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03dddf9464 The Divided - World You're Living In (Guest Review By Jason Long) - RADIOLANTAU.COM

03dddf9464 The Divided - World You're Living In (Guest Review By Jason Long) - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Sad news this week when Jason Long announced he no longer had the time to continue with his excellent webzine Smash The Discos (https://smashthediscos.wordpress.com/). It was

a zine he started to help promote and support the hard working bands mainly in the street punk and oi genres and even though he's still continuing with his On The Nod radio show (https://www.facebook.com/onthenodradio/) the end of the zine will be felt by many of the bands that Jason helped promote. In the hope his writing wouldn't disappear completely I offered him a guest reviewer slot on here and his first one features today.

The Divided are an Orange County band featuring members of Bonecrusher. The line up is Raybo (Vocals), Noah Lysek (Drums), Pat Hall (Guitar), Brian Celi (Guitar) and Rich Zaydel (Bass). You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/thedivided.us/

And now over to Jason....

The Divided - Debut album, The World You're Living In, drops Oct. 15th on Contra Records and Hostage Records.


I've been waiting for this album to drop for some time now. Now, i knew it was going to be good. Bonecrusher alumni, plus I've always been a fan of Brian Celi's side work. I got a teaser sample a few months back, and the song I heard was on my level. The burning question was, "Now how good is the album going to be?" There's been a lot of great releases over the past few years. Will this album come and go, or will it find a permanent spot front and center in my daily rotation? All i could do is hope that The Divided was going to give the streetpunk scene a much needed swift boot to the ass. Considering the line up, it was easy to have faith. Then I finally got the album... and it's fucking amazing!

6cd418fac3 The Divided - World You're Living In (Guest Review By Jason Long) - RADIOLANTAU.COM
Thick, heavy, melodic guitars, powerful back up vocals, some of the best drumming I've heard in quite some time, and Raybo. Goddamn it's good to hear that voice again. His gruff vocal delivery is unbeatable. Not to downplay any of his previous works, but this is the best to date in my opinion. There's no need to name off choice tracks because this is a complete play through album. FLAWLESS VICTORY Streetpunk is not for the weak. This album is what our sound is all about. To all those bands who lost their way: listen hard for a lesson learned.

This is the title track, it's called World You're Living In...

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