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Hong Kong based presenters


Kimberley Kleczka

Kimberley is a the presenter of our daytime magazine show Daytime On Lantau.

In addition to being an accomplished radio presenter Kimberly is the author of a series of children's books, and short stories for women.  Kimberley is a multi-talented entertainer and coaches others for voiceovers, television, commercials, training videos, and presenting for film and TV productions. She has judged and presented for many talent shows internationally. Including six years as the International talent coach for Miss Universe and Miss World Netherlands.

In her spare time, she loves to work with children’s and animal related charities.  Kimberley is a world traveller on a mission to help educate children and families about the wonderful and interesting world we live in.

Sty Larocque 

Few musicians in Hong Kong have the reputation of legendary musician, songwriter and producer Sty Larocque.  Sty is here to present his personal selection of reggae, soul, funk, rock and jazz every weekday from 1-5pm.  Make sure you tune in to Sty Larocque in the Afternoon to catch some cool island vibes.

Gnarly Mike

Trash, Twang and Tittyshakers every weekday drive time with Gnarly Mike.  


Josh & Laura Thomson


Mark Scholz

Mark Scholz has a weekly radioshow in The Netherlands, broadcast from Hong Kong and he now joins Radio Lantau.

BIO: Mark is a true music addict. From Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash, Tom Waits to Jean Michel Jarre and Bill Withers to (old) Red Hot Chili Peppers, he likes almost any style of music. With his show 'Remarkable Radio' on Radio Lantau, he limits himself however to soul, funk, disco, old school hiphop and hammond-organ jazz. He will take time to explain where samples come from, let you discover the original of a famous hit or you will be surprised with an unknown cover of a familiar track.

Name: Mark Scholz Radio DJ since: 2010

Dob: 1973 Origin: Haarlem, The Netherlands

First album ever bought: Paul Simon's Graceland

Best track: Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy

Favorite artist: Bill Withers and Tom Waits

Likes: soul, funk, rap, rock, electronic, country, blues, jazz, world

Dislikes: techno, cheap remakes and metal.

Will turn radio off for: Janis Joplin, Celine Dion, Slade

Remarkable Radio: as of 10th October 2015 on Radio Lantau.


DJ Swamp Beast

The result of a scientific experiment that went wrong, DJ Swamp Beast is DJ and producer for the “lizard surf” band The Zillatones.

Name: DJ Swamp Beast

DOB: Carbon dating suggests the Mesozoic Era

Origin: Gondwana

First album purchased: The Ventures in Space

Best track: Cave Beat, The Terrorsaurs

Favourite Artists: The Huaraches, The Tsunamibots, Marshall & the Martins, Tiki Creeps, Tangerine Dream

Likes: surf, trash, lo-fi, blues, jazz, titty shakers, exotica, obscure tunings

Dislikes: pollution, poor personal hygiene, Dido Will turn radio off for: Techno, happy hardcore, rave, europop, commercial stuff

JD Robins

Lifelong punk fan

Name: JD Robins

DOB: 1965

Origin: UK

First album purchased: nicked a copy of Kick Out The Jams, MC5 from Woolworths

Best track: Search and Destroy, Iggy and the Stooges

Favourite Artists: The Clash, The Ramones, The Stooges, The MC5, Procul Harum, Jane’s Addiction

Likes: punk, gospel, northern soul

Dislikes: Def Leppard, Level 42

Will turn radio off for: Def Leppard


Overseas presenters

in addition to the Hong Kong-based team we bring you the best music content from around the world.


Alex Kish


Jamie Bey



Wayne Lundqvist Ford (Ice Cream Man)

Wayne Lundqvist Ford puts out a weekly show in Sweden which is also aired by stations both in the USA and his home country the UK.

BIO: Since the age of three Wayne has been spinning vinyl. After spinning Action Man around on the family Dansette at 78rpm had grown weary, Wayne decided to try out some of his mothers records, the first of which was The Beatles "This Boy" which also played at his favourite speed of 78rpm several times before trying out 33rpm and then the correct speed of 45rpm, which was when his love affair of music started, The Beatles were followed by Buddy Holly, who Wayne still considers the roots of popular music, Billy Fury, The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks etc.

