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199 – Whiskey Day – The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke

By Published May 08, 2019

Show Notes

  • Celebrating World Whiskey Day
  • A few whiskey-flavored songs
  • A famous 70s Hard Rock song whose lyrics were entirely ad-libbed on the spot in one take
  • AC/DC produced by Rick
  • NewBRKN Love, Damn Nation, Redlight King, and Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires
  • Rare Hair from Southgang and Whiskey River Gun Club
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from AC/DC, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Memphis May Fire, Dorothy, Sixx AM, Def Leppard, Lynch Mob, Tesla, Crossfade, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, and more
  • A band fronted by a Judo champion Olympian
  • A band running for 30 years that can’t hold its singer for long
  • What songs keep you fighting?
  • Indie & Unsigned:SteelCity
    Visit the SteelCity Facebook Fan Page


Own the hits and deep cuts you hear on Hard, Heavy & Hair! Click the iTunes/Apple Music or Amazon Digital Music icons to the left of each song.

New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:

Indie & Unsigned

New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:

Cover Song of the Week

Beds by Audionautix.

Transcript of the Show

It’s World Whiskey Day on Hard, Heavy & Hair, so pour yourself a glass and let’s get this Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam, and Hair Metal show started. We like it evil, mean, and rotten to the core. We like it heavy.

[Disclaimer – Profanity]

Halestorm – I Like It Heavy

If the windows ain’t shaking, making your heart race, if you can’t feel it in your chest, then it ain’t the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. But with show starters like that from Halestorm, you know you’re in the right place at the right time. I’m Pariah Burke, your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of a host.

Since I was thirteen years old I’ve had my fist to the sky, and now I bring a sonic revelation to YOUR ears until they’re ready to burst.

And with segue like that, let’s keep it rolling hard and heavy with HellYeah. After “Drink Drank Drunk” I’ll tell you what’s coming up on this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Hellyeah – Drink Drank Drunk

As I said at the top of the show, it’s World Whiskey Day on Hard, Heavy & Hair. World Whiskey Day is the third Saturday of May. This year, it’s on Saturday May 18th, which is a few days off yet. We’re celebrating a little early because next week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show is the amazing 200th show. It’s going to be a killer show–there will be clowns, a bouncy house, chips, dip, chains, whips, and a special 3-hour run time! That’s next week right here on this station, but at a special time. Check the station’s website for the schedule, or listen for announcements.

Thank you for joining for this week’s show in which we’re celebrating World Whiskey Day. That means a few songs related to whiskey and bourbon, but it also means I’m drinking from a selection of bourbons, scotches, and different whiskies. Normally I open a new metric 5th at the beginning of each 2-hour show and finish it and maybe a second fifth by the end of the show. This week, in honor of World Whiskey Day, my interns have laid out across my console… three six nine twelve fifteen eighteen uh, twenty-one shots, each a different amber distillation. I’ve had most of them before, though I see a couple I’m looking forward to trying. I may comment on them throughout the show.

While I drink, I’ll be playing for you new music by BRKN Love, Damn Nation, Redlight King, and Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires

Hits and deep cuts from AC/DC, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, G N R, Memphis May Fire, Dorothy, Sixx AM, Def Leppard, Lynch Mob, Tesla, Crossfade, and more.

I’ll also be spinning some rare hair from Southgang, Whiskey River Gun Club, and others.

Let’s do a triple-shot–of songs and whiskey. For each of these next songs by Tesla, Bon Jovi, and Southgang, I’ll sip a shot. I think I’ll start with an 18 year old Glenlivet scotch, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, aaaaaannnd… let’s finish off the trio with the banana flavor of Jack Daniel’s Gentelemen Jack.

Here’s Bon Jovi on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer
Southgang – White Trash With Cash
Tesla – EZ Come EZ Go

“EZ Come EZ Go,” a deep cut from from Tesla’s album-oriented rock 1986 debut Mechanical Resonance. Before that was long gone LA Glam band SouthGang featuring producer Butch Walker on lead guitar before he became a famed producer. That song, “White Trash with Cash,” was from SouthGang’s debut album, which was co-produced by Desmond Child, who co-wrote the Bon Jovi hit that started the trio, “Livin On a Prayer.”

Ready for your first Cover Song of the Week clue? You take the clues and try to guess the Cover Song of the Week, the artist doing the cover, and the original artist before the Cover Song of the Week segment in the second hour of the show.

The original cover song of the week is ad lib, the lyrics written on the spot while recording, by a road-weary band that needed one more song for the album. It became one of the most memorable singles from this 70s Hard Rock band.

