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Lantau Weather

°F | °C
Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 48%
22 mph
Partly Cloudy
62 | 68
16 | 20
Mostly Sunny
65 | 70
18 | 21

Aviation WX

[Source: ADDS]
VHHH 072200Z 06008KT 9999 FEW040 18/05 Q1017 NOSIG =
VHHH 071700Z 0718/0824 02010KT 7000 FEW040 TX23/0806Z TN18/0722Z TN18/0822Z TEMPO 0718/0805 08010KT BECMG 0803/0805 32010KT BECMG 0809/0811 04010KT TEMPO 0810/0824 VRB05KT =
SR / SS: 22:51 / 09:40 UTC ( 2016-12-07)

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Long Term Weather Forecast

  • Bulletin updated at 04:45 HKT 08/Dec/2016
    General Situation:
    A dry northeast monsoon will continue to bring generally fine weather to southern China in the next few days. Temperature difference between day and night over the region will be relatively large. Another surge of the northeast monsoon is expected to bring cooler weather to southern China midweek next week.

    Date/Month: 08/12 (Thursday)
    Wind: Northeast force 2 to 3.
    Weather: Fine and dry.
    Temp range: 18 - 23 C
    R.H. range: 50 - 75 per Cent

    Date/Month: 09/12 (Friday)
    Wind: Northeast force 3 to 4, force 5 later.
    Weather: Fine and dry.
    Temp range: 18 - 23 C
    R.H. range: 50 - 75 per Cent

    Date/Month: 10/12 (Saturday)
    Wind: East to northeast force 4 to 5.
    Weather: Mainly fine. Dry during the day.
    Temp range: 18 - 23 C
    R.H. range: 55 - 80 per Cent

    Date/Month: 11/12 (Sunday)
    Wind: North to northeast force 4, occasionally force 5.
    Weather: Mainly fine. Cool in the morning. Dry during the day.
    Temp range: 17 - 22 C
    R.H. range: 55 - 80 per Cent

    Date/Month: 12/12 (Monday)
    Wind: East to northeast force 4.
    Weather: Sunny intervals.
    Temp range: 18 - 22 C
    R.H. range: 65 - 85 per Cent

    Date/Month: 13/12 (Tuesday)
    Wind: Northeast force 4.
    Weather: Sunny intervals.
    Temp range: 18 - 22 C
    R.H. range: 65 - 85 per Cent

    Date/Month: 14/12 (Wednesday)
    Wind: North to northeast force 4 to 5.
    Weather: Sunny periods. Cool in the morning.
    Temp range: 17 - 21 C
    R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

    Date/Month: 15/12 (Thursday)
    Wind: North to northeast force 5, occasionally force 6 offshore.
    Weather: Mainly fine. Cool in the morning and at night.
    Temp range: 15 - 20 C
    R.H. range: 60 - 80 per Cent

    Date/Month: 16/12 (Friday)
    Wind: North to northeast force 4 to 5.
    Weather: Mainly fine and dry. Cool in the morning and at night.
    Temp range: 15 - 20 C
    R.H. range: 55 - 75 per Cent

    Sea surface temperature at 2 P.M. 07/12/2016 at North Point was 24 degrees C.
    Soil temperatures at 7 A.M. 07/12/2016 at Hong Kong Observatory :
    0.5 M below surface was 23.8 degrees C
    1.0 M below surface was 25.1 degrees C

