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    Mark Hooper

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    Mark Hooper

    Mark-Hooper-Photo500 Mark Hooper - RADIOLANTAU.COMMark Hooper is the host of Hong Kong 360, a Radio Lantau interview-based talk show featuring voices of Hong Kong opinion leaders. The show is a platform to discuss and spotlight Hong Kong politics, arts, culture and current events, with those interesting people/characters participating in Hong Kong’s vibrant city scene.

    Through Hong Kong 360, Mark applies a real interest in discussing current events, trying to better understand through his guests how passion and ambition leads to the collision of new ideas, conflict and illumination.

    With a BA in Communications and an MA in International Politics, Mark started radio broadcasting in the US spinning jazz records on KJIB-FM in Portland (USA) and bounced around doing music, news, public affairs and radio/audio production. He also did a stint as a TV director/producer before joining corporate life as a PR executive for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

    Today, Mark loves music of all stripes (OK, not everything, but just about everything), and also moonlights as a management consultant (crisis/PR). He also has carved out time, along with his wife, to explore the world for weeks at a time.

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    Brian Blum

    Brainwaves with Brian BlumBrainwaves is eclectic alternative radio – two hours of great music every week spanning five decades of rock and roll. You’ll hear everything from the pop 70s all the way to the latest melodic indie, with a healthy dose of punk, progressive, new wave, dream pop, synth pop, slowcore, country folk, electronica, art rock and grunge thrown into the mix. And since Brainwaves broadcasts from Jerusalem, you’ll hear some cool Israeli rock as well.

    Brian has wanted to be a DJ ever since he was 7-years-old growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and his parents bought him a cassette tape recorder. He began talking over the songs he heard on the radio in his best 1970s Top 40 Boss Jock voice. It wasn’t until college in 1980 that his dream was fully realized and Brainwaves was born, then as a New Wave program.

    Brainwaves took a hiatus until 2011 while Brian built a career first as a hi-tech entrepreneur and more recently as a freelance journalist and editor. His writing can be found all over the Internet, including at The Jerusalem Post, Israel21c, the AIM Group, and on his blog This Normal Life, which has appeared weekly since 2002. Brian lives with his wife and three children in Jerusalem.

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    Josh and Laura Thomson

    Josh & Laura met on the dance floors of East London through a shared love of dancing. Now, they broadcast from a small island in Hong Kong to share their love of music.

    Vinyl Voyages is Hong Kong's vinyl-only radio show, bringing you music from around the globe.

    Vinyl Voyages With Josh and Laura Every Saturday 4pm – 6pm (HKT) Jazz, latin, tropicalia, afrobeat, highlife, funk, soul and beyond!

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    Jonathan L

    15778384_10212051342418693_1656382628_o Mark Hooper - RADIOLANTAU.COM

    Jonathan LJonathan L is an American radio deejay, programmer, and entertainment media publisher. He organized his first large music festival for alternative station KUKQ in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989, years before the launch of festivals like Lollapalooza and the KROQ Weenie Roasts. For this reason, he is often called the “father of all radio festivals.” By the late ‘90s, Jonathan L was considered a national go-to guy for alternative radio, and in a 1996 interview with New York Now, he rightly predicted “more British and rhythm-driven music shaking up the mid-90s cabal of American-born alterna-rock bands.”

    He once again returned to KUKQ from mid-1994 to mid-1995 to run the station in its wildest punk rock form. Among his most popular programs was “The Monday Morning Music Meeting Live,” which gave listeners a chance to phone in and provide their own input on the music, which was added to the rotation that day.

    Jonathan L currently lives in Berlin, Germany, where he continues hosting his radio show, "The Lopsided World of L." His show is currently broadcast worldwide on a number of stations including Radio Lantau.

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