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Show 270 – Never Enough

By Published September 18, 2020

Show Notes

  • NewSmash into Pieces, Helix, Anti-Mortem, Attic Theory, Corey Taylor, Landfall, Mad Max, Reckless Love, Shiraz Lane, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, and Stardust
  • Rare Hair from
    Coverdale-Page and Tesla
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from Faster Pussycat, Great White, Metallica, Kiss, Econoline Crush, Seether, and Xyz
  • What was the first song Aerosmith ever recorded?
  • What song did the Beastie Boys cover, but which Michael Jackson blocked from release?
  • See Wildstreet Live from NYC online Saturday, September 26th, 2020!


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New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:
New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:
New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:
New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:

Cover Song of the Week

New Music Premiere:

Beds by Audionautix.

Transcript of the Show


Don’t you change that song! I’m going to play a whole bunch of favorite records, starting with Faster Pussycat.

Faster Pussycat – Don’t Change That Song

Welcome to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20-teens, and today, including the latest new releases, your old favorites, and deep cuts and rare hair.

My name is Pariah Burke, and I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host.

Thank you for joining me.

I’ve got TONS of new music for you this week along with some of the greatest Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair from the last 50 years!

I’ll tell you a little more about SOME of the awesome surprises on this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair after an Oklahoma five-piece making a killer comeback! This is the song “Old Washita,” new from band Anti-Mortem.

Anti-Mortem – Old Washita
Econoline Crush – Get Out Of The Way (Gold Heart)

Econoline Crush with “Get Out of the Way (Gold Heart)”.

Still coming up is new music by Helix, Corey Taylor, Reckless Love, Stardust, Attic Theory, Shizaz Lane, Smash into Pieces, and even more!

As well as hits and deep cuts from Kiss, LA Guns, Metallica, XYZ, Coverdale-Page, and more!

Stay for the whole show, because I’m the one that makes ya feel alright, the one you can call Dr Feelgood.

Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood

Coming up in the second hour of the show is the Cover Song of the Week, a mystery you try to solve before I reveal all. Here’s your first Cover Song of the Week clue.

The covering artist is a solo act, though he became famous a member of a quartet.

Ranked by Guitar World magazine as the 14th Greatest Metal Guitarist of All Time, this now solo guitarist, singer, and songwriter was a high school dropout who had to drive a cab while the band that would put him on the map recorded its first album. He wrote one of that band’s most beloved hits for that first album, though he chose not to take lead vocals on it because he wasn’t confident in his voice–something he got over before his first solo album in 1978.

Who is that artist? He’s doing the Cover Song of the Week in a new release.

Think about that while we take a quick break to hear from the folks covering my massive liquor store bill this week. We’ll be right back.

I see you’re “Back for More!” with me AND Ratt.

Ratt – Back for More

ID – Helix – Eat Sleep Rock

Helix – Eat Sleep Rock

New Helix following Ratt. As singer and band leader Brian Volmer told you, that was “East Sleep Rock,” the title track from Helix’s new album of the same name. The Eat Sleep Rock LP is a compilation of Helix favorites recorded since the band left Capitol/EMI records. In addition to those 9 favorites is two new released, the title track, which you just heard, as well as the track “The Story of Helix,” which is a cool spoken-word accounting of the history of the band over some music and a lot of humor. If you’re a fan of this OR–Original Rocker–Metal band, pick up Eat Sleep Rock.

Here’s something else new. From one of the fastest-rising Scandinavian Rock bands of the last decade, this is Smash Into Pieces with “Big Bang.”

[SW – Drive like a maniac]

Smash Into Pieces – Big Bang

Let’s slow things down and get a little tender. This is Great White, “Save Your Love.”

Great White – Save Your Love

New hair from Reckless Love and Shiraz Lane next. If you have to run to the head, squeeze it out hard and shake it off fast!

Ready for a double-shot of brand new hair? Of course you are!

This is Reckless Love with the title track to their upcoming new album, “Loaded,” with Shiraz Lane hot on its heels.

Reckless Love – Loaded
Shiraz Lane – Broken Into Pieces

New Shiraz Lane, “Broken Into Pieces.”

How about another Cover Song of the Week clue?

Let’s talk about the artist that originally recorded the song getting a 2020, modern Metal guitar makeover on the Cover Song of the Week later in the show. This band is a quartet of unique characters that take turns singing lead vocals on their songs. It’s a household name band, a band that, love them or hate them, they land on everyone’s list of Top 5 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time.

Think about it.

This is the Number 1 single from the 1993 one-shot album where Whitesnake’s David Coverdale partnered up with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Recorded at Abbey Road studios, this is “Pride and Joy.”

Coverdale-Page – Pride And Joy
Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony – All Within My Hands [Live]—————————————-

That was “All Within My Hands” by Metallica and the San Francisco Orchestra, which is sitting in its second week the top spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. That was recorded live, of course.

Speaking of live music… Are you jonesing for a fix of live music as badly as I am? Well, my friends in Wildstreet are going live September 26th. It’s not an acoustic set with just one or two members–not that there’s anything wrong with that–but this is a full live-stream concert from some of the best in New York Street Metal and Glam.

