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Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

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You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

Supporting unsigned artists from around the world, the Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show is aired on 7 radio stations around the world from the US to Hong Kong and beyond. Playing music of volume, passion, attitude and grace, the music the mainstream radio stations monopolised by the record companies won't play you. Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
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    The Above - The Girl With The Peacock Tattoo (Single)

    The Toms - Pinball Replay (Tomplicated LP) 

    Unison - Life’s A Bitch (Unison LP) 

    The Turnback - What She Said (Single)

    *The What Gives - I Can’t Find It (The What Gives LP)

    The Jacklights - Beach (Drift EP)

    The Manics - You Got Me (Single)

    The Seasongs - A Tu Lado (Destellos LP)

    Indonesian Junk - She Stands There (Single)

    *The Lodger - Bewildered (Single)

    The Pinecones - Kimberly Keeps (Ooh! LP)

    Lucas Aaron - Walking (Domino LP) Kool Kat Musik

    No Parking For Caravans - Morning (Where The Fire Escape Touches the Ground LP)

    The Real Sickies - Sickies Don’t Talk (Love Is For Lovers LP)

    Kurt Baker - Don’t Go Falling In Love (Brand New Beat LP)

    Vista Blue - Summer Wonderland (Hit The Floor LP)

    Tommy Ray - Life Goes On (First Hits Free LP)

    Monkeeman - About A Boy (Jumping On The Monkey Train LP)

    The Goldenhour - Julie’s In Control (Always In The Now LP)

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    The Len Price 3 - The Last Hotel (Chinese Burn LP)

    Hot Nun - Anyway (Born To Blaze EP)

    Button Up - Rise To The Top (Single)

    The Peppermint Kicks - Johnny D’s (Play It Again) (Peppermint Kicks LP)

    The Chesterfields - Ask Johnny Dee (Single)

    The Jeanies - I Think You’re The Wrong One (The Kids Are No Good LP)

    Chris Free - What’s It Like (Single)

    Scoopski - Pennsylvania (Single)

    The Popravinas - Is There Anybody Anywhere But Here (Goons West LP)

    Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men - Heart Inside Your Head (Single)

    Mando Diao - Lady (Bring ‘Em In LP)

    The Chelsea Curve - Inconceivable (Single)

    Little Richie - Just Another Heartache (Single)

    Dave Molter - It Will Always Be True (Single)

    Sorrows - Rita (Love Too Late LP)

    The Popravinas - Minor Resistance (Goons West LP)

    The Morning Line - Straight Lines (Yard Sale LP)

    Model Rockets - A Notice To Everyone (Alternative LP)

    Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men - One Of The Boys (Single)

  3. itunes pic

    The Who - Run Run Run (A Quick One LP)

    The Judes - Better Off Alone (All That Is The Judes LP)

    The Harmony Motel - Tropical Depression (Tropical Depression LP)

    Johnny Jones and The King Casuals - Soul Poppin’ (Single)

    Faz Waltz - Rebel Kicks (Single)

    James Booth And The Return - The Afterimage Of Love (Single)

    Cromm Fallon - Two Stroke Smoke (Single)

    Sister Suzie - Don’t Want To (Are You Gonna LP)

    ANC4 - Go Easy (Single/Strange Tide LP)

    Tommy And The Reltonians . A’ Mes Yeux (Single)

    Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders - Game Of Love (Single)

    Randolphs Leap - Petrichor (Single)

    The Suncharms - Dream Of A Time Machine (Distant Lights LP)

    The Cardigans - My Favourite Game (Single)

    Bruce Moody - This Is It (Japanese) (Single)

    Leaders Off - Longway (Single)

    The Junior League  - The Sunshine Saves Everyone (Single) 

    Pauls - Hey Love (Single)

    Chris Childs - Luke And The Lion (Single)

    The Hawaiians . Here Comes The Monkey (Hula On Mars LP)

  4. itunes pic

    Teenage Fanclub - Dumb Dumb Dumb (Howdy LP)

    *Searching For Sylvia - Read I For You (Look At How Far LP)

    The Posies - Under Easy (Failure LP)

    The Well Wishers - We Grow Up (Single)

    Cyclone Furies .- Ready For Action (Cyclone Furies LP)

    Mr Bloe - Groovin With Mr Bloe (Single)

    Drool Brothers - Go Go Go Go (Go Go Go Go LP)

    Wonkavision - Changing The End (Wonkavision LP)

    *The Gabriels - Summer Of Love (Single)

    Steve Rosenbaum - My Innocence (Dead Media Tapes LP)

    Ed Ryan - Why Doncha Do It (Don’t Follow LP)

    The Emotionals - Cheat On Me (Personal Pleasure LP)

