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3c2bb421b7 Depression Breakfast - Art Girl - RADIOLANTAU.COM

3c2bb421b7 Depression Breakfast - Art Girl - RADIOLANTAU.COM
(photo by Lance Conzett Photography)

Depression Breakfast are a Riot Grrrl band from Nashville protesting capitalism, nazis and annoying lo-fi art boys since 2017. The line up

of the band is Meg Pharr (vocals), Linda Parrot (guitar/vocals), Audra Mueller (bass) and David Mayer (drums). Their tagline states OVERTHROW COCKROCK AND IDOLIZE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Their music is "stripped down fiery feminist punk."

They announced themselves last year with a demo ep and then last week they released their debut album, Just Because I'm A Womxn. It also looks as though it could be their swansong as they appear to have split up due to vocalist Meg moving out of the country. To paraphrase the recent Rotten Foxes ep, they arrived, raised hell and left. The album boasts 8 short, sharp blasts of punky noise railing against the establishment and the patriarchy. It's a sonic kick in the balls. It's a blast. It's out on To-Go Records and available as a name your price download :


This song's called Art Girl....

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