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1e25cb8b6b Kill The Colossi - Detonator - RADIOLANTAU.COM

1e25cb8b6b Kill The Colossi - Detonator - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Good old Kill The Colossi, you can always rely on them to come up with a catchy as fuck street punk singalong. I was listening to

today's song thinking it's not a blatant Clash rip off by any means but it certainly owes them a debt and then it ends with a blatant Tommy Gun drum riff courtesy of ex Gonads drummer Steve Higgins. A great way to finish a great song. It's the Bournemouth band's first outing as a trio, as well as Steve there's Adam Storey (guitars/lead vocals) and Rowan Miles (bass/backing vocals). It bodes well for future releases (they say there's plenty more new stuff in the pipeline). You can get more info here :

It's a song I can imagine hordes of drunken punks dancing around to in a live setting. It's a relationship song which asks should I stay or should I go? (did someone mention The Clash!). Handle with care as this hand grenade is ready to detonate. The best thing I can say about this song is not only does it make me want to dance but it left me grinning ear to ear. It's that good.

It's called Detonator...

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