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Show Notes

  • The Exclusive World Premiere on of a brand new Spread Eagle track
  • Hard, Heavy & Hair is now on Total Rock, the network founded by the Voice
    of Metal, Tommy Vance
  • NewIce Nine Kills, Take the Day, Saint Asonia, Spread Eagle, and Rubikon
  • Rare Hair from Crazy Lixx, 21 Guns, Graffiti, and Steel Panther
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from Kiss, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Pretty Boy Floyd, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Halestorm, Sum 41, Stereoside, AC/DC, Ozzy, Y & T, Danger Danger, Alien Weaponry, Great White, and more!
  • What ties the Runaways manager Kim Fowley to the Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz?
  • Remember Spread Eagle? 27 years later, they’ve got new music
  • The incredibly arbitrary history of Y&T‘s name
  • Sully Erna guest vocals
  • Maori Metal
  • Cruel, CRUE Summer
  • John Corabi-fronted Motley Crue. Is 15 years long enough?
  • Get Spread Eagle‘s new album Subway to the Starshere and here.
  • That very NSFW, 18+, redband music video for Steel Panther‘s “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World”


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New Music Premiere:

Exclusive Worldwide Premiere:
New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:

New Music Premiere:
New Music Premiere:

Cover Song of the Week

Beds by Audionautix.

Transcript of the Show


It’s alright if you want to cross that line
To break on through to the other side
Let it rock, let it go
It’s Hard, Heavy & Hair
And Bon Jovi Let It Rock

Bon Jovi – Let It Rock

Thank you for tuning in. My name is Pariah Burke. I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host. And this is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 20-teens, including the latest new releases, your old favorites, and deep cuts and rare hair that slipped through the cracks of mainstream radio.

Before we go any further I want to announce the addition of another new station to the Hard, Heavy & Hair family. This is a big one for me. The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show now airs on Total Rock radio out of London. Total Rock was founded by luminaries Tony Wilson, Andy King, Nigel Roberts, David Clouter, and the legendary DJ, the Voice of Metal, Tommy Vance.

[Clip – Tommy Vance]

It’s a genuine honor to be on the network those great radio broadcasters founded. Check the schedule on for when you can tune in to Hard, Heavy & Hair airing on Total Rock.

I’ll tell you all about what’s coming up on this week’s show after this brand new song from Saint Asonia. This is “The Hunted” featuring Godsmack’s Sully Erna.

Saint Asonia – The Hunted Feat. Sully Erna

Saint Asonia with their latest “The Hunted.” Sully Erna guested on the vocals beside Adam Gontier, who founded Saint Asonia after leaving Three Days Grace in 2012.

That song is just the first new track you’ll hear this week on Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’ve also got for you new Ice Nine Kills, Take the Day, Crazy Lixx, Spread Eagle, and Rubikon.

Hits & Deep Cuts from Kiss, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Pretty Boy Floyd, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Halestorm, Sum 41, Stereoside, AC/DC, Ozzy, Y & T, Danger Danger, Alien Weaponry, Great White, and more!

Rare Hair from 21 Guns, Graffiti, and Steel Panther

The Cover Song of the Week, a Cruel, Crue Summer, and more!

If I sound a little different to you regular listeners, it’s because for the first time ever, I’m doing the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show stone cold sober. I have to. I’m on some heavy duty meds that don’t mix well with the bourbon I usually drink on the air.

I have a herniated disk. Painful to say the least. And let me be your cautionary tale, kids. Remember to limber up before you try some of those more acrobatic tantric sex positions.

Let’s get back to the music with a double-shot of Glam, after which I’ll give you your first Cover Song of the Week clue. First up is 21 Guns with “Knee Deep” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

21 Guns – Knee Deep
Crazy Lixx – (She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face

That was brand new song “(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face” from Crazy Lixx’s 2019 Frontiers Records LP Forever Wild. Before it was 21 Guns, from back in ’92. 21 Guns, as you may recall, was founded by Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham, who would go on to also found Black Star Riders.

