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Meet Sean Earl, Canadian teacher extraordinaire from Pui O School! After implementing a reading programme at the school, the students have soared past even secondary international schools in reading skills; amount of books read and time spent reading. W Where most students in Hong Kong read five pages or less a day, often ending up hating it because the books chosen are so boring, the kids at Pui O School read up to 40 books a year, loving it because they get to choose the books themselves. Greeting each individual student by name at the school gate every morning, Earl is a familiar sight in Pui O, as familiar as the water buffalo he and the students love so much.

IMG_0460 Resident Voices 5 - Sean Earl - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Hear his story on Resident Voices on on Friday at 1pm, (repeated on Sunday sometime after 1pm) and in the archive a few days later.


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