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hksnumber1b Hong Kong 360 - Episode 41 - Daisy Mandap - RADIOLANTAU.COM

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Hong Kong 360 - Episode 41 - Daisy Mandap

This week we talk with Daisy Mandap, a lawyer and journalist, and editor of Hong Kong's The SUN newspaper. Before joining The SUN, she worked as a part-time writer CNN in Hong Kong, and for 10 years was editor, producer and writer for English news at Asia Television …also known as ATV. She has been an active leader of the Filipino community in Hong Kong, is an advocate for the rights of Filipino domestic workers, and she is a recipient of the Community Service award from the HKSAR government in 2010.

Daisy-Mandap-Image Hong Kong 360 - Episode 41 - Daisy Mandap - RADIOLANTAU.COM

Daisy Mandap, Editor of Hong Kong's The Sun

Please tune in to Hong Kong 360 w/ Mark Hooper Thursday night at 7 PM on http://radiolantau.com and archived soon thereafter.

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