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e2e2afe2b3 The Underdogs - Kings Of Condescension (Review By Ashley Colman) - RADIOLANTAU.COM

e2e2afe2b3 The Underdogs - Kings Of Condescension (Review By Ashley Colman) - RADIOLANTAU.COM

The Underdogs are the veteran Leeds punk band who formed in the early 80's (taking their name from a song by The Drones) and who despite

going on a long hiatus are still releasing great music today. Vocalist U.G. (Andy) Green and guitarist Col Lawson got back together in '97 for Underdogs version 2 and also tried again a year later but it "failed big style." U.G. and Expelled chief songwriter Tim Ramsden had been experimenting on and off for a good 20 years but U.G. decided to hang up his boots for good in 2013. Unable to rid himself of the itch, he decided to give it another go and this time around things clicked.

Inspired by the likes of The Clash, SLF, Angelic Upstarts etc, they were back. They wanted to carry on their anthemic tradition, forgoing "the football rock style of music that took over in the 80's and henchforth segregated punk rock into a political 'Brexitesque' wave of Gary Bushellism." U.G. says his heart will always be with the pioneers such as The Drones, Slaughter And The Dogs, Wire, The Adverts etc.

They've just released a new mini album titled Kings Of Condescension and you can order the cd from the the band :

Ashley Colman will now take over with his review....

The Underdogs what can I say, yes this is the band who unquestionably released one of the finest singles of the early 80's second wave punk boom, with the East Of Dachau ep. Criminally though armed with numerous great songs nothing came to fruition regarding further releases. Check out the Riot In Rothwell demos and you'll be shaking your head in disbelief how they weren't big players in that period of history. Nonetheless, what we have here is a 2019 Underdogs CD folks, who would have thought that? And with 3 original members, plus the addition of Nathan Seaton (Hospital Food) on guitar.

On this mini album there is 5 new tracks with a couple old tracks from demos given a makeover, with Nathan adding some great guitar work to Private Wars and Love In A Hate Bomb. Moreover, out of the newies Divide and Rule and Sway are my favourites though there are no fillers throughout. A well constructed and passionate release. Singer UG besides having a great sense of humour, certainly knows his politics and isn't afraid to share his informative opinions with us. Therefore, The Underdogs 2019 are still relevant and cranking out great tunes, give them a try you won't be disappointed.

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