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Hong Kong News from SCMP

  • School health fears raised over potentially toxic artificial turf
    The closure of five schools’ artificial pitches over potentially harmful chemical levels has sparked concern among other schools and the government. The English Schools Foundation made the decision last Friday to shut five man-made pitches at Discovery College, King George V School, Renaissance College, Sha Tin College and South Island School for “further investigation” after problems emerged in initial chemical tests. It came after potentially toxic heavy metals were found in...
  • One in six Hong Kong children cannot afford to eat out, study finds
    More than a tenth of the city’s children do not have a suitable place to study and one in six of them cannot afford a meal with friends, joint research by ­several universities has found. The research conducted by Lingnan University, City University, Chinese University, the ­University of Bristol and University of York in the United Kingdom and University of New South Wales in Australia, was an effort funded by the Central Policy Unit and the Research Grants Council of the...
  • Double pay rise and extra benefits to ease the strain on Hong Kong’s judges
    Hong Kong’s judges will get a double pay rise plus extra allowances in an effort to combat persistent recruitment difficulties and safeguard rule of law in the city. As of mid-November, nine out of 34 Court of First Instance posts were vacant. And in March, only 162 of the city’s 200-strong judicial team were filled on a permanent basis. The government warned on Wednesday that the problem could get worse as 28 judges would reach retirement age by 2019. Under a deal approved by the...
  • Hong Kong government given green light for judicial reviews over lawmakers’ oaths
    The High Court has granted a government application for judicial reviews against four pro-democracy ­lawmakers for their suspected improper oath-taking – a move that seeks to disqualify them from the ­Legislative Council. A court letter received yesterday by Ivan Mok Ka-kit, a student who filed a related lawsuit against one of the lawmakers, said leave had been granted for the reviews, and a procedural hearing for all parties would be held a week today. Chief Executive Leung Chun-...
  • Tightest race in Election Committee health services subsector with Hong Kong pan-democrats in one group
    Having hosted the annual June 4 candlelight vigils for 10 years, it would seem only apt for Lit Ming-wai to run on behalf of the pan-democratic camp in Sunday’s race for the committee electing the chief executive next year. But Lit, a physiotherapist, said the decision to run was a psychological struggle for her. She is among a group of 30 like-minded medical professionals vying for the same number of seats in the health services subsector. “The Election Committee is itself,...
  • Police watchdog reveals details of Occupy protestor assault probe
    The police watchdog said on Wednesday it would not tolerate the force “shielding” its officers from investigations as it revealed details of how it objected to the force’s clearing a former senior officer for assaulting a bystander during the 2014 Occupy protests. The watchdog also for the first time revealed details on how it upheld its stance on the case and the divergence from the internal complaints unit of the police. The saga dated back to November 26 2014, when...
  • Former Hong Kong lawmaker Hui Yin-fat dies aged 80 after a life dedicated to helping the needy
    Former lawmaker Hui Yin-fat, who dedicated his life to promoting welfare services for the needy, died of an illness on Wednesday aged 80. Hui joined the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 1967 and became its director in 1973, a post he held until his retirement in 2001. The veteran campaigner entered politics in the 1980s. He represented the social welfare sector in the Legislative Council between 1985 and 1995 and was appointed to the Executive Council in the early 1990s. Having played a...
  • Police arrest 22 Hongkongers in money laundering probe linked to scams overseas
    Twenty-two Hongkongers accused of laundering HK$13 million through their bank accounts were rounded up in a series of police raids across the city on Wednesday. The money was suspected to have been linked to 18 deception cases in Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Africa last year and this year. Senior Inspector Sophia Lau Pak-wing of the commercial crime bureau said the cases included investment frauds and email scams. It is understood one case in Africa involved a loss of HK$4.8...
  • No increase in airport construction fees for third runway, Hong Kong transport minister vows
    Transport minister Anthony Cheung Bing-leung has vowed that there will be no further increases in the airport construction fees – in effect since August – for financing the HK$141 billion third runway project. The fees, ranging from HK$70 to HK$180 for travellers, will be charged until 2024, when the project is scheduled to be completed, providing HK$26 billion of the funds needed. “During the period, no further adjustments will be imposed,” Cheung told lawmakers during...
  • School technician took 3.3 million portraits and upskirt photos of teachers using secret cameras
    A former school technician faces jail after admitting that he took more than 3.3 million portraits and upskirt photos of six colleagues with cameras he installed on their computers and below their desks because he was attracted to them. The District Court heard on Wednesday that Lo King-shun, 36, held fantasies about the women because he had never dated. His secret set-up was discovered in January 2014 when the school’s vice-principal found an unusual file named “USB Video Device...

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