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Track History

    Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More

    You can listen to archived shows via Podamatic by clicking the episode title (in green below).

    Power Pop, Mod, Sixties, Northern Soul, New Wave, Punk, Indie, Alternative, ska, surf and More!
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      #190 Mark and The Clouds - On Her Bike (Cumulus LP) Clyde McPhatter - Lover Please (Single) Legends - I'll Come Again (Single) 1967 Michigan The Forz - Seperate Ways (Running From The Past LP) Melody Hotel now The Bone Machine - Rock 'N' Roll O Morte (Sotto Questro Cielo Nero LP) Phil Ajjarapu - Talk (Sing Along Until You Feel Better LP) The Blasting Fondas - There Aint No Other Way (There Aint No Other Way LP) Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls - It's Not My Fault (Brijitte West and The Desperate Hopefuls LP) The Norvins - Acid Freeze (Turnin' Around With LP) The Dream Machine - Houdini (Fuckin' A LP) 2Sisters - My Zombie Girl (Single) The Cherry Bluestorms - By Your Leave (Bad penny Opera LP) Blondie - (I'm Always Touched By Your (Presence Dear) (Single) The Brilliant Corners - Teenage (Somebody Up There Likes Me LP) The Senseless Things - Too Much Kissing (Single) The Dylans - Grudge (Spirit Finger LP) Suite 100 - My Tell Tale Heart (Single) Junebug - Stuck On You (First LP) The Bad Examples - Statue By The Phone (Bad Is Beautiful LP 1991) The Gunboat Diplomats - She Made A Move On My Heart (Fine State Of Affairs LP) Fairfield Parlour - In My Box (From Home To Home LP) (1970)
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      Ruby Free - Owe To The Man (Shades LP) The Reverberations - Why You Gotta Be So Mean (Move Along Single) The Stance - Young Love (I Left Love Behind a Long Time Ago LP) Myracle Brah - Simplified (Not Lame "6 Years Of power Pop LP) Tommy & The Rockets - Hey Daisy (Rock 'n' Roll Wrecking Machine LP) The Hazey Janes - Always There (Hotel Radio LP) The Carousels - Lord Speed My Hurricane (Sail Me Home St Claire LP) The Magic E's - Melody Jane (It Goes On LP) Vegas With Randolph - Women In Airports (Single) Caesars Palace - Cherry Kicks (Cherry Kicks LP) Young Francis - Trouble (Trouble Single) The Fireworks - We've Been Wasting Time (Dream About You Single) Colins Godson - Paul and Linda (Love In The Times Of Colins Godson Single) The Armoires - Newberry Specatacle (Incidental Lightshow LP) The Seasongs - New Love (Out Of The City LP) The Newds - Teardrop City (Monkees Cover) Stupidity - Get Up (10 Years Of Stupidity LP) Jagger Holly - Time Machine (DJ Free Europe LP) The Yum Yums - Your Biggest Fan (Sweet As Candy LP) La Bella Luna - Angel (From A to B and Back Again LP)
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      Plasticsoul- Monkey On A Stick (Therapy LP) The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club - Succumb To Your Blues (Don't Buy This Record LP) Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - Jump In My Igloo (Single) The No Ones - Lisebet's Gone (Sun Station LP) The Missing Souls - Teach Me To Monkey (Single) Eddy Delbridge - Traipsing Through The Milky Way (Single) Orbis Max . Things We Said Today (Single) The Cool Whips - Another World (Baddies LP) Tiny Animals - She's Gonna Find Out (Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On LP) North Street Records Colin's Godson - Falling In Love (Love In The Time Of Colin's Godson EP) Bullet Proof Lovers - Not Your Toy (Shot Through Your Heart LP) Cotton Mather - Girl With A Blue Guitar (Wild Kingdom LP) The Bar Dogs - Never Needed Someone (Friday Night The Eagles Fly LP) Black Linen - He Aint Me (Number 2 LP) Armchair Oracles - Sound Sleep Sound (In Machina LP) Peter Green Soulbird - Come The Morning (Soulbird LP) The Greenhornes - Wake Me, Shake Me (Gun For You LP) The Hussys - Roller Disco (Super Pro LP) Mark And The Clouds - Road, Mud And Cold (Cumulus LP) The Well Wishers - Have Some More Tea (Dreaming Of The West Coast LP) Vista Blue - Haddonfield Memorial (October Days (And October nights) LP)
