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    Lantau Weather

    °F | °C
    Mostly Cloudy
    Humidity: 82%
    22 mph
    Mostly Cloudy
    65 | 69
    18 | 20
    Mostly Cloudy
    65 | 67
    18 | 19

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    Long Term Weather Forecast

    • Bulletin updated at 00:00 HKT 18/Jan/2017
      General Situation:
      The northeast monsoon will moderate slightly today and tomorrow. The weather over the coastal areas of Guangdong will be milder during the day. A dry replenishment of the monsoon is expected to reach southern China in the latter part of this week. It will be generally fine over the coastal areas during the weekend. However, it will be rather cool in the morning and temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large.

      Date/Month: 18/01 (Wednesday)
      Wind: East to northeast force 4, force 5 at first.
      Weather: Mainly cloudy with sunny intervals during the day.
      Temp range: 17 - 20 C
      R.H. range: 70 - 90 per Cent

      Date/Month: 19/01 (Thursday)
      Wind: East force 3, becoming north force 4 at night.
      Weather: Sunny periods. Visibility relatively low in some areas.
      Temp range: 17 - 22 C
      R.H. range: 70 - 90 per Cent

      Date/Month: 20/01 (Friday)
      Wind: North to northeast force 4 to 5.
      Weather: Cloudy. Dry with sunny periods during the day. Cool in the morning and at night.
      Temp range: 15 - 19 C
      R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

      Date/Month: 21/01 (Saturday)
      Wind: Northeast force 4, occasionally force 5.
      Weather: Cloudy. Mainly fine and dry during the day. Rather cool in the morning.
      Temp range: 13 - 18 C
      R.H. range: 55 - 80 per Cent

      Date/Month: 22/01 (Sunday)
      Wind: North to northeast force 4, occasionally force 5.
      Weather: Fine and dry. Rather cool in the morning.
      Temp range: 13 - 18 C
      R.H. range: 50 - 75 per Cent

      Date/Month: 23/01 (Monday)
      Wind: Northeast force 4, becoming east force 5 later.
      Weather: Fine and dry. Rather cool in the morning.
      Temp range: 13 - 18 C
      R.H. range: 50 - 75 per Cent

      Date/Month: 24/01 (Tuesday)
      Wind: East force 5, occasionally force 6 offshore.
      Weather: Sunny periods. Cool in the morning.
      Temp range: 15 - 19 C
      R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

      Date/Month: 25/01 (Wednesday)
      Wind: East to northeast force 4 to 5.
      Weather: Sunny periods.
      Temp range: 16 - 20 C
      R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

      Date/Month: 26/01 (Thursday)
      Wind: East to northeast force 4, occasionally force 5.
      Weather: Fine.
      Temp range: 16 - 21 C
      R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

      Sea surface temperature at 2 P.M. 17/01/2017 at North Point was 18 degrees C.
      Soil temperatures at 7 A.M. 17/01/2017 at Hong Kong Observatory :
      0.5 M below surface was 21.3 degrees C
      1.0 M below surface was 23.2 degrees C

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    Hong Kong News from SCMP

    • Bill to speed up handling of complaints by Medical Council set for Legco in March
      A bill that aims to speed up the handling of complaints by the Medical Council is likely to be submitted for approval by lawmakers in March, a government source said. The controversial medical reform bill, which failed to get through the Legislative Council in July last year, would be submitted again after further amendments, the source said. These would include a significant increase in the number of assessors required to conduct an inquiry, together with council members, from the current 14...
    • Hong Kong legislator ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung triumphant in case of lost prison locks
      Men who end up behind bars may soon be able to keep their mane after a High Court judge found a decision to shear lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung’s signature locks during his brief incarceration in 2014 to be unlawful. In a judgment handed down on Tuesday, Mr Justice Thomas Au Hing-cheung ruled in favour of the radical legislator, who challenged the lawfulness of the decision and relevant orders requiring him and all male prisoners – but not female inmates –...
    • Employers step up fight to prevent reform of Hong Kong pension fund
      Hong Kong’s biggest business chambers ramped up pressure on Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, on the eve of his swansong policy address, against abolishing the controversial practice of allowing employers to use the money they put into workers’ retirement funds to offset severance and long-service payments. Leung, who retires at the end of June, is set to announce the scrapping of the Mandatory Provident Fund offsetting mechanism in his final policy speech today. Another expected...
    • Winners all round as Operation Santa Claus 2016 comes to a close
      Charity workers, corporate representatives and media professionals on Tuesday gathered for the closing ceremony of Operation Santa Claus 2016, which raised more than HK$16 million for local charities. The event was held at Crown Wine Cellars in Shouson Hill and broadcast live on RTHK by Radio 3 programme host Alyson Hau. It was attended by Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee, wife of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and Director of Broadcasting Leung Ka-wing, who heads RTHK. Some 80 fundraising...
    • Fearful mother tells of HK$1.5m ‘donation’ to top school
      A couple’s fear that their young daughter would not be accepted into an elite international school led them to pay HK$1.5 million in false “donations”, a court heard. On the second day of the trial of Chu Lau-ying – a former employee of Harrow International School accused of attempting to defraud numerous parents out of up to HK$3.6 million – a mother of three told how the defendant ­talked her into paying the money. Identified as “A” to protect her...
    • MH370 victims’ families outraged as search for missing plane ends after three years
      Victims’ families and support groups were outraged yesterday as the international underwater search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was suspended, nearly three years after it vanished without a trace over the Indian Ocean. The leaders of the search, Malaysia, China and Australia, jointly decided to call it a day after scouring 120,000 sq km of open ocean, at a cost of US$135 million, to no avail. “Despite every effort using the best science available, cutting edge...

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