In a 2001 interview, the singer/songwriter revealed in an interview the genesis of the song that would become one of the band’s most memorable. Quote, “I had the chorus to that. It just popped into my head one day. We needed material for the [new] album. We had been on the road pretty heavily and we were pretty burned. I had the chorus and I worked the chords out for it. I worked out some verse chords. I went to the studio and I had them learn the chords but we had no lyrics at all. We counted it off and hit the button. We went into it, I wrote the lyrics on the spot. That was pretty amazing I thought. It was one take and I made the lyrics up as I went along.” End Quote.

What song was that?

The first clue is always the hardest. They get easier as we go.

Here’s the latest from Damn Nation premiering on Hard, Heavy & Hair. This is “Set Me Off.”

Damn Nation – Set Me Off
Dorothy – Whiskey Fever

Dorothy with “Whiskey Fever” by request for Loriann who is a fan of the show and follows me on Facebook. You can, too, can follow and interact with the show and me on Facebook by searching for Hard, Heavy & Hair. There’s the show’s fan page AND the Hard, Heavy & Hair Facebook Group where music fans and I hang out. If Instagram or Twitter are more your speed, you’ll find me @PariahRocks chatting and sharing hard rock, metal, and hair stuff.

Let’s keep celebrating World Whiskey Day with Metallica’s Grammy-winning rendition of traditional Irish drinking song “Whiskey in the Jar.”

Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar
Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Loaded Dice & Buried Money

“Loaded Dice & Buried Money” from Tyler Bryant and Shakedown featuring Graham Whitford, son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, on lead guitar. Their new CD, including that song, will be out June 28th on Spinefarm Records.

Still coming up this hour is…
A band fronted by a Judo champion Olympian.

Def Leppard and AC/DC

Sixx AM

and Indie & Unsigned.

This is “Cold,” so far the biggest hit by South Carolina Alt Metal act Crossfade from their self-titled platinum 2004 Columbia Records debut LP.

Crossfade – Cold
Sixx-A.M – We Will Not Go Quietly

I always get a certain set to my jaw when I listen to that song. Sixx AM usually has a positive message in their songs–“Life is Beautiful” is a big one–but that track, “We Will Not Go Quietly,” really resonates with me. Every day is a new fight for me, it seems. There’s always someone–a person or a company–trying to step on my neck, trying to kick me off the air, trying to take something from me. A lot of the time I think if I could see my soul in the mirror I would look like a heavy weight boxer after 20 rounds, one eye swollen shut, broken nose, crushed cheekbone, cauliflower ear; bleeding from a split lip and cuts above my eye. I’d be standing–just barely–my gloves up but shaky, my knees quivering, about to give out. Then the bell would ring and a fresh contender would step between the ropes…

When I feel my knees buckling or my gloves drooping, I put on music like “We Will Not Go Quietly” and face the next guy trying to knock me down.

I hope you don’t have to fight as hard and as frequently as I do to get ahead–or hell, just to keep what you have–but when you’re feeling like throwing in the towel or lying down, giving up the fight, what keeps you going? Do you have particular songs you listen to get you motivated, to keep you in the fight?

I’d like to know what songs help you to not give up. Email me–pariah-AT-pariahrocks-dot-com–or talk to me on Facebook, Twitter, or Insta.

Here’s brand new music by Redlight King.

Redlight King – Lift The Curse

“Lift the Curse,” the first new Redlight King song since 2013’s Irons in the Fire album. The lead singer of Redlight King once had the name Redlight King for himself. He’s also been called M. Rivers, which I think might be Monsieur Rivers because the abbreviation of M is to Monsieur what Mr is to Mister. Whatever he calls himself now, he was born Mark Kasprzyk in 1977 in Hamilton, Ontario. He’s a former Canadian Judo champion and alternate for the 2000 Canadian Judo Olympics team.

This is Def Leppard and then your next Cover Song of the Week clue. It’s “Foolin” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Def Leppard – Foolin’

Here’s your next Cover Song of the Week clue.

The band doing the cover is one you probably know. It was formed by a Hard Rock and Metal guitarist often described as one of the most prolific in the business, one who lends part of his name to the group. It’s a group that has been around since 1990, but one that seems to have a pretty hard time keeping its singer. The band’s first singer, Oni Logan, comes and goes, comes and goes, recording albums, touring, and then, mysteriously, parting ways with the group for undisclosed reasons. A few years later, Logan comes back to the group. Most recently, he fronted the band for a pretty good 2017 album, only to almost immediately depart again.

Who is that band? If you know, then you know who recorded the Cover Song of the Week.

