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  • NewScott Stapp, Scarlet Rebels, Down N’ Outz, and Veio
  • An exclusive Roxy Bluenot aired on the radio anywhere before
  • Rare Hair from Badlands
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Love/Hate, Metallica,
  • XYZ, Poison, the Dead Daisies, Burning Rain, Roxy Blue, the Heard, Warrant, Lillian Axe, and Bon Jovi
  • Huge news about the Dead Daisies
  • A beautiful song that will crack through even the petrified detritus surrounding the blackest heart and have you in tears
  • A Hard Rock song by two A-List Pop stars no one ever saw coming
  • A rare Badlands track that we almost never got to hear
  • The return of “The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time”
  • The daughter of a late Rock N’ Roll icon movingly singing one of his songs
  • Get Roxy Blue‘s killer new albumtheir first new studio album in 27 years!right here on Apple Music or from Amazon Music
  • Liked “Queen Scarlet”? Listen to more from Swedish band The Heard or buy their self-published album The Island on
  • " rel="noopener noreferrer">Bandcamp, on Apple Music, or on Amazon.
  • Bobbie Brown, the Cherry Pie girl, has a second tell-all autobiography. If you liked Dirty Rocker Boys, pickup the sequel, Cherry On Top by Bobbie Brown.
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    Cover Song of the Week

    Transcript of the Show


    Welcome to the show! Let’s kick it off with Black Sabbath!

    Black Sabbath – Supernaut

    Oh my f**king guitar gods! That is one of the greatest guitar riffs ever written. From Black Sabbath’s 1972 Volume 4 LP, that was “Supernaut” with one of my favorite guitar riffs of all time. Another one of my favorites–another one of the WORLD’S favorite guitar riffs–is coming up later on the show, too.

    The “Supernaut” riff is from the Heavy Metal guitar god Tony Iommi, who practically single-handled invented the Heavy Metal guitar sound. Do you know how? Because of an accident.

    At age 17, Tony was working in a sheet metal factory in Birmingham, England. He lost the tips to his middle and ring fingers on his right hand in an accident. He was told he’d never play guitar again. To compensate, he created custom thimbles to replace his amputated fingertips, which meant he couldn’t bend the strings as well. That made him use banjo strings because light-gauge guitar strings weren’t made at the time, and to tune down his guitar, sometimes to as far as three semitones below normal guitar tuning of the time. The result is his signature Black Sabbath guitar sound, a sound that helped form the foundation of Heavy Metal guitar.

    I’m Pariah Burke, by the way, and this is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Sometimes I get so carried away with the music I forget to introduce myself. Now I’ve used up all my intro time sharing some great Rock N Roll history, so I’ll tell you all about what else is coming up on this show, what other awesomeness you’ll be hearing over the next almost two hours, after something brand new from Scarlet Rebels. This is “No One Else to Blame” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Scarlet Rebels – No One Else to Blame

    “No One Else to Blame” by Scarlet Rebels.

    I should give you a proper introduction to the show.

    As I said, my name is Pariah Burke, and I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host for the show.

    Thank you for joining me.

    And welcome to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 20-teens, including the latest new releases, your old favorites, and deep cuts and rare hair that slipped through the cracks of mainstream radio.

    This week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show is titled “Red, Blue & Black,” but it might as well be called “Holy Shit” for all the amazing, mind-blowing moments in it!

    I’ve got for you

    New Scott Stapp, Scarlet Rebels, The New Roses, Down N’ Outz, and Veio
    An exclusive Roxy Blue not aired on the radio anywhere before
    Rare Hair from Badlands
    Hits & Deep Cuts from Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Love/Hate, Ram Jam, Metallica, XYZ, Poison, the Dead Daisies, Burning Rain, Roxy Blue, the Heard, Warrant, Lillian Axe, and Bon Jovi
    Huge news about the Dead Daisies
    A beautiful song that will crack through even the petrified detritus surrounding the blackest heart and have you in tears
    The daughter of a late Rock N Roll icon movingly singing one of his songs
    A Hard Rock song by two A-List POP stars no one ever saw coming
    A rare Badlands track that we almost never got to hear
    The return of “The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time”

    Right now it’s a deep cut from XYZ’s phenomenal 1989 debut album, an album that will turn 30 this October. This is “Come On N’ Love Me” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    XYZ – Come On N’ Love Me
    Bon Jovi – Summertime

    I realize a lot of kids are already back to school in the U.S. and Canada–much to the relief of their parents–but it’s still Summertime for most of us. And what better way to remember that than with the song “Summertime” from Bon Jovi.