    4. itunes pic
      The Weasels - Beautiful Day (single) The Ivins - Freefall (The Code Duello LP) The Modeens - Tumbleweed (Take A Ride With The Modeens LP) Wonkavision - Changing The End (Wonkavision LP) The Missing Souls - The End (Single) The Krayolas - If I Can't Have You (Americano LP) Phenomenal Cat - Theme From Pop Wasteland (Pop Wasteland LP) The Kinks - Never Met A Girl Like You Before (Mono Kollectables Volume 1 lp) The Higher State - X Ray Day (Single) Chris Corney - High Hopes (Sans Everything LP) The Richies - I Do (Forever and Today LP) Mark Crozer and The Rels - Lukewarm Love (Sunny Side Down LP) The Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo (You Need Pop LP) The Swapsies - Another Game On Saturday (Single) Caper Clowns - A Tale Of Romance And Magnetic Trains (Buca Bus LP) Colman Gota - Fear The Summer (Fear The Summer LP) The Duke Of Surl - Ham Radio (Ham Radio LP) Ripchord - Lock Up Your Daughters (and Throw Away The Key) (Beginners Luck LP) Bob Evans - Don't You Think It's Time (Suburban Songbook LP) The Lost Patrol Band - Perspective (Omastrat LP) Lumps - Sun In You (Curses LP) The Shakes - That Girl (The Shakes LP)
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      Paradors - Josephine (Mag Songs LP) Frantic Chant - Spellbound (The Glass Factory LP) Bash and Pop - Never Wanted To Know (Anything Could Happen LP) The Gunboat Diplomats - Sweet Abiding Love (Fine State Of Affairs LP) Nick Frater - Something-Nothing (Something Nothing LP) The Mad Doctors - Mind Rot (No Waves, Just Sharks LP) Walker Brigade - Shake Shimmy (Therapy Animal LP) Los Padrinos - Adicto Al Popcorn (El Hombre Globo Lo Sabra LP) The Madd - If You Don't Come Back (Are Pretty Quick LP) Melody Motel - Catch Her Quick (Single) (Formerly The Forz) The Unswept - She Just Knows It's Over (Fake IT EP) Popravinas - Santa Monica Moon (California Sonic! LP) Brandon Schott - Dandelion Rain (Big Stir Compilation LP) Green Seagull - Scarlet (Single) Mega Dodo Records Paul Collins - Hanging On The Telephone/All Over The World/Rock N Roll Girl Medley live. Kurt Baker Combo - Next Tomorrow (In Orbit LP) Psychotic Youth - Life's A Party (Voice Of Summer LP) Shane Martin - I Need You (Single) The School - Summers Here (Loveless Unbeliever LP) The Del Zorros - Blue Tin Roofs (Single) Fezz - It's Awright (Single)
    6. itunes pic
      Vista Blue War (what Is it good for?) (Wonderband LP) The Norvins - Twilight (Turnin' Around With....LP) Tommy and The Rockets - Gonna Be Alright (Rock N Roll Wrecking Machine EP) The Yum Yums - I Hate You (Blame It On The Boogie LP) Ivory Wiliams - Sweet Companion (Too Cool To Be Nice LP) Ivory Williams Interview Ivory Williams - Only A Man (Live for the Ice Cream Man Show) The Popravinas - She's Going South (California Sonic! LP) Lenya - Song To The Other Girl (The Hatch LP) The Bopp - Fix It Up (Power My Pop LP) Foxygen - San Francisco (Single) La Panther Happens - My Haunted Life (For The Night Crawlers LP) The Gunboat Diplomats - Crazy About You (Fine State Of Affairs LP) Locksley - All Of The Time (Locksley LP) The Kinks - Come On Now (Kinda KInks LP)
    7. itunes pic
      #184 Armchair Oracles - Considerations (In Machina LP) (Those) Rogues - Wish I Could See You Again (Single) Os Noctambulos - I Can't Read Your Mind (EP) Mark Crozer and The Rels - Plasma (Sunny Side Down LP) Bullet Proof Lovers- I Am My Radio (Shot tHrough The Heart LP) The King In Mirrors - Foolish Things (Single) Ruby Free - Take A Ride (Shades LP) The Black Hollies - (Baby) I'm Your Fool (Crimson Reflections LP) The Laynes - She's A Story Teller (Come On Board LP) Higher State - Your Casting Doubt (Single) The Reverberations - Move Along (Single) Beluga Records Rooney - Calling The World (Calling The World LP) Autoliner - Ambulance (Life On Mars LP) Spygenius - The Friendly Stars That Glow (Pacephale LP) Madder Rose - Beautiful John (Bring It Down LP) Ruby Free - Why Won't You Sleep In Our Bed (Shades LP) Attic Lights - Bring You Down (Friday Night Lights LP) The Supernaturals - Tomato Man (Single) The Hussy's - Library Lovers (Japanese Grafitti LP) The Speedies - You Need Pop (You Need Pop LP) Hazey Janes - Always There (Hotel Radio LP)