    *The What Gives - Seven Wonders Of Love (The What Gives LP)

    Quest For Tuna - She Can’t Surf But She Sure Can Bowl (Single)

    The Smoggers - Shame On You (13 Years Of Fuzz LP)

    The Yum Yums - Let’s Go Crazy (For Those About To Pop LP)

    The Hawaiians - Beach Countess (Invading The Summer LP)

    Brand New Luddites - Justice Anymore (Terms And Conditions By Brand LP)

    Carla Cherrie Hendricks - Summertime Dream (Single)

    Mamma Oh No - Where’d She Go (Single)

  5. itunes pic

    Charles Sheffield - It’s Your Voodoo Working (Single)

    Sorrows - Christabelle (Love Too Late….The Real Album LP)

    Lee Michael Stevens - I Miss U Now (Single)

    Cosmic Rough Riders - The Loser (Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine LP)

    Snow Coats - Right Fit (Single)

    Wipers - Mystery (Is This Real LP)

    Coyotes Y Krotal - Redhead Girl (Single)

    The Undertones - (She’s A) Runaround (The Undertones LP)

    The Rhynes - Here She Comes (The Rhynes LP)

    Man Bear - Feelin’ Fine (Single)

    The Floor Models (With Willie Nile) - You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (In-Flyte Entertainment - A Tribute To The Byrds LP)

    Natalie Sweet . Video Phone (XOXOXO Vol.1 LP) 

    Gerry Lehane - Drinking Life (Single)

    Dodgy - Lovebirds (Single)

    The Hawaiians - Full Moon Fever (Invading The Summer LP)

    The Rhynes - Better And Better (The Rhynes LP)

    The Morning Line - Im Love With Your Blog (Yard Sale LP)

    No Parking For Caravans - Looks Like Che Guevara (Where The Fire Escape Touches The Ground LP)

    Wire - Outdoor Miner (Single)

    Caroline and The Treats - Bad Boyfriend (Saturday Night Rock & Roll LP)

  6. itunes pic

    Exploding White Mice - Out Of My Head (We Walk Alone LP)

    Psychotic Youth - 123456 (Retro LP)

    Dave Clark 5 . Any Way You Want It (Single)

    Da Surfones - Fried Chicken Can’t Run (Single)

    Dirt Royal - Great Expectations (Great Expectations LP) 

    Hyacinths - Jennifer Says (Single)

    Lucas Aaron - Like A Movie (Domino LP)

    Los Chicos - The Price (20 Years Of Shakin’ Fat and Launching Shit LP)

    Real Sickies - Communication Breakdown (Love Is For Lovers LP)

    The Adam Brown - Hummin’ Around (What We’ll Never Know LP) 

    Slade - Shape Of Things To Come (Sladest LP)

    Watts - Shocking Pink (Shady Rock and Rollers LP)

    Geoff Palmer - A Hard Day’s Life (Charts and Graphs LP) 

    The Peppermint Kicks - Rock & Roll Rampage (Peppermint Kicks LP)

    Cheap Trick - Goodnight (At Budokan LP)

    The Coal Porters - Take My Name (The Bam Bam Explosion Vol.6 LP)

    The Decibels - This Bad Dream (Scene Not Heard LP)

    The Buzz - Girl (Cut Loose! LP)

    The Hypnotics - Lipstick On My Collar (Static Fuzz radio LP)

    The Vagabonds - Two For One (Single)

  7. itunes pic

    George Baker - Little Green Bag (Single)

    Thrift Store Halo - Soul Crusade (Consolation Prize Fighter LP)

    The Sorels - She’s In The Gang (Do The Rumbar Rumble LP)

    Tommy & The Rockets - We’re Takin Off (Hey Ho Let’s Go Surfin’ Compilation)

    The Left Bank - I Haven’t Got The Nerve (There’s Gonna Be A Storm LP)

    Heatwaves - Big Fan (Complete Recordings 2017 - 2020 LP)

    Jim Basnight - Rebel Kind (Single) 

    Remote Kontrol  - Rock ’N’ Roll (Single)

    Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Summertime (Are A Drag LP)

    Emperor Of Ice Cream - High Rise Low Rise (Single)

    Catherine Wheel - Show Me Mary (Chrome LP)

    Nuclear Juarez - Bat County (The Heist And The Getaway LP)

    Christopher Peifer - In The Social Distance (The Social Distance LP)

     Frankie and Johnny - I’ll Hold You (Single)

    Automatics - Black Velvet Elvis (A Grand Swan Dive Into The Void LP)

    Mark And The Clouds - Winter Song (Waves LP)

    Richie Meyer - You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (The Inn Of Temporary Happiness LP)

