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3763eb8104 Girl Germs - Sex Doll - RADIOLANTAU.COM

3763eb8104 Girl Germs - Sex Doll - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Girl Germs (named after the Bratmobile song?) are Peta Treble (bass/vocals), Layla-Rai Cambourne (drums/vocals) and Kahlia Parker (guitar/vocals). They're a 3 piece from Melbourne and they

recently released a very good ep titled Boy's Club. They describe their music as pussy punk. That's pussy with an attitude and sharp teeth. There's half a dozen songs on the ep and if the girls are writing from experience they lead a life of drinking beer for dinner, shared houses with paper thin walls and no locks on the bedroom door, they cook dubious meals for the objects of their desire and if you try to feel them up you'll be told in no uncertain terms to get fucked. It's available from Roolette Records on transparent blood red cassette or digitally :

You can find more info here :

This song sees them calling out sexist pigs. They've had a gutfull of being leered at and putting up with unwanted advances. As you might guess, the music is frantic and the barbs are tipped with venom. It's called Sex Doll...

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