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9f86cf6ef8 Jaws - Thirst - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Jaws IV, also known as Jaws: The Revenge. The movie that bought a house for Michael Caine's mum. And now it's the title of the new

ep by New Jersey hardcore thrash punk band Jaws. The movie is rated 2.9/10 on the Internet Movie Database and a typical user review complains "...the film's near non-existant carnage is devoid of any campy gruesomeness, resorting to extreme close-ups of the absurdly unconvincing attacks, generating less menace than watching a snail crawl." Happily the ep delivers much more bite.

First featuring on here back in January with a track from debut ep Man Overboard (, Jaws are one of the heaviest bands to grace this blog. The 5 songs on the new ep rattle by in around 9 minutes. It's fast, furious and pretty brutal, these guys have the scent of blood in their nostrils and they're moving in for the kill. Rather than concerning itself with sharks though, the opening track despite featuring gushing blood and hopeless victims is about a much more hirsuit creature.

You can get more info on the band here : whilst both eps are here :

This is called Thirst...

Werewolves Chasing
Blood is gushing
Legs are tired
need to find a safe place

Finding sanctuary
not an easy task
cutting it close
the end is pretty close

Eyes are rolling
hair is growing
fangs are showing
losing whats left of me

Chasing my victims
giving little hope
hearing their screams
as the blood runs through my throat

Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Thirst,
Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Losing whats left of me

i can't believe this happened to me
one drop of blood, it fucked me
someone take a gun and load it with a bullet
and end this useless fucking life

Thirst, Craving, Hunger, Losing whats left of me

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