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ddf89ccbff Booji Boys - Stevie Cool - RADIOLANTAU.COM

ddf89ccbff Booji Boys - Stevie Cool - RADIOLANTAU.COM

A new record by Halifax, Nova Scotia, favourites Booji Boys is always a good reason to get excited, especially when it's a new album. It's only

been 3 years since they surfaced with their 6 track demo but since then they've been pretty damn prolific with a plethora of garage punk inspired releases. Back in April they gave us a taster of the new album in the form of a 3 track promo tape, now the full thing, titled Tube Reducer, has dropped and it's everything we expected or hoped for. The vinyl version is due out in August from Drunken Sailor (preorder : but digitally it's available name your price here :


Lining up Justin Crowe (drums), Steve Earle (guitar), Cody Googoo (guitar), Adam LeDrew (bass) and Alex Mitchell (vocals), The Booji Boys have a happy knack of writing catchy pop songs before scuffing them up in their own unique way. What are they singing about? In the main, I haven't got a clue but I don't really care as I'm bouncing off the walls. It's pretty much indecipherable but it's great fun.

Repeat plays offer up new joys but this is an early favourite, it's called Stevie Cool...

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