Ready for your first Cover Song of the Week clue? Remember: the first clue is always the hardest, the one for the hardcore Rock trivia heads like me.

The Cover Song of the Week original was written by Kim Fowley, the guy behind the Runaways, Mark Anthony, Bob Ezrin, and the co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the famous 4-piece that first released the song. Big parts of the song, including the title, came from Fowley’s and Anthony’s band the Hollywood Stars, but that version was unreleased at the time they brought it to, and finished it off with, the 70s Metal 4-piece with a penchant for makeup playing the Cover Song of the Week original on this week’s show.

More and easier Cover Song of the Week clues later.

Right now, it’s Shinedown, “Devil.”

Shinedown – Devil
Alien Weaponry – Holding My Breath (Radio Edit)

From Waipu, New Zealand, that was brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong and Ethan Trembath, collectively known as Alien Weaponry. All three members are of Maori descent, and many of Alien Weaponry’s songs are written in the Maori language.

Coming up is Cruel Crue Summer and more new music, old favorites, deep cuts, and rare hair.

Before your double-shot of Motley Crue in Cruel Crue Summer, let’s all “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World” with Steel Panther.

Steel Panther – Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World

I love me some Steel Panther, in small doses. Have you seen the video for that song? It’s as fun as you’d think–especially since it’s an uncensored, 18 and over red band music video. You can watch the video in the show notes for this, Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 212, on Again, the video is not for those under 18 and is most definitely not work safe.

Every week this summer is a Cruel, Crue Summer in which I play for you two back-to-back Motley Crue tracks–one well-known single, one not so well-known track. This week’s Cruel, Crue Summer pulls form the 1987 Girls, Girls, Girls album and the 1994 self-titled Motley album featuring John Corabi on vocals instead of Vince Neil. Let’s start with “Wild Side” from 1987.

Mötley Crüe – Wild Side
Mötley Crüe (with John Corabi) – Hooligan’s Holiday

“Hooligan’s Holiday” is one of the best tracks from that ’94 record. At the time, the album did not sell well. The world simply wasn’t ready for Motley Crue without Vince Neil. Now, 15 years later, the sting has worn off, and hopefully you can appreciate that album’s music. It’s a solid record.

Next week, another Cruel, Crue Summer with one Motley masterpiece and one deep or rare Crue cut.

Now, Sum 41 is “Out for Blood” while Breaking Benjamin wants to “Feed the Wolf”.

Sum 41 – Out For Blood
Breaking Benjamin – Feed the Wolf

“Feed the Wolf” from Breaking Benjamin. They’re currently on tour with four incredible tour mates–Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Diamante, and Dorothy.

Do you remember Spread Eagle? They played a brand of Sleaze Metal with a New York vibe, probably best described as East Coast Streetmetal. This was back at the beginning of the 90s. They were good, and I really liked their debut self-titled LP, which Uber Rock magazine voted one of the Top 20 Glam Albums of all time. I also liked Spread Eagle’s followup Open to the Public. After that second album, which dropped in ’93 when radio was officially closed to Glam and hair bands of any kind, the band took a break. They got back together in Oh-Six and toured in between the members’ gigs with UFO and Sebastian Bach. Last year, after signing to Frontiers SRL Records, they started recording new music. Spread Eagle and Frontiers sent me that new album a couple of weeks before its release on August 9th. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

The LP is called Subway to the Stars and is 11 tracks of brand new music. How about I give you a double-shot from that first new Spread Eagle album in 27 years?

The latest single from the album, “29th of February” plays after this track, the first one you’ll hear when you download or pop in Spread Eagle’s new LP. Not released as a single and not playing anywhere else, this is the world premiere of brand new Spread Eagle exclusively on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. This is title track “Subway to the Stars.”

