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165 – Sing-Along Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair – Hard, Heavy & Hair Show

By Published August 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • Happy Hour Sing-Along: the best hard, heavy, and hairy tunes from all decades of hard rock, metal, and hair to which everyone knows the words!
  • A song Ozzy
    once covered as a duet… with the Muppet Miss Piggy!
  • A legendary 80s hair band song that was only written because Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith did “Walk This Way.”
  • One of the most iconic hard rock songs of all time that was conceived as a folk ballad.
  • A cover song featuring HipHop artists that is still heavier than the original 80s metal version of the song!
  • The hair band song that inspired MTV’s Unplugged series.
  • The song Beavis and Butthead sang when they were doing something illegal.
  • The first AC/DC single featuring Brian Johnson, the replacement singer for Bon Scott.
  • Metal on metal Cover Song of the Week
  • A Glam group–perhaps the Glam group of the 80s–who attained such status in part because one of its members was a licensed cosmetologist.
  • The very first music video to be a sequel to another music video.
  • A cover song so famous, hardly anyone knows it’s a cover.
  • A song that most people don’t realize is a parody of heavy metal similar to Spinal Tap, but one that has become a classic sing-along for fans of many genres. It features Slayer’s Kerry King, though the song’s producer doesn’t think King liked the song.
  • A famous 80s hair band power ballad about a woman. Was she real? Find out on the show.
  • A song everyone knows that almost contained the line “where the girls are fat and they got big titties”!
  • “Born to Be Wild” by Ozzy and Miss Piggy
  • ZZ Top “Gimme All Your Lovin'” music video:
  • ZZ Top “Sharp Dressed Man” music video, the sequel to “Gimme All Your Lovin'”:


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Happy Hour: Sing-Along Songs

Cover Song of the Week

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