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If we were professional journalists we would probably write a cheesy title with a dog pun, and then write an article swimming in trivia and irrelevant information. But we are not professional journalists, and we are holding back our total lack of professionalism to bring you a very useful and informative interview with the number one lady who knows more about adopting cats and dogs on Lantau than anyone else -

Jacqui Green of PALS

And we absolutely guarantee NO CHEESY DOG PUNS.


If you live on Lantau, then you probably love dogs, cats or someone that wants to adopt one. Well, Jacqui's gonna tell you how to be a responsible animal adopter.  And that means being able to commit to the animal for 10-15 years.  

You heard me right buster, don't get a dog unless you are going to give it a home for life. And if you are going to get an animal the number one place you should go is PALS.

And you can hear the number one interview with her on Friday and (repeated) Sunday at 1pm on Resident Voices on www.RADIOLANTAU.COM - Hong Kong's NUMBER ONE RADIO STATION.   

Hear about Jacqui Green on on Friday at 1pm, (repeated on Sunday sometime after 1pm) and in the archive a few days later. ARF ARF!!

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