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Bio: I've always loved music. I've been a DJ since 2000 on a station out of Toledo. Left the station to go to college in Bowling Green, Ohio. I was a booking agent and concert promoter at Howards Club H while attending college. I got involved at the radio station on campus and became the punk director at the station there. While in Toledo I did a hardcore and punk radio which I continued to do while at Bowling Green. After a couple years a switched to indie rock then focused more on my true passion punk rock. After completing college I moved back to Toledo and did a radioshow again there but got tired of censoring my songs so I changed to podcast. I have a strong passion for late 70s punk, glam rock and rebellious rock n roll such as MC5. Aside from playing the classics, I'm always on the hunt for the newest garage, punk and rock bands. If you're looking for new sounds in garage rock, punk, and power pop, checkout my show Wassup Rocker Radio. and archived shows

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