    The return of Roxy Blue is coming up right after this.

    2019 is an eventful year in many ways. One way is that it could be considered the Year of Badass Comebacks. Two weeks ago, on Hard, Heavy & Hair 212, I played for you two badass tracks from the first Spread Eagle record in 27 years, Subway to the Stars. If you missed that, hit when this show is over and stream Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 212 titled “Hot as Hell.” Then buy Spread Eagle’s new album.

    Another band back after 27 years is Roxy Blue. They released their new album the same day as Spread Eagle, also on Frontiers SRL Records.

    You might not be familiar with Roxy Blue. If you are, then you’re probably a fan. Roxy Blue was a band that made a big splash right as the pond was being drained. Their debut record, Want Some, hit in 1992, just as Grunge was killing 80s Arena Rock and Glam. They were compared to Van Halen, Warrant, and Motley Crue, and Record and Review Magazine called their Top 40 Rock hit “Want Some?” the “Most Spun Rock Record of the Summer”. Their videos were played in heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Most Wanted, and other shows the summer of ’92. By the end of the summer, though, Roxy Blue was kicked to the curb by, well, by this.

    [Clip – Smells Like Teen Spirit]

    Vocalist Todd Poole and the rest of Roxy Blue was left scratching their heads wondering what the hell happened. Their consolation prize was being called “The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time” by the novel The History Of Rock-n-Roll.

    Back on Hard, Heavy & Hair show number 208 in July I played Roxy Blue’s first single in 27 years, “How Does It Feel.” This is the next single off their first album of new music in nearly 30 years. This is “Rockstar Junkie” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Roxy Blue – Rockstar Junkie

    That was “The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time”, Roxy Blue, back with their first studio album of new music in 27 years. For completists, their all new self-titled album is NOT their ONLY album in 27 years. Between the 1992 debut of Want Some? and their August 2019 self-titled, ass-kicking comeback of 11 perfect tracks, Roxy Blue also put out a trio of hard-to-find records in 2013. Live At Nightmoves is a live album recorded from BEFORE they released their debut album, Want Some?. Stripped is a mix of unreleased and classic tracks stripped back to basics. And, Want Some More is the demos that WOULD have been Roxy Blue’s sophomore album if mainstream listeners and the fickle record labels wouldn’t have completely abandoned Roxy Blue’s style of music.

    And, yeah, you heard me right: I called the new album “11 perfect tracks.” It’s a rare thing to find an LP with no throwaway tracks–especially these days–but I love the entire 2019 Roxy Blue album, every track. Pick it up. There are links in the show notes on

    Here’s another track, a deep cut, not one of the album’s so far three singles. This is Roxy Blue with “Human Race” airing for the first time on radio anywhere right now on Hard, Heavy & Hair with me, Pariah Burke.

    Roxy Blue – Human Race

    Never played on radio anywhere on earth before this, that was the exclusive debut of brand new song “Human Race” right here on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. “Human Race” comes from the first studio album of new originals in nearly 20 years from “The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time” making their comeback, Roxy Blue. You can listen to and buy their self-titled 2019 Frontiers Records LP on in the show notes for Hard, Heavy & Hair 214.

    Regular listeners might be wondering why I haven’t hit you with a Cover Song of the Week clue yet. This week’s Cover Song of the Week is something… special, unique. It’s still a cover song followed by the original version, but we’re not playing the usual game around the Cover Song of the Week where I give you hints and clues leading up to a big reveal. This week, the Cover Song of the Week is about an icon of Hair Metal who left the world too soon. The Cover Song of the Week will remember him in the most beautiful way possible. That’s coming up before long.

    Right now, the latest from Creed vocalist Scott Stapp’s new solo album. Scott’s new song, “Name,” should resonate with every man’s soul.

    Scott Stapp – Name (Single Edit)

    Cruel Crue Summer is next.

    Every week this summer the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show and I play for you a double-shot of Motley Crue–one Motley masterpiece, one rare or deep Crue cut–in a feature I like to call Cruel Crue Summer. This week’s Cruel Crue Summer features track 9 from the masterpiece album Dr. Feelgood followed by a rarely heard track from New Tattoo. Kicking us off is “She Goes Down” from Dr. Feelgood.

    Mötley Crüe – She Goes Down
    Mötley Crüe – Dragstrip Superstar

    “Dragstrip Superstar” from the Y2K Motley Crue album New Tattoo, the only Crue record not featuring Tommy Lee on drums. That was Randy Castillo pounding skins in that deep Crue cut.

