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On this week’s show:

  • Half a show of brand new hard rock, metal, and hair released in the last few days!
  • Half the show is the biggest hard, heavy, and
    hairy hits of all time!
  • The Black Crowes are back (sort of) with new music!
  • A classic rock masterpiece turns 45-years-old this month!
  • For the first time in 10 years, new music from original +LIVE+ lineup!
  • The Black Crowes brothers’ feud and whether Chris or Rich Robinson is running just “a Black Crowes tribute band”!
  • Do youknow the truth about Whitesnake’s hit “Here I Go Again?”
  • Win Saker and Bad Boy Eddy CDs from the Hard, Heavy & Hair with Pariah Burke Show! Enter here.
  • Metal from Athens, Greece
  • Inaugural Indie & Unsigned band A Sound of Thunder is back with brand new music, graphic novel, and animated short film starring a Big Bang Theory star!
  • Need video work for your band or business?Hire CBR Network Studio, run by the Queen of CBR, Vicky Ryder, a good friend of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show and a personal friend of Pariah’s.
  • Watch Vivian Campbell string-sync to guitar parts by John Sykes and Adrian Vandenberg on orders from David Coverdale in the music video for Whitesnake’s 1987 “Radio Mix” version of “Here I Go Again.”
  • Watch A Sound of Thunder’s 8-minute animated short film music video It Was Metal featuring Big Bang Theory actor Brian Posehn as Grinder the Dragon.
  • Watch the “It Was Metal” – A Sound of Thunder – Behind the Scenes (with Brian Posehn) created by CBR Network Studio.
  • Check out the It Was Metal graphic novel.
  • Learn more about A Sound of Thunder.


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