Growing up in the 70's, Wayne had exposure to many styles starting with Ska, onto Glam, then came Punk and the Mod revival shortly after and then he found the band of his generation, The Jam. The "Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More" plays Power Pop, Ska, Punk, Mod, various 60's styles, including Hammond Jazz, Mod Revival, Northern Soul, Motown and anything else that features strong melodies, great harmonies and a bit of attitude.

Name: Wayne Lundqvist Ford.

Radio DJ since: 2013

DOB: 1967

Origin: Brighton, Sussex, now based in Gothenburg, Sweden

First album purchased: The first album I had was The Beatles - Rubber Soul, the first album I purchased myself was The Jam - Sound Affects.

Favourite track: Tough one to call but Teenage Fanclub, Everything Flows or Love, Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark & Hilldale

Favorite artist. Love and Teenage Fanclub First Concert. The Who at Brighton Centre 1981

Likes. Power Pop, Mod, 60's Garage, Psyche and classics, Northern Soul, Motown, Surf, Punk, Indie Pop, Alternative and Ska.

Dislikes: Death Metal, Metal, Hair Bands, Rap anything like Celine Dion etc.

Will turn radio of for. Whitney Houston, Sade, Madonna, Seal, Coldplay but would never turn on mainstream radio anyway!



Jammin James Riley

My mom's Elvis albums and movies like American Graffiti and Buddy Holly Story left quite the impression on me that continues to this day. I seek out record stores everywhere I go looking for music that fuels this passion.  I've done radio promotions for over 20 years and started this radio show in early 2014 as an outlet to help spread music that moves me. My goal is to help people remember the music they loved and turn them on to new favorites.  Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour is a unique blend of modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock and country.  We have exclusive interviews with artists both new and legendary like Dion, The Beach Boys, Billy Burnette, Robert Gordon, Phil Alvin (The Blasters), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) and much more!

Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards presents the popular underground music show Loose Canon, based in the English Midlands. The show has run for five years on Stoke-on-Trent's internet station 6 Towns Radio, and is now spreading it's wings to reach wider audiences around the world. Simon has been involved in the British local music scene since his teens, playing in such bands as Saturnalia, Bible For Dogs, and Ask Virginia (the Loose Canon intro is actually taken from an Ask Virginia song), and now organises post-punk, indie and alternative events as part of not-for-profit music promotion group The Situation. In addition to receiving new music direct from bands, record labels, and promoters, Simon spends many happy hours every week scouring the internet for new and unheard acts to play on Loose Canon. Simon plays bass guitar competently, guitar badly, travels widely, is a budding amateur linguist, and has two grown up kids.


Brian Blum

Brian has wanted to be a DJ ever since he was 7-years-old growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and his parents bought him a cassette tape recorder. He began talking over the songs he heard on the radio in his best 1970s Top 40 Boss Jock voice. It wasn’t until college in 1980 that his dream was fully realized and Brainwaves was born, then as a New Wave program. Brainwaves took a hiatus until 2011 while Brian built a career first as a hi-tech entrepreneur and more recently as a freelance journalist and editor. His writing can be found all over the Internet, including at The Jerusalem Post, Israel21c, the AIM Group, and on his blog This Normal Life, which has appeared weekly since 2002. Brian lives with his wife and three children in Jerusalem. 

Jonathan L

Jonathan L is an American radio deejay, programmer, and entertainment media publisher. He organized his first large music festival for alternative station KUKQ in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989, years before the launch of festivals like Lollapalooza and the KROQ Weenie Roasts. For this reason, he is often called the “father of all radio festivals.” By the late ‘90s, Jonathan L was considered a national go-to guy for alternative radio, and in a 1996 interview with New York Now, he rightly predicted “more British and rhythm-driven music shaking up the mid-90s cabal of American-born alterna-rock bands.”

He once again returned to KUKQ from mid-1994 to mid-1995 to run the station in its wildest punk rock form. Among his most popular programs was “The Monday Morning Music Meeting Live,” which gave listeners a chance to phone in and provide their own input on the music, which was added to the rotation that day.

Jonathan L currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he continues hosting his radio show, "The Lopsided World of L." His show is currently broadcast worldwide on a number of stations including Radio Lantau.

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