AC/DC – Whiskey on the Rocks

That was “Whiskey on the Rocks,” a deep cut from AC/DC’s 1995 album Ballbreaker. That was the only AC/DC album produced by Rick Rubin. It’s also the album that saw drummer Paul Rudd back with the band. Rudd had been out since 1983 and he Flick of the Switch recording sessions because of drug problems and differences with Malcom Young. He’d remain the drummer for AC/DC until just before the band’s performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards when legal issues stemming from a bust on possession and for threatening to kill his former personal assistant. Was replaced (again) by Chris Slade, who remains AC/DC’s drummer.

This is Indie & Unsigned. The band I’m spotlighting this week is signed to indie label Kivel Records who is so small, they’re website, KivelRecords.com, has apparently been in “coming soon” status since 2016. Apparently they used the same website developer as the ObamaCare website.

The label’s troubles aside, I’ve been wanting to showcase this Youngstown, Ohio-based band for a while. We have a lot of friends in common, and I’d been hearing their tunes on a lot of 80s-hair-flavored playlists at my friend’s parties. One day, Mike Floros, the guitar player, reaches out to me via he show’s Facebook page and asks why I’ve never played them. Honestly, I’d wanted to, but I couldn’t find their representation to request music.

Thankfully Mike sent me their album, Fortress, which I’m loving. Here’s a great song from that album, “Picture of Beauty.” This is SteelCity on Hard, Heavy & Hair’s Indie & Unsigned spotlight.

SteelCity – Picture of Beauty

Man! Doesn’t that just take you back to the late 80s? The first few seconds sound just like Mister Big on its second and third albums, but then SteelCity mixes in a little Firehouse, some Trixter, keyboards that could have come from Kansas or Styx, and a little Mickey Curry-era Cult-influenced drumming. Seriously, didn’t the drums on “Picture of Beauty” remind you of “Fire Woman”?

SteelCity is about to release another record any day. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to feature them on Indie & Unsigned, I’m hoping this next album will be even better. If it’s even half as good as Fortress, I’ll be spinning tracks from it.

If you’d like to find out more about SteelCity, hit the show notes for this, Hard, Heavy & Hair 199. I’ve included a link to their Facebook fan page.

If you’d like to hear YOUR music on Hard, Heavy & Hair, visit PariahRocks.com slash I-N-D-I-E.

Still coming up is the Cover Song of the Week, Billy Idol, Guns N Roses, Memphis May Fire, new music, and more.

This is brand new Hollywood Vampires, the supergroup featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp. This is “Who’s Laughing Now” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Hollywood Vampires – Who’s Laughing Now
Memphis May Fire – Heavy Is the Weight

Memphis May Fire with “Heavy is the Weight” featuring Christian HipHop rapper Andy Mineo. I was skeptical before I heard the song, but I think Mineo’s a good addition to the track.

Before it was “Drag the Lake,” the latest from the Amity Affliction.

[sip] Woah! [cough] What was that? [pause]

Evan Williams Cherry…? Let me try that again.

Mmm. Okay. That’s good. I just wasn’t expecting it the first time. It’s very sweet–sweeter than Jack Daniel’s Honey. It’s Kentucky straight bourbon blended with cherry liqueur. It tastes like somebody mixed the syrup from a jar of maraschino cherries into Evan Williams bourbon. It’s good. Like a dessert sipping bourbon.

We’re celebrating World Whiskey Day here on Hard, Heavy & Hair. Now, you may ask, Pariah, how are you spelling Whiskey? Good question. I spell it with an E. The Scottish way is to spell it without an E–just W-H-I-S-K-Y–and the Irish way is to add an E between the K and the Y. Being that I’m equal parts Scottish and Irish, I suppose I get my choice. I like it better with an E, just as I like adding an E to the end of blond when it describes a female or feminine subject.

You might also ask, Pariah, isn’t World Whiskey Day in March, not May? Another good question! You’re on a roll! Being a whiskey aficionado, I’m aware of several celebrations for whiskey in its various forms. March 27th was INTERNATIONAL Whiskey Day while May 18th, 2019 is WORLD Whiskey Day. See the difference? They’re both to celebrate the same thing, and we honor them by, naturally, drinking whiskey, including Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Scotch, Japanese Whiskey, and, of course, Kentucky bourbon, my favorite.

Both holidays are steeped in tradition and have been celebrated for centuries, with the first INTERNATIONAL Whiskey Day being first celebrated in the two thousandth and eighth year of the current era, while WORLD Whiskey Day, which the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show is celebrating right now, was founded four generations later in the two thousandth and twelfth year of the current era. So, it’s an ancient, millennia old tradition. Who am I to break it?

