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Neutrals - Hate the Summer of Love

59f83c00cb Music Reviews - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Towards the end of 2017 I posted a song I'd stumbled across by Oakland (California) band Neutrals. Titled Motorcycle Cop (, it was a catchy indie
Material Support - All Bosses Are Bastards (ABAB)

5838e6720e Music Reviews - RADIOLANTAU.COM

A true story, which is just me venting so feel free to skip to the music but last November after 24 years working in the same
Crocodile God - Clown

72d808fab0 Music Reviews - RADIOLANTAU.COM

So, Crocodile God, the highly rated and much loved Liverpool band that started putting out quality releases (often about girls) in the mid 90's and who
Mum - Luka

78e2a0f19f Music Reviews - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Mum are another of the many cool Australian bands currently releasing great new punk music. They're a 4 piece featuring Lauren (vocals/bass), Allie (vocals/guitar), Sam (guitar/bass)

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