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  • A Radio Rewind to the music and current events of 1980 with AC/DC, Van Halen, Triumph, Saxon, Ozzy, and the Scorpions
  • A Metal-on-MetalCover Song of the Week
    in a brand new all-star Metal collaboration
  • NewAC/DC, Ellefson, the Pretty Reckless, Shark Island, Scattered Hamlet, Shotgun Revolution, Junkyard Drive, and Gifted Gambler
  • Rare Hair from Europe, Def Leppard, Saxon, the Scorpions, and Triumph
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from Saliva, Bon Jovi, Ratt, and Motley Crue


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Transcript of the Show


Are you ready to rock now, rock the night? Europe is kicking us off!

Europe – Rock The Night

My name is Pariah Burke, and I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host.

Thank you for joining me.

Are you ready for a GREAT Hard, Heavy & Hair Show?

This is show number 280, so a little later I’m going to be taking you back in time with a Radio Rewind to the 1980 featuring music from AC/DC, Van Halen, Triumph, Saxon, Ozzy, Judas Priest, and the Scorpions.

Before that, I’m going to hit you some of the newest Hard Rock and Metal from AC/DC, the Pretty Reckless, Shark Island, Scattered Hamlet, Shotgun Revolution, Junkyard Drive, and Gifted Gambler plus Hits & Deep Cuts from Saliva, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Smackbound, and Motley Crue.

And, in the second hour of the show, a Metal-on-Metal Cover Song of the Week in a brand new all-star Metal collaboration. I’ll have your first Cover Song of the Week clue very shortly.

For now, how about the newest from AC/DC? This is the second single off the new album PowerUp, an album Brian Johnson told Kelly Jones is not only dedicated to Malcolm Young, but was half written by Malcolm. Johnson said, Malcolm was, quote, “everywhere in the studio,” end quote, during the recording of PowerUp.

This is “Realize,” a song Brian Johnson calls “big, real big” making its Hard, Heavy & Hair debut.

AC/DC – Realize
Ratt – Way Cool Jr.

An old and goodie, “Way Cool, Jr.” from Ratt. I love Warren DeMartini’s guitar work in that song–especially the intro.

I was actually reminded of that guitar intro by this next one, a new song from Junkyard Drive. This is “Let It Burn.”

Junkyard Drive – Let It Burn

Saliva, a Bon Jovi ballad, and the newest from Shark Island and Smackbound after a quick break for station identification.

Shove the furniture out of the way ’cause you’re gonna want to mosh to Saliva’s 2001 debut single, “Click Click Boom!”

Saliva – Click Click Boom
Smackbound – Drive It Like You Stole It

I ALWAYS drive it like I stole it. Driving just insn’t fun otherwise, right? That was Smackbound with Netta Laurenne on lead vocals with the 2020–the year and the album title–track “Drive It Like You Stole It.”

Let’s slow things down a little. We’ll stay in the car, but maybe park on Butler Street, and climb into the backseat. This is Bon Jovi “Never Say Goodbye” with new Shark Island following.

Bon Jovi – Never Say Goodbye
Shark Island – Fire in the House

“Fire in the House,” the newest form Shark Island, who last week re-released their November 2019 album Bloodline as a special edition with two more tracks. If you’re a Shark Island fan, you’ll want to check out those two new tracks on Bloodline 2.020–that’s the title. Another 16 bucks for 2 new songs and 11 of the same tracks you bought last year…? I don’t know. Maybe if you bought the FIRST version of the album less than 12 months ago, Shark Island will give you a free upgrade to version 2.020, like software companies do. Feel free to tell the band and Manifest Music Records Pariah Burke said they should do that.

Ready for your first Cover Song of the Week clue? Remember: the first clue is always the hardest.

The Cover Song of the Week original was the very first song ever released by a Rock Hall of Fame-inductee, a household name Hard Rock and 80s Metal band EVERYONE knows. When this oddly named New Wave of British Heavy Metal band released that first single November 17th, 1979 in advance of the March 1980 debut album, the B-side to the Cover Song of the Week original was “Hello, America,” which caused the band a lot of trouble in their native England.

Who was that band? What was that very first single?

