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c91f78120b Snuff - Hey Boff - RADIOLANTAU.COM

c91f78120b Snuff - Hey Boff - RADIOLANTAU.COM

It's been 33 years since Snuff formed as a 3 piece (Duncan Redmonds, Simon Wells, Andrew Crighton) in London. Despite breaking up in 1991 and subsequently

undergoing numerous line up changes, they're still around and still putting out great music. A lot of the reason they're still here is down to NOFX frontman Fat Mike who persuaded the band to keep their original name and who signed them to his Fat Wreck Chords label for whom they released some of their most popular records. One of the UK'S best, and most enduring bands, they're about to unleash a new lp. Titled There's A Lot Of It About, it's due on Sept 20th, they're still on Fat Wreck and you can preorder it here :

There's a track, Dippy Egg, streaming on Bandcamp

A second song from the album has just turned up on Youtube, if it sounds a little familiar that's because a version of it appeared on their 2016 No Biting ep. It's an uptempo toe tapper, a singalong with handclaps, it's the sound of a band that can still knock it out of the park. This is Hey Boff...

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