    8. itunes pic
      #183 Colin's Godson - Match.Com (Single) Tommy and The Rockets - Get Ready (Rock 'N'Roll Wrecking Machine EP) Walker Brigade - Choker (Therapy Animal LP) The Shoutalouds - Every Evening (Single) The Outryders - Piangi Con Me (& Live For Today) (Single) The Britemores - Your So Great (The Britemores LPLos Padrinos!) Solarflairs - Shack In The Back (Stereo Alley EP) Paradors - I Remember Your Fire (Mag Songs LP) The Auto Dropout - Rosie Won't You please Come Home (Single) Kurt Baker Combo - Upside Down (In Orbit LP) Platillos Volantes - De Ti Pase (Single) KOTJ Records Jagger Holly - Tell Me What I Gotta Do (DJ Free Europe LP) Gary Ritchie - Book Of Answers (Poptimistic LP) Andrew Taylor - Won't You Talk To Me (From The Outside Looking In LP) Colin's Godson - Microwave Song (Single) Armchair Oracles - Jitterbug (In Machina LP) Mark And The Clouds - Hit By Lightning (Cumulus LP) The Tomboys - This Is The Time (Sessions One LP) The Lemons - Sex Rock (Single) Los Padrinos - Comic Strip (El Hombre Globo Lo Sabra LP) The Mad Doctors - Mind Rot (No Waves Just Sharks LP)
    9. itunes pic
      Mel Torme - I'm Coming Home (Single) The Oranges - Hi Cheese (Bubblegum LP) Young Francis - Girls Like You (Young Francis Plays Garage Punk EP) The Kumari - I'm Sad (Watching You EP) The Lovetones - Inside A Dream (Meditations LP) Long Tall Texans - Notice Me (Aces And Eights LP) Hawaii Mud Bombers - Johanna Beach (Mondo Primo LP) The Gunboat Diplomats - She Said (Fine State Of Affairs LP) The Cool Whips - The Peppermint Tree (Baddies LP ?????) Kurt Baker Combo - Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth (In Orbit LP) The Norvins - Sleepin' On The Highway (Turnin' Around With.....LP) Brom Bones - War Generation (Get Down, Stay Down LP) Fascinations Grand Chorus - Welcome (Fascinations Grand Chorus EP) Caper Clowns - Pockets (The Buca Bus LP) Os Noctambulos - I Went Walking (I Can't Read Your Mind LP) Joe Normal - Maybe Baby (Hollylake and Silverwood LP) Kurt Baker Combo - All For You (In Orbit LP) B Leaguers - World Famous (In A Little Town) (Tales From A Punk Rock Road Trip LP (Split with Hooligan Crooners) Hooligan Crooners - Holy Shit! (Tales From A Punk Rock Road Trip LP) The Hussy's - Sherman Brothers (Tokyo Elephant Brothers LP)
    10. itunes pic
      #181 Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene (Bug LP) The Deathray Davies - The Fall Fashions (The Kick and The Snare LP) The Bishops - Breakaway (The Bishops LP) The Beat Nicks - Can't Be Sad About Us (A Big Much Of Sixties Dutch LP) The Madd - Sad Boy (Ongeneeslijk Beat LP) The Unswept - Sally (Fake It EP) Gretchen's Wheel - Disintegrate (Sad Scientist LP) The Lunar Laughs - Mama's Boy (Mama's Boy LP) The FlashPot Moments - Can't Wait To Find Out (The FlashPot Moments LP) Dany Laj and The Looks - Diamonds In The Rough (Alive and Kicking LP) Kontiki Suite - Here For You Now (The Greatest Show On Earth LP) Scottymac - Out In The Rain (Single) The Richies - Fallen Stars (Forever and Today LP) Gretchen's Wheel - The Price (Sad Scientist LP) Fast Cars - No Room For Doubt (Live 1981 LP) The Boo Radleys - There She Goes (So I Married an Axe Murderer Soundtrack LP) Big Wheel - I Hate My Band (Identity Parade LP) Young Francis - Anna (Got Cancer) (Trouble EP) 2Sisters - Don't Go (Single Remix) The Bluetones - Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up) (A Rough Outline LP)


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