Speaking of a 1980 original, you’re going back in time to 1980 next!

This is Hard, Heavy & Hair show number 280, with a Cover Song of the Week original from 1980, which makes it the perfect opportunity to turn back the clock and check out the Hard Rock and Metal from the year 1980. I know some of my younger listeners weren’t even yet a gleam in their daddies’ eyes yet. And, I also know that me just saying 1980 makes some of my listeners feel old. If you’re one of them, don’t feel old, feel young! Remember the music and feel of 1980.

Let me just fire up the old time machine here…

It’s powered by whisky and guitars, and I’m pouring in the only stuff that will get us back that far–Jack Daniels and an Ibanez Roadster RS300.

Keep your arms and legs inside the radio show at all times. Here… we… go!

Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide Solution
Triumph – I Live for the Weekend
Saxon – 747 (Strangers in the Night)

It’s time for the headlines.

The sky over southern Washington and northern Oregon is still choked with the ash of the Mount St. Helens eruption on May 18th.

A new puzzle toy is sweeping the nation and promises to be the hot Christmas toy this year. It’s called a Rubik’s–am I pronouncing that correctly? Rubik’s? It’s called a Rubik’s Cube.

The world’s first 24-hour news network has just launched to subscribers of CableVision. It’s called, predictably, Cable News Network, or CNN for short.

John Lennon, Beatle, activist, pacifist, is dead at age 40. He was shot and killed outside his Manhattan apartment today by obsessed fan Mark David Chapman. A starlight vigil is planned for…

It’s a Miracle on Ice! That’s what they’re calling it. At the Lack Placid Winter Olympic Games, the United States Hockey Team has beaten the Russian Team 4 to 3. It’s a Miracle I tell you!

Cowboy actor and California Governor Ronald Reagan has been elected as the 40th President of the United States.

Canada has officially found its national anthem in O Canada.

Taxi was the big winner with Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series narrowly beating out the Dukes of Hazzard.

In sports: Back in January the Pittsburgh Steelers became the first NFL team to win four Super Bowls, but now Pennsylvanians can also celebrate the first ever World Series win by the Philadelphia Phillies! Congratulations, Pennsylvania!

British Heavy Metal band Judas Priest with new single “Breaking the Law.”

With a story about the 1965 New York City power outage that forced a Scandinavian flight to detour to Kennedy airport in the dark, this Saxon with “747 (Strangers in the Night)”.

Triumph, “I Live for the Weekend” following a song that has been at the center of a lot of controversy by former Black Sabbath singer gone solo, Ozzy Osbourne.

We have to break for a word from our sponsors. We’ll be right back with brand new Van Halen.

Welcome back to the show. I’ll have your headlines for you in a moment. First, this is “And the Cradle Will Rock,” the newest from Van Halen.

The newest from the Scorpions, that was “The Zoo”. Before it was the latest from Australian comeback story AC/DC, the title track to their new record with new singer Brian Johnson. The song was “Back in Black.”

Van Halen – And the Cradle Will Rock…
AC/DC – Back in Black
Scorpions – The Zoo
Judas Priest – Breaking the Law

[come back from Radio Rewind]

Wow! What a great trip back to 1980. I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful for the music of that year that keeps kicking ass 40 years later.

One such song has gotten a new 2020 Metal makeover in the Cover Song of the Week, so I’d better get you another clue about that.

The artist doing the Cover Song of the Week is a prolific bass player who has teamed up with an all-star lineup on the Cover Song of the Week. You’ll recognize the other musicians’ names, too, but try to focus just on the namesake bass player, someone who has given us the following riffs, among many others:

[Ellefson bass riff medley]

Think about it. Don’t go anywhere. If you gotta call the kids in from playing outside because the street lights are already on, then do your Mom whistle or Dad yell fast and get right back here for more Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Helix has been rocking it hard since 1974. In 1983 they signed with Capitol Records, where they stayed through ’92. Earlier this year, Helix released the compilation album Eat Sleep Rock, which is some of the band’s favorite songs recorded during their time with Capitol, including a pair of previously unreleased songs, like this one, the song that lends it’s title to the Eat Sleep Rock album.

