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f0c3626046 Flangipanis - Scully - RADIOLANTAU.COM

f0c3626046 Flangipanis - Scully - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Flangipanis are a male-backed 4 piece punk rock band from Brisbane who formed in 2008 and have been partying it up ever since. The line up

is Jodie (guitar/vocals), Josh (guitar/backing vocals), Pauly (bass/backing vocals) and Josh #2 (drums). They sing about "drinking, fucking up, getting fucked up, and sometimes fucking" and they're great fun. Their songs are often short and frequently potty mouthed but it's pretty much impossible to take offence even when they're encouraging you to Get Your Boobies Out or commenting that even if you've only got 4 fingers you're fine as you can still have a wank and open a door! Good old fashioned juvenile fun that unfortunately seems to be often frowned upon nowadays but as fan Peter H says about one of their releases, "I love this album because Happiness is all that matters and the Flange's do what they do better than anyone else, simple as that."

They're not only fun but also hardworking and deserving of your attention, as Wreckless Enterprise Records co owner Ronny Van Dyk tells me, "they drove 1,000 kilometres from Brisbane to my town Wollongong to play a show we set up a few days ago. Just one show! The money we can afford to pay them will barely cover their fuel, let alone anything else. How’s that for dedicated?" They've a few more shows lined up Down Under so if you're in Australia make sure you check them out if possible. You can get more info here :

And so to the new record. It's an ep that blazes through it's 7 tracks in less than 10 minutes. It's titled Community Backwash and features grin inducing, up tempo songs about binning someone off, pissing in someone else's beer and heading into town to sing all their favourite songs. It's only downside is that it finishes leaving you gagging for more but no worry just click on their earlier releases...


This is the ep opener, it starts with some weird ET type music and everyone's favourite X Files redhead saying "Mulder, suck my dick" before getting the party started with a love letter to Agent Dana. It's called Scully....

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