    Next week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show is the last show of the Summer, which means the last Cruel Crue Summer of 2019–possibly the last one ever in the Year of the Dirt. Don’t miss it! You’ll want to come back and hear that last Cruel Crue Summer. Trust me.

    Brand new song “Ascendancy” from my fellow Portlanders, Veio [pronounce Vay-Oh].

    Veio – Ascendancy
    Poison – Something to Believe In

    [Sigh] That song chokes me up every time I hear it. Poison with “Something to Believe In.” If you hadn’t heard, Brett Michaels’ father passed away a couple of weeks ago. A few days before his heart attack he got to see his son perform live one last time at a winery in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. I’m sure you share my thoughts for Brett and his family at this difficult time.

    Coming up in the second hour of the show is a genuinely beautiful and moving tribute by a daughter to her father, one of Brett Michaels’ contemporaries in 80s Rock, a man whose passing we also note this month.

    Also coming up is big news about the Dead Daisies, a Hard Rock song no one saw coming bye two A-List POP stars, rare Badlands, and more new music premieres, and more hits and deep cuts. Stick around.

    This is Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 214 carrying the title “Red, Blue & Black,” and at the moment, we’re “Back in Black.” This is AC/DC.

    AC/DC – Back in Black
    Lillian Axe – Letters In The Rain

    That was “Letters In The Rain” from Lillian Axe’s 1989 Love + War album. The vocalist on that record was Ron Taylor, but it’s Brian Jones singing for Lillian Axe these days on tour in and around their home base of New Orleans and on upcoming album From Womb to Womb.

    I’ve got some huge news about the Dead Daisies. Maybe I should say a huge RUMOR, because I’ve been unable to verify this. I asked John Corabi, Glenn Hughes, and Doug Aldrich, but no on has confirmed or denied, which doesn’t surprise me too much because, as I record this show, it’s still a couple of days out from the release of the Dead Daisies covers album Locked and Loaded. By the time you hear this show, the album will probably be out. Hit the show notes on to grab it.

    Okay. So here’s the rumor, reported by only ONE news outlet, and that news outlet didn’t back it up with proof or by citing sources. And, by the way, yes, MANY news outlet’s are reporting the following, but they’re all just parroting and pointing to the first; none of them has any new info either at this time.

    So, has stated that John Corabi has left the Australian-American supergroup and been replaced by Glenn Hughes, who has played bass and/or sang for Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Kings of Chaos, and about a dozen other bands and projects. Hughs is also reportedly playing bass for the Daisies, too, so Marco Mendoza is out as well. If the rumor is true, then the lineup currently in the studio working on a 2020 Dead Daisies album for Spitfire Music is Glenn Hughes on vocals and bass, Deep Castronovo on drums, and Dough Aldrich and founder and only permanent member David Lowry on guitars.

    The responses to the rumor of Glenn Hughes joining have been, well, mostly negative, with comments like “it won’t last” and others asking, quote, “doesn’t it usually mean the end is near when Glenn Hughes joins?” Ouch!

    What do you think? Join the discussion on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Facebook Group and give me a like on he Hard, Heavy & Hair Facebook page.

    “Locked and Loaded,” the Dead Daisies cover album, is out now, and sounds a lot like this next song, “Make Some Noise,” with John Corabi on vocals.

    The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise
    Love/Hate – Blackout in the Red Room

    “Blackout in the Red Room” from Love/Hate following the Dead Daisies.

    Still coming up is a Cover Song of the Week that will break your heart. The Heard, Metallica, rare Badlands, new The New Roses, and more.

    I’m Pariah Burke, and the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show will return right after this.

    I was telling you a few minutes ago about a possible lineup change to the Dead Daisies, how it’s being stated–but unconfirmed as yet–that Glenn Hughes is replacing both vocalist John Corabi and bassist Marco Mendoza. Guitarist Doug Aldrich remains with the Dead Daisies, so I thought I’d play for you something from another Doug Aldrich project.

    Six years after their last album, supergroup Burning Rain released Face the Music in March. With Doug Aldrich on axe, Keith St. John on pipes, Y&T’s Brad Lang on bass, and Blas Elias from Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Slaughter pounding skins, this is “Midnight Train” from Burning Rain.