Helix – Eat Sleep Rock
Baton Rouge – Walks Like a Woman

Baton Rouge and “Walks Like a Woman.” This is the band Architects with “Animals.”

Architects – Animals

Def Leppard, Motley, Scattered Hamlet, and lots more still coming up! Don’t go away!

If you’re just joining us, welcome to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20-teens, and today, including the latest new releases, your old favorites, and deep cuts and rare hair.

After all those 1980 Metal masterpieces, I think we need a couple more new songs. What do you think? We’re going to double-down on new music with Gifted Gambler right after Shotgun Revolution. This is “After the Storm.”

Shotgun Revolution – After the Storm
Gifted Gambler – How About You

Gifted Gambler with “How About You.”

And this is Motley Crue and “Primal Scream.”

Mötley Crüe – Primal Scream

Ready for your final Cover Song of the Week clue?

The Cover Song of the Week is Metal-on-Metal, a new Metal cover version of an old Metal original. Let’s talk again about the artist who originally did the Cover Song of the Week. You know this band–I guarantee it. The band’s name is unique. It’s not Mute Tiger, nor is it Blind Cheetah. So who is it?

Think about that as you listen to new Scattered Hamlet. The song is called “Friends (2020 Anniversary).”

Scattered Hamlet – Friends (2020 Anniversary)

Cool new song from Scattered Hamlet.

Something else new is coming up with an all-star lineup in the Cover Song of the Week, next!


Think you figured out the Cover Song of the Week, the original recording artist, and the covering artist?

The original recording artist is Blind Cheetah, uh, I mean, Def Leppard. Their very first single ever released had “Hello, America” on the B-side, but the A-side single was “Wasted.” It was the first single for their first album, 1980’s On Through the Night, whose cover art shows a flat bed truck hauling a giant 6-string electric guitar out of the Moon’s orbit into space.

The Cover Song of the Week comes from a brand new album whose own cover pays tribute to On Through the Night with cover art of a flat bed truck hauling a giant 5-string bass out of Moon’s orbit. That 5-string bass, with “Jackson” on the head, is of course, the signature silver bass guitar of Megadeth’s David Ellefson.

The new 2-CD album titled No Cover was just released and features David Ellefson and a Who’s-Who of Metal and Hard Rock taking on 19 covers of songs ranging from KISS to Billie Idol, AC/DC to Aerosmith. I haven’t heard a single track that isn’t awesome. The one alluded to by the cover art is “Wasted,” which features Frank Hannon of Tesla, Jacob Bunton of Mick Mars band, and Dave McClain of Sacred Reich and formerly of Machine Head.

This is Ellefson–just his last name–and friends covering Def Leppard’s “Wasted”, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week, followed immediately by the Def Leppard coming out version for comparison.

Ellefson – Wasted (feat. Frank Hannon, Jacob Bunton & Dave McClain)
Def Leppard – Wasted

Def Leppard with “Wasted” following the brand new cover by David Ellefson of Megadeth gone solo with some help from his friends. That cover version is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week. Again, I’ve heard the entire 2-CD Ellefson No Covers album of, ironically, ALL covers. If you liked “Wasted,” you’re going to love the entire LP with guests from Anthrax, Crobot, Twisted Sister, Dangerous Toys, Firewind, Icon, White Trash, Megadeth, Slaughter, and more.

My name is Pariah Burke, I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny host and producer. Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

If you missed any part of this quw56i IŪZshow, or want to share it with friends who ALSO love Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and HaIr Bands, you can stream the show again on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com.

If you want to tell us what you think of the show, suggest a Cover Song of the Week, or make requests or dedications, reach out on Twitter, Instagram, MeWe, Parler, and VK @PariahRocks. You can also message Hard, Heavy & Hair Show Facebook page at-PariahRocksYou, and hang out with us to talk and share music in the Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands Facebook GROUP.

I’ll see you back here next week on this station for another all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. I’m Pariah Burke. Thank you for tuning in. One last new song is going to play us out. This is the Pretty Reckless with “25,” which, coincidentally, is the 25th song to be played on the show.

The Pretty Reckless – 25


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