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a6665bae59 MC16 - The Sergeant - RADIOLANTAU.COM

a6665bae59 MC16 - The Sergeant - RADIOLANTAU.COM

A couple of months back on the show I played Sleeping On Cardboard by MC16, it caused a stir with the chatroom so I stuck it

on here ( I couldn't find out much info about the band but at the end of last week I was contacted by Andrew Quinn from the band (he's living in Shrewsbury so I'm taking a leap and saying MC16 are probably based in Shropshire. I should have asked him for some info before writing this!). Anyway, he told me they'd just finished recording a new song and would I like it for the show. Not only for the show, I replied, get it on Youtube and I'll post it on the blog. So that's what you're getting today.

I doubt many of you will know about MC16. Aside from a lack of info (or photos) on their Facebook profile, they've only got 32 likes and they hardly update, seems they have proper lives rather than sitting round online all day like some people do (yeah I'm guilty of that!). They did play Rebellion this year though and they are putting out some great music so make sure you check them out.

The new song benefits from having been produced by Dave Draper (who if I'm right is the guy behind The Invisible String Quartet and has worked on cool releases such as Nosebleed's Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor). At the moment the band aren't sure what to do with the song, they haven't got a label so hopefully you guys will help share it around. No one wants to be the first to quit a regime of macho bullshit, just keep on safeguarding interests that aren't really yours. This is The Sergeant...

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