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33e44bc96d The Nilz - Welcome To The Toybox - RADIOLANTAU.COM

33e44bc96d The Nilz - Welcome To The Toybox - RADIOLANTAU.COM

I'm giving you a heads up today on a new compilation album released by Athlone diy label Deadlamb records that shines a spotlight on some of

Ireland's top punk talent. It features tracks by 12 great bands, including the one I'm featuring today, it's titled Lambpaign - Ireland and you can get it on impressive looking green, yellow and black marble vinyl (be quick as there's only a few left) or digitally here ;

. The acts featured are The Nilz, Audible Joes, Jobseekers, The Gakk, The Jollars, United Bottles, Grit, Nomatrix, The Turn, Deathgrip, The Divils and Shithatt. I've already posted a few of them on here so today I'll highlight a band that hasn't featured before (and I'll play a couple of other songs from the comp on Sunday's show https://www.facebook.com/events/385067092062267/).

The Nilz are from Dublin and formed in 2015. Featuring members of Mongohorn & Septic Pussy the line up on this song is Chris Nil (guitar), Sailor Boi (bass), Eddie Nil (vocals) and GimpBoi (drums). You can check out their 2 eps (The Nilz Made Me Do It and Kiss Me, My Executioner) here : https://thenilz.bandcamp.com/

For more info including a gig in April with Sick On The Bus, their plans to record a new album and their search for a new drummer check out their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/thenilzmusic/

Frontman Eddie Mongohorn also has his own top show on Mixcloud :


This is the track that kicks off the Lambpaign - Ireland comp. Fast and furious it certainly packs a punch and it's called Welcome To The Toybox...

See how see how she moves
See how the current hits her
Touch her black & blue
Worship the ground she bleeds on

It's the hope that kills you

This lady's not for burning
Your love is not returning
Come inside see what we got
Welcome to the toybox

It's the hope that kills you

Scream all you want you'll never be heard
Suffer the sting of the whip and the bite of the spurs
Hell is empty all the devils are here
Hell is empty all the deils are here

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