Spread Eagle – Subway to the Stars
Spread Eagle – 29th of February

Two cuts off the first Spread Eagle album of new music in 27 years. That was “29th of February,” the latest single, following “Subway to the Stars,” aired exclusively worldwide here on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, Pariah Burke. I want to thank guys in Spread Eagle and their label Frontiers Records for allowing me to air that track for the first time anywhere on planet earth right here on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

If you liked those two songs, you’re going to love the entire Subway to the Stars album, which is available this week, out August 9th. Pick it up. There are links in the show notes on to make that easy for you.

From the newest tracks to the all time masters, let’s switch gears and listen one of my favorites from Ozzy right after an AC/DC classic that never gets airplay. From ’79’s Highway to Hell album, the last album featuring original singer Bon Scott, this is is “Beating Around the Bush.”

AC/DC – Beating Around the Bush
Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley

“Mr Crowley” by the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

Ready for another Cover Song of the Week clue?

The Cover Song of the Week comes from a 2010 all-star tribute album to one of the greats in Metal and Hard Rock (and one misstep into Disco). The artist doing the cover has been around since the 80s, recording and touring, and is still active today. In fact, they just added Jet Black Romance’s bassist Criss 6 to their line up of leather boyz with electric toys.

That’s your second Cover Song of the Week clue. I’ll have another for you in a few minutes, and then we’ll hear the Cover Song of the Week itself. Good luck guessing!

This is brand new Ice Nine Kills, the sixth single from their current album The Silver Scream on Fearless Records. It’s “Savages” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Ice Nine Kills – Savages
Stereoside – Sinner

From Ocala, Florida, that was Stereoside with “Sinner.”

I used to take girls for a ride on my Harley through the Ocala National Forest when I lived in Daytona Beach. Heh. Those were some good times. I remember it like it was yesterday.

You know what? Let’s pay homage to the Summertime Girls of yesterday AND today with a band that was called Yesterday & Today before shortening their name to just Y & T.

Y & T (ne Yesterday & Today) – Summertime Girls

Y & T, originally named Yesterday & Today. Do you know how the band got its name? Back in the early 70s, Leonard Haze, Bob Gardner, Wayne Stitzer, and Dave Meniketti had an unnamed cover band in Hayward, California. They hadn’t gigged much yet, but one day they were booked for an actual paying gig and needed to quickly name the band. Leonard Haze was listening to the Beatles at that exact moment–the album Yesterday and Today–and named the band for it. The name stuck, and the band played exclusively covers for a while. After Stitzer and Gardner left and were replaced by Phil Kennemore and Joey Alves, respectively, Yesterday & Today started writing original material.

They toured a little after releasing two albums on London Records in ’76 and ’78, and then, in 1980, signed to A&M Records. The short A&M name, along with fans routinely chanting “Y&T! Y&T!” before their on-stage encores, inspired the band to shorten its name from Yesterday & Today to simply Y&T.

I played Y&T’s “Summertime Girls” because of a memory that surfaced from the time when I lived in Daytona Beach.

I ran into these next guys in Florida, too. They were recording their sophomore album Screw It! from which comes this power ballad, “I Still Think About You.” This is Danger Danger.

Danger Danger – I Still Think About You
Graffiti – Body Language

Rare hair there from Graffiti with “Body Language.”

I’ve got two more brand new tracks to spin for you before the Cover Song of the Week. But before that, I need to get you another clue.

For your third and final Cover Song of the Week clue, here are the lyrics that start the song:

It’s so sad, livin’ at home
Far from the city and the midnight fun
It’s so bad, goin’ to school
So far from me and the dirty things that we do

Think you know the song? How about the original and covering artists? Let’s see if you’re right after two new songs from Rubikon and Take the Day, starting with “Save Me Now” from Take the Day on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Take The Day – Save Me Now
Rubikon – Blood On My Hands

Rubikon has “Blood On My Hands”. And now it’s time