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"You have cancer. Three words no one wants to hear but too many do." This is the first line on the back cover of Cheung Sha resident Sarah Rigby's book Managing Mould - Living With Cancer. And not any old cancer, but a particularly aggressive brain cancer. Hear her amazing story in Resident Voices!

Tune in to radiolantau.com on Friday at 1pm, (repeated on Sunday sometime after 1pm) and in the archive a few days later.

Sarah Rigby
Sarah Rigby

Sarah Rigby of Cheung Sha didn't want a mere brain tumor to slow her down - she just didn't have time! Seeing her aggressive cancer merely as 'mould' that wasn't to be allowed back in, she survived against all odds and is now working as a teacher and writer of educational materials. Oh, and she's written a book about how she dealt with it all. Useful lessons in life even for people who don't have any mould anywhere...

managing mould living with cancer
managing mould living with cancer
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