And a ticket is only five bucks.

If you want to check it out, hit the show notes on for show number 270. I’ve put a link to the Wildstreet Live from NYC concert page.

You can do that while we take a quick break, but don’t be gone long. There’s new Corey Taylor and Stardust, classic hits from XYZ, Kiss, and Tesla, and so much more still to come on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Welcome back! We’ve still got plenty of time left in the show, but as LA Guns knows, it’s “Never Enough.”

L.A. Guns – Never Enough

How about some melodic Hard Rock from Hungary on Hard, Heavy & Hair, the show that rocks the entire freakin’ world, broadcasting on every continent!

This is new Stardust, “Runaway.”

Stardust – Runaway

This week’s Cover Song of the Week has four clues, and this is the third.

If you listen to the lyrics of the Cover Song of the Week, it’s sung from the perspective of a guy wallowing in self-pity. He’s upset because the woman he loves has rejected him–he feels she’s rejected him cruelly–she even laughs at him.

Twice in the song the protagonist claims he’s upside down, which is a feeling I think I we can all relate to when our hearts are broken. However, some people believe the line was a specific reference to the song’s original method of release, which was a B-Side to a single that became a massive hit and Help to the four-piece band that released it.

Think about that. Here’s another new one from Landfall, it’s the “Road of Dreams.”

Landfall – Road of Dreams

Brand new Landfall there. We have to break for just a moment to pay homage to the people paying to keep the lights on and my liver pickled. I promise you: it’s worth it to wait through the commercials for more of this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

Let’s get a little mellow with Kix, and then Cinderella will bring us back up just in time for a brand new song from Phil Campbell and the Bastards Sons. From 1985’s Midnight Dynamite, this is Kix and “Walkin’ Away.”

Kix – Walkin’ Away
Cinderella – Hell on Wheels
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – Son of a Gun

Brand new Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons there with the title track from their new record, “Son of a Gun.” Before it was a deep cut from Cinderella’s debut album Night Songs. That was track 6, “Hell on Wheels.”

Coming up in just a few minutes I’ve got brand new Corey Taylor and new Mad Max for you. But first, Tesla is going to tell us about a man out of time and “Edison’s Medicine.”

Tesla – Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time)
Corey Taylor – HWY 666

If you don’t know who Corey Taylor is, shame on you! He’s the lead singer for both Slipknot and Stone Sour, AND he has his own solo work. That last song is the newest of his solo releases, “HWY 666.”

This is something else brand new out of Germany. It’s Mad Max with “Eyes of Love” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Mad Max – Eyes of Love
KISS – Cold Gin

For your fourth and final Cover Song of the Week clue… Well, did I mention that the artist performing the cover, that artist from one of Metal’s most famous quartets gone solo, is from outer space?

[Kiss Phantom – Ace – Insufficient Data ATM]

Don’t get down! The mystery is about to be revealed. The Cover Song of the Week is next!

[clip – Ack!][COW]

Did you figure out the Cover Song of the Week? I hope you figured out that it’s the Beatles “I’m Down” as covered by former KISS Space Man Ace Frehley in a brand new version for 2020.

If not–or even if you did–here’s a couple of other interesting facts about “I’m Down.”

It was the very first song Aerosmith ever recorded. It would be the first of many Beatles covers they’d do. The Beastie Boys also covered “I’m Down” for their seminal 1986 Licensed to Ill album, but Michael Jackson blocked the song’s release. Jackson owned the publishing rights to most of the Beatles catalog at the time, and the song was yanked at the last minute from Licensed to Ill. The irreverent cover was leaked in bootleg and did get some underground radio play, but it wouldn’t be released–officially unofficially–until 2002.

But, we’re not here to listen to either Aerosmith’s or the Beastie Boys’ version. The Cover Song of the Week is the new Ace Frehley version with a bitchin’ Metal guitar as only Ace could play. Here it is, followed immediately by the original Beatles version for comparison.

Ace Frehley – I’m Down
The Beatles – I’m Down

That was “I’m Down,” the Beatles original, following the new Metal cover from Kiss’s Ace Frehley, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week.

Speaking of new music, here’s two more new tracks–Seether, “Beg,” followed by new Attic Theory.

Seether – Beg
Attic Theory – Your Light

The newest from Attic Theory, that was “Your Light.”

Classic hair from 1989 is going to play us out, but before that, I’ve got a few last words to pass along.

If you missed any part of this show, you can stream it again on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com. That’s the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show’s official website, which also includes the very latest up to the minute Hard Rock and Metal news and album reviews.

Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram @PariahRocks and on Facebook At-Pariah-Rocks-You. Please give the Facebook page a like. Likes matter.

My name is Pariah Burke, I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny host and producer. Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

I’ll see you back here next week on this station for another all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. I’m Pariah Burke. Thank you for tuning in. This last song is one of my favorite from 1989. This is XYZ and “Come On N’ Love Me.”

Xyz – Come On N’ Love Me


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