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with Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360

Hong-Kong-360 Hong Kong 360 - RADIOLANTAU.COM Mark Hooper is the host of Hong Kong 360, a Radio Lantau interview-based talk show featuring voices of Hong Kong opinion leaders. The show is a platform to discuss and spotlight Hong Kong politics, arts, culture and current events, with those interesting people/characters participating in Hong Kong’s vibrant city scene.

Hong Kong 360 Episode 28 Father John Wotherspoon

2017-11-23 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 27 George Liu

2017-11-16 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 26 Pete Spurrier

2017-11-09 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 25 Stephen Vines

2017-11-02 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 24 Mark Michelson

2017-10-26 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 23 Hong Kong Music

2017-08-25 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 22 Jennifer Lai

2017-08-25 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 21 Robert Bauer

2017-08-25 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 20 Benjamin Quinlan

2017-08-25 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 19 Harminder Singh

This week we talk with Harminder Singh, a Hong Kong-based journalist writing for the South China Morning Post. He’s written on a variety of issues, including the Muslim community and asylum seekers in Hong Kong, big data, among other things. He spends his free time reading about politics, geo-politics and history. Singh was previously with ATV as a news anchor and host of Newsline. Today he discusses a variety of topics related to events in Hong Kong and in Asia.

Hong Kong 360 Episode 19 Harminder Singh

2017-06-05 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 18 Tom Ballantyne

This week we talk with Tom Ballantyne, Chief Correspondent of the Hong Kong-published Orient Aviation magazine. Ballantyne has more than 40-years experience in international journalism. During the early 1970s, Tom was a war correspondent in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), as well as Angola and Mozambique. He returned to Australia in 1975 to write for the Sydney Morning Herald. Ballantyne left the Herald in 1995, working as Asia Correspondent for the London-based Airline Business magazine before being appointed Chief Correspondent of Orient Aviation. As well as writing, he is a regular commentator on aviation issues on TV and radio for BBC World and CNN to name a few.

2017-05-30 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 17 Michael Andrew Law

This week we talk with Michael Andrew Law, who has been called a Hyper Pop Surrealist. Born in Hong Kong, Law incorporates illustration, comics, painting, film and digital methods into his art, which has been very prolific. He has so far created more than 12,000 works in his career. Law is the co-founder of the Hong Kong Studio Nature Art Workshop, and there are three dozen popular artist books published of Law's pieces. He has also written essays on contemporary art and films. The artist lives and works in Central in Hong Kong.

2017-05-23 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 16 Highway 61 Visited

This week we conclude our “On the Road” series in the US South with a musical playlist that defines the region and the music. The show features the sounds of Willie Dixon, Blind Willie McTell, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Jelly Roll Morton and others. The set includes:

The Memphis Jug Band – “On The Road Again”
Blind Willie McTell – “Dark Night Blues”
Frank Stokes – “I Got Mine”
Jelly Roll Morton and His Red Hot Peppers – “Kansas City Stomps”
John Lee Hooker – “The Healer”
Big Bill Broonzy – “Key to the Highway”
Willie Dixon – “Spoonful”
Howlin Wolf – “Smokestack Lightning”
Elmore James – “Shake Your Money Maker”
BB King – “Why I Sing the Blues”

2017-05-14 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 15 Delta Blues Mississippi

This week we are on the road along the Mississippi Blues Trail in the US, with stops in Indianola, Clarksdale and Cleveland, Mississippi to see the BB King Museum and to talk with the museum’s Yvonna Lucas about BB King. We also visit the Delta Blues Museum, and the Grammy Museum which spotlights global music legends and artists from Mississippi. Along for the ride is Producer Russ Young, who shares his thoughts about the music and museums.

2017-05-08 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 14 Jazz New Orleans

This week we are on the road in New Orleans, Louisiana talking jazz, New Orleans, the south and great music. We talk with Greg Lambousy, director of the New Orleans Jazz Museum, discussing New Orleans jazz, the early music of Louis Armstrong, the museum and its mission, as well as King Oliver, Pete Fountain, Wynton Marsalis, and others. We also listen to the music of Louis Armstrong and Wynton Marsalis.

2017-05-01 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 13 The Blues

This week we do something completely off the grid as far as Hong Kong 360 is concerned. For the next four weeks, we will be in the US doing some fun and interesting things, and will produce some shows from there. The programs will focus on music and…we’ll talk to people along the way in the US South about China, Trump’s American South and anything else that strikes our fancy. Today’s show focuses on the blues….music, music, music old and slightly new. Enjoy!

2017-04-30 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 12 Chandran Nair

This week we talk with Chandran Nair, who is the founder and CEO of the think-tank Global Institute For Tomorrow. He is the author of the best-seller - Consumptionomics: Asia's Role in Reshaping Capitalism and Saving the Planet. His photo book project The Other Hundred aims to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today's most important issues. Chandran Nair frequently speaks at major global gatherings such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and APEC. He was the Chairman of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in the Asia Pacific until 2004 and established it as a leading environmental consultancy.

2017-04-13 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 11 Mandy Chan

This week we talk with Mandy Chan, who is one half of Ginsberg+Chan, a popular fine wine merchant in Hong Kong.  She started the business with her husband Jason Ginsberg in 2010, specializing in fine & rare wines.  Their current wine list carries over 20,000 wines with a regional focus on older wines from Burgundy, Italy, Bordeaux, Champagne and California. We discuss how they got into the wine business, collecting fine wines in Asia and Hong Kong, and how to balance the value and price of a bottle of wine.

2017-04-11 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 10 Peter Guy

This week we talk with Peter Guy, columnist with the South China Morning Post. Peter is a financial writer and former investment banker, and has worked in a number of places around the world for the World Bank. Our discussion covers the upcoming Xi Jinping visit to the US, the Hong Kong election process and how property developers in the city have developed a cozy relationship with Hong Kong’s bureaucrats.

2017-04-09 Mark Hooper

Hong Kong 360 Episode 9 Phillipa Milne

This week we talk with Phillipa Milne, is the Manager of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival. The Festival was founded in 2001, and is an annual event held over 10 days in the fall. It features established and emerging writers from around the world in a programme that includes discussions, literary lunches and dinners, workshops, lectures, debates, book signings, and readings.

2017-04-02 Mark Hooper

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