    Burning Rain – Midnight Train
    The Heard – Queen Scarlet

    That song was titled “Queen Scarlet” and was from the modern Swedish Metal band The Heard–H-E-A-R-D, like something you hear, not like a herd of cattle. This band shouldn’t be confused with the 60s Texas band of the same name. The Texas Hard Rockers are still around with EPs released in ’03 and 2018, while the almost all female Swedish outfit, is using the same name until someone sends a Cease & Desist letter.

    “Queen Scarlet” is from The Heard’s 2018 self-released album the Island. If you’d like to hear more from them or support up and coming bands, I’ve linked to their Bandcamp page in the Show Notes.

    I’m about to spin for you a brand new song from the Down N Outz, a supergroup fronted by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliiot. Their upcoming third album is due out on Halloween 2019, and, unlike the first two Down N Outz albums, this won’t be all covers. It’ll have one cover–of the Tubes’ “White Punks on Dope”–plus eleven original Joe Elliot-penned tracks, including this one, the album’s title track, “This is How We Roll.”

    Down ‘n’ Outz – This Is How We Roll

    Brand new Down N Outz, “This Is How We Roll.” The Down N Outz are a supergroup fronted by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot and including Paul Gerin from the Quireboys, Phil Martini from Tokyo Dragons on drums, guitarist Guy Griffin, keyboardist Keith Weir, and former Vixen bassist Share Ross.

    In just a moment I’m going to play rare Badlands for you and then that genuinely beautiful, heart-wrenching Cover Song of the Week. For the moment, I want to shock you with something that shocked the living hell out of me.

    Have you heard the song “Blow” by Ed Sheeran?

    Late in June, Elektra Records sent me their new Rock, Active Rock, Metal, and Hard Rock singles for possible air play. In the batch was this WAV file, “Blow” by Pop singer Ed Sheeran–you know the redheaded English singer who got huge with hits like “Shape of You” and “Perfect.” I thought someone at Elektra or Asylum threw the Ed Sheehan track in the batch by mistake, so I just set it aside and ignored it. The other day, I wasn’t paying attention, and the song started playing in my playlist.

    Holy shit!

    It’s a damn Hard Rock song! By Ed muthafrakin Sheeran AND “Uptown Funk” singer and R&B star Bruno Mars! And it ROCKS!

    It’s the fourth single from Sheeran’s new album No. 6 Collaborations Project in which he tries out a bunch of different musical styles in collaboration with artists ranging from Justin Beiber to Skrillex, and, on “Blow,” with prolific Rock and Country guitarist Chris Stapleton.

    I NEVER thought I’d EVER play Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show–probably not even in a Cover Song of the Week because I didn’t think any Metal or Hard Rock band would cover their songs–but I guess I should know better than to say “never.” In a truly Hell-freezes-over moment, this, my astonished listeners, is a Hard Rock song from Pop stars Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars together with Chris Stapleton. I’m gonna pull the trigger and let them blow your mind. This is “Blow” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Ed Sheeran with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton – BLOW

    Holy Pop Rocks, Batman! If you are just tuning in, that Hard Rock song blowing my mind and your speakers was by Pop star Ed Sheeran and features R&B and Funk singer Bruno Mars along with Country and Rock guitarist Chris Stapleton. That was “Blow” off Sheeran’s new electric collaborations record that came out last month.

    If your mind is reeling, let’s get it back on track with rare Badlands. Badlands released two riff-heavy albums in ’86 and ’91. They started work on a third album, recording a number of demos with original vocalist Ray Gillen. Shortly after the demos were recorded, Ray was excused from the band. Given that it was 1992, Grunge was on the rise and Hard Rock on the decline, and now the band was changing singers, Atlantic Records took a pass and released Badlands from their contract. Ray Gillen formed a band called Red Sun Red, inspired by one of those Badlands demo songs, but died a year later of AIDS-related complications.

    Badlands scattered and never reformed around a different singer.

    In 1998 they finished off those demos they’d recorded for their third album-that-never-was, and put out the Album Dusk–including Ray Gillen’s vocals. The following song–the one from which Ray took his next band’s name–and the rest on Dusk are a collection of demos Badlands recorded between ’92 and ’93 for their label, Atlantic Records. They were all one-take recordings laid down in the studio in less than 8 hours.

    This is something special. A glimpse back to Badlands of the early 90s, a band so good they recorded an entire almost ready for pressing album in single takes in less than one work day.

    This is “Sun Red Sun” from Badlands on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Badlands – Sun Red Sun

    Rare Badlands demo “Sun Red Sun” which would have been re-recorded, mixed, and polished to appear on their third album if Atlantic hadn’t dropped them and singer Ray Gillen hadn’t passed away.

