man dead, although the city managed to escape major damage as the storm swept past. But Typhoon Haima, named after the Chinese word for sea horse, may have cost the city an estimated HK$5 billion in lost business, and Hong Kong International Airport was left with a backlog of hundreds of cancelled or delayed flights. Watch: Typhoon...
  • Hong Kong officials defend plan to revoke licence of scandal-hit nursing home against charge they’re acting too late
    The government has defended its decision to revoke the temporary licence of a scandal-stricken nursing home for the mentally disabled, despite new revelations there were seven deaths in two years. The Social Welfare Department announced on Thursday it would revoke Bridge of Rehabilitation Company’s temporary operating licence because it failed to comply with care and management standards. The nursing home in question is located in Kwai Chung On an RTHK radio programme on Friday, the...

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