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3be826312c Wild Zeros - Teenage Lifestyle - RADIOLANTAU.COM

3be826312c Wild Zeros - Teenage Lifestyle - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Wild Zeros formed in 2007 in Bordeaux and built up a rabid following due to intensive touring and a few killer releases before going on a several

years long hiatus. They resurfaced last year with a new ep titled Motormouth and now they're releasing a couple of 7" singles.

Featuring original members Bart De Vraantijk (guitar/vocals) and Adrien Preuilh (bass) plus drummer Francois Jouvenaux ( Magnetix, 60 Second Swingers, Wylde Tryfles...), they're a garage punk band that were recently the subject of gushing praise from the legendary Lord Rutledge when he reviewed one of the new singles I'll be featuring the other single today.

Firstly though a couple of links.

Back in 1979, Syracuse rockers The Penetrators released their much revered single Teenage Lifestyle. 40 years later Wild Zeros release their version. It's on Chickpea Records "limited to too few copies" and features original song Vampire girl on the flipside. It's always a risk covering such a highly regarded classic but they pull it off. Cool as fuck rock n roll that sounds as fresh as it did back in the day, this is Teenage Lifestyle...

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