    This month we also honor another rocker who passed away. In a moment you’ll hear how his own daughter honors him with her cover of one of his greatest songs.


    Every week on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show we play a game called the Cover Song of the Week. In the second hour of the show I play a Hard Rock, Metal, or Hairy cover of a song. Leading up to the COW segment I give you clues and hints to help you figure out what song is being covered, who the covering artist is, and who the original artist is. I didn’t do that this week because this Cover Song of the Week is genuinely special and rare.

    In August 2011, Warrant frontman and songwriter Jani Lane, who suffered all his life from depression and addiction, took his own life. He was 47 years-old–younger than some of my listeners. For a lot of reasons, Jani’s passing hit many people, including me, pretty hard.

    Rober Mason, current Warrant vocalist and long time friend of Jani, posted a photo of he and Jani to his Facebook wall and said this:

    “Today I respectfully reflect in remembrance the anniversary of the untimely unfortunate passing of a talented songwriter, captivating frontman and never boring partner in crime…we shared amazing times back then, that approach the stuff of legend. I carry on at my best with my band brothers to faithfully bring some of his songs to fans who still love to rock out to them.” End quote.

    Many of Jani’s friends and mine expressed similar remembrances privately and on social media. Jani was loved by many, not the least of whom are his fans.

    Whether you count yourself a Warrant fan or not, if you know Warrant’s songs or Jani’s solo work, if you’ve read the lyrics he wrote, you know Jani Lane was one of the greatest songwriters and lyricists of our time. And one of the songs often considered among his best is “Heaven” from Warrant’s first album.

    I’m about to play for you a cover version of “Heaven,” a song you might think shouldn’t BE covered, especially not after what I just said about Jani himself. Trust me, though. This is the only cover worth hearing right now.

    Jani’s passing affected many, many people, but none more than his daughters Taylar and Madison.

    Madison, now 22 years-old, is a burgeoning Pop singer. To honor her dad, she recorded a heart-breaking version of one of his greatest songs, Warrant’s “Heaven.” It’s the first time I’m playing a Cover Song of the Week that ISN’T itself a Hard Rock, Metal, or Hair band version, but as we honor Jani Lane, gone eight years now this month, it’s a song that fits in the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week better than perhaps any other song.

    Just see if you can not cry when Maddi Lane sings “As long as I’m the hero of this little girl” to her late father, Jani Lane.

    I’m Pariah Burke.

    Maddi Lane – Heaven
    Warrant – Heaven

    The Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week honoring the lost talent Jani Lane. That was “Heaven” as released by Warrant following a tear-jerking version of the song by Jani’s own daughter Maddi Lane.

    Let’s all dry our eyes while we listen to new music by The New Roses. This is “Down By the River.”

    The New Roses – Down By the River

    “Down By the River” off the 2019 New Roses sophomore album Nothing But Wild on Napalm Records.

    If you missed any part of this show, you can stream it again on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com.

    Reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram @PariahRocks and on Facebook At-Pariah-Rocks-You to tell me what you thought of this week’s show and to tell me what you’d like to hear more of on upcoming Hard, Heavy & Hair episodes.

    Before I play old school Metallica for you I want to give a shoutout to the newest member of the Hard, Heavy & Hair syndicate. You can now hear the show on Radio Vegas Rocks, the station Bringing Sin City Everywhere!

    [Clip – Viva, Las Vegas]

    I also want to mention something else, given the Cover Song of the Week. The mother of Jani Lane’s older daughter, Taylar, is his former wife Bobbie Brown, the Cherry Pie video girl. You may recall that Bobbie wrote a tell-all autobiography called Dirty Rocker Boys. I’ve talked about the book on the show, mentioning some of the salacious and apparently entirely true stories about Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, and other dirty rocker boys. Somewhere not too far after the The Dirt and No One Here Gets Out Alive, Dirty Rocker Boys is one of my favorite rock biographies or autobiographies.

    Well, Bobbie just published a second tell-all autobiography a few days ago called Cherry on Top. It’s a sequel to Dirty Rocker Boys. My copy is in the mail, though by the time you hear this show, I might have finished reading it. If you liked Dirty Rocker Boys as much as I did, you’ll want to check out Cherry on Top. There’s a link in the show notes.

    My name is Pariah Burke, I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a host and producer. Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

    I’ll see you back here next week for another all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Old school Metallica will play us out with “Fade too Black.”

    Metallica – Fade to Black

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