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Hong Kong 360 with Mark Hooper - Stephen Vines

This week we talk with Stephen Vines, who leads a double life as a journalist, writer and broadcaster, combined with running a chain of restaurants, coffee shops and canteens in Hong Kong. He worked for The Observer in many capacities and has also been a correspondent for the BBC, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent. He was the founding editor of Eastern Express, a Hong Kong daily newspaper and the founder and publisher of Spike, a pioneering political and business weekly magazine. He is the author of several books, including: Food Gurus - 20 people who have changed the way we eat and think about food; The Years of Living Dangerously – Asia from crisis to the New Millennium; and, Market Panic - wild gyrations, risks and opportunities in stock markets.

Stephen-Vines-Image Hong Kong 360 with Mark Hooper - Stephen Vines - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Stephen Vines: author, journalist, entrepreneur

Please tune in to Hong Kong 360 Thursday night at 7 PM on http://radiolantau.com and archived soon thereafter.

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