    Monkeeman - The Great Escape (Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes LP)

    Manuals - When The Tanks Roll Over Poland (Again) (Single)

    Grand Splendid - Magic (Single)

    The Rutles - Ouch! (Single)

  8. itunes pic

    Blondie - Pretty Baby (Parallel Lines LP)

    The Darling Buds - Shame On You (Pop Said LP)

    The Chelsea Curve - A Better Way (Single) Red On Red Records

     Andrea Gillis - Leave The Light On (Single)

    Bebe Gallini - Little Sister (Single) Red On Red Records

    The Hawaiians - Surfers Rodeo (Hey Ho Let’s Go Surfin’ Compilation LP)

    The Illuminators - Refined Illumi-Nation (Single)

    Surfin’ Lungs - Beach Beat (Surf Factor 8 LP)

    Daniel Wylies Cosmic Rough Riders - Listen To The Sound Of The Rain (Atoms and Energy LP)

    Glad Machine - Baby It’s You (Single)

    Christopher Peifer - Something To Believe In (The Social Distance LP)

    The Brand New Luddites - The Internet Took My Baby Away (Terms and Conditions LP)

    Psychotic Youth - Talk To Loretta (Scandanavia Flavour Split W/ Tommy and The Rockets)

    Caddy - Not The Way It Seems (Detours And Dead Ends Vol.1 LP)

    Sloppy Seconds - You Got A Great Body But Your Record Collection Sucks (More Trouble Than They’re Worth LP)

    The Poppermost - Park And Ride (Hits To Spare LP)

    The Deathray Davies - A Calendar Crime (The Kick And The Snare LP)

    Batteries Not Included - Turn My Back (Single)

    Lucas Aaron - 8th & Downtown (Domino LP)

    The Seasongs - A Tu Lado (Destellos LP)

    The Kinks - Set Me Free (Single)

  9. itunes pic

    The Jeanies - I Think You’re The Wrong One (The Kids Are No Good LP)

    Gary Ritchie - You Were Only Using Me (Pop Radio LP)

    The Judes - Better Off Alone (All That Is The Judes LP)

    Deco Auto - Hanging On The Telephone (Single)

    Shoes - I Don’t Wanna Hear It (Present Tense LP)

    Talula Babies - Hurtin’ Kind (Sixties Archive Vol.4 Florida and New Mexico Punk LP)

    Mick Terry - Keep ‘Em Laughing (Single)

    The Peppermint Kicks - Shag ’72 (Single)

    The Dogmatics - Saturday Night Again (Est. 81 LP)

    You’re Among Friends - Once The Toothpaste Is Out Of It’s Tube (Start Making Sense LP)

    The Cudas - Space Coast (Alien Vacation EP)

    Channel Three - Flat By The Sea (Single)

    Geoff Palmer - Tomorrow (Charts And Graphs LP) Stardumb Records

    Vista Blue - Magic On This Train (Terror Train) (Single)

    The Popravinas - Is There Anybody, Anywhere But Here (Single)

    Christopher Peifer - The Infernal Racket (The Social Distance LP)

    Teenage Fanclub - I’m In Love (Here LP)

    Supersaurus - Brainfreeze (Our First Cassette (Mini Lp)

    Cracker - Movie Star (Kerosene Hat LP)

    Cristopher Peifer - Midnight Radio (The Social Distance LP)

  10. itunes pic

    The Who - Pictures Of Lily (Single)

    Mark And The Clouds - All These Plans (Waves LP)

    Mark Markham And The Jesters - I Don’t Need You (single)

    The Details - For Anyone To Claim (To Charles Dickens And Back LP)

    The Popravinas - Do The Creep (Single)

    Love Hearts - For Ever (Ice Cream And Sunsets Compilation)

    Ed Ryan - Maybe I’m Dreaming (Don’t Follow LP)

    French Girls - Soda Pop (French Girls LP)

    Robbie MIller - Little Words (Single)

    Swedish Polarbears - Sun Of A Gun (The Great Northern LP)

    Marveline - Fly By Instruments (Single)

    Men Of North Country - Debut (The North)

    Ed Ryan - Biggest Fan (Don’t Follow LP)

    Dan Markell - Carnival Game (Single)

    Fountains Of Wayne - You’re Just Never Satisfied (Singles and B Sides LP)

    Underwater Sunshine - Verse 2 (Suckertree LP) Futureman Records

    The Surf Hermits - Docking Bay 69 (Hang Zen LP)

    The Undertones - Get Over You (The Undertones LP)

    Magic Cobra - Goldenchild (Single)

    Barry Lee and The Mystic Arrows - I Got It Bad

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