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Why advertise with Radio Lantau?

Radio Lantau is a partnership between a digital marketing company and a record label.

With 8 years of experience developing and promoting businesses in Hong Kong and worldwide, our technology and marketing partner GECKONET LTD is ahead of the curve in both offline and online promotion.  As experienced business owners who have led niche industry changing businesses to become internationally recognised brands, GECKONET is welcoming Lantau-based businesses - from airlines to stores to restaurants and bars, to share our winning formula.

In partnership with Sharawaji Records - a cult UK-based record label with 5 years in the entertainment industry, and 4 years experience operating successful radio stations, the Radio Lantau team are uniquely positioned to provide not only local information and entertainment to the people in Lantau, but also advice and strategic guidance to businesses.

The broadcasting team are experienced DJs with vast and in-depth knowledge of many genres of music that will entertain and educate listeners, not only in Hong Kong, but worldwide.  

The Radio Lantau team are committed to providing advertisers with maximum exposure to quality products and services and effective advertising.

RADIO LANTAU - is the ultimate source of entertainment and information for the dynamic community of Lantau and expats living in Hong Kong.  Radio Lantau is uniquely in tune with the interests, lifestyle and concerns of our listeners. Broadcast schedules and content are tailored to fit into their lifestyle with a special emphasis on entertainment.


Advertising options

1. Stream advertising: premium or standard rotation of advertisements on Radio Lantau to ensure your message is heard

2. Show sponsorship: sponsor a show exclusively or in collaboration with other advertisers

3. Website: Premium or standard banner advertisements on

4. Social media: daily updates to our followers on our social media network

Rate card

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We are looking for volunteers to host radio programmes

Join our awesome team!

If you have an idea for a radio programme, or would like to broadcast a live event to the whole of Lantau - email for details.