For my next three sipping whiskey’s, I think I’ll start with Jameson’s Green Spot and move up the quality scale to Yellow Spot and then Red Spot. Red Spot, if you don’t know, is matured for 15 years in a single pot still and is based on the original recipe of the Mitchell Family. Green is aged 10 years in bourbon and sherry casks while Yellow is aged 12 years, and Red 15 years, in bourbon, sherry, and marsala casks. The marsala adds a ripe fruit sweetness that comes out most in the finish, adding to the spiciness inherited from the bourbon and that distinguishes the taste of the Green Spot.

They’re all three excellent sipping Irish whiskeys. Drink too much of them, though, and you could wind up relating too much to this Billy Idol cut, “Whiskey and Pills,” from his most recent album, 2014’s Kings & Queens of the Underground.

Billy Idol – Whiskey and Pills
Mötley Crüe – Looks That Kill

“Looks That Kill,” the second single from Motley’s 1983 Shout At the Devil LP. It was sandwiched between single releases for “Shout At the Devil” and “Too Young to Fall In Love.”

Ready for your final Cover Song of the Week clue before I reveal all in the Cover Song of the Week segment itself?

As I noted earlier, the lyrics to the Cover Song of the Week were made up on-the-spot while recording by the original recording artist, an influential 70s Hard Rock band. See if you can guess the song from these lyrics.

The judge said this man’s a danger to humanity
We’re gonna lock him up and throw away the key
Now baby, your love has sent me to jail
But I’d rather die than see you with another man
Yeah it’s burnin’ babe
I believe my soul’s on fire

We’ve got time for one more brand new song before the Cover Song of the Week. This is BRKN LOVE debuting on Hard, Heavy & Hair with “Shot Down”.

BRKN LOVE – Shot Down


Allow me to recap the hints I gave you.

First, I told you that the original song is a single released by an influential 70s Hard Rock band. I also noted that the lyrics were entirely ad-libbed by the singer/songwriter while recording the song in the studio. Paul Rodgers had worked out the chords to the song, and had the title because he wanted it to the be the title track to Bad Company’s 1977 Burnin Sky LP, but, weary and burnt out from touring, he hadn’t had time to write the lyrics. So, when Bad Company started recording, Rodgers just made up the lyrics as he sang them.

[Vader Impressive]

Hell yeah it is. “Burnin Sky” became one of Bad Company’s most memorable songs.

It’s being covered this week by a band formed by a prolific songwriting guitarist and a singer who just can’t seem to stay with the band. Do you know who that is?

I told you the singer’s name is Oni Logan, so the band could be none other than Lynch Mob. Logan has spent a little time with other bands and solo work, but Lynch Mob is the only he’s really known for.

Here is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week, “Burnin Sky,” as covered by Lynch Mob with Oni Logan on vocals. Immediately following the cover is the original Bad Company release with writer Paul Rodgers on vocals.

Lynch Mob – Burnin’ Sky
Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky

The Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week is “Burnin’ Sky,” which you just heard in its original release form by Bad Company following the cover by Lynch Mob.

Let’s slow things down a little and have some “Patience” with G N R.

Guns N’ Roses – Patience

You’re listening to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host (and producer) Pariah Burke.

Thank you for joining me for the last almost two hours. If you missed any part of the show, if you want to hear it again, or you want to share it with your friends, you can stream this show again ondemand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, from PariahRocks.com, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com . There you’ll also find all the past Hard, Heavy & Hair shows available for streaming, too, all NEARLY 200 of them.

I make it a point to say that because next week is the amazing, giant-sized, 3-hour long 200th episode of Hard, Heavy & Hair! Every half hour of the show is going to be packed top to bottom with great music and cool features. If you listen to only 1 episode of Hard, Heavy & Hair for the rest of your life, next week’s is the one you want to listen to. When it’s over, you can die happy. I would say the 200th episode is better than sex, but you know I’m a horndog and believe that NOTHING is better than sex. I mean, hell, I got a BJ while I was doing THIS show.

So come back next week, right here on this station, for the honestly, with all sincerity, amazing 200th Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Being that it has an extra hour over the regular show running time, this station is either running the show early or letting it run late, and undoubtedly moving around other programming. You don’t want to miss a minute of the 200th show, so stay tuned to this station after this show for an announcement of exactly when you can catch the 200th Hard, Heavy & Hair on this station.

Whiskey River Gun Club is going to play out the show with a song that could be my personal mission statement. This is “Never Sober Again” closing out Hard, Heavy & Hair Show Number 199, the World Whiskey Day episode.

Whiskey River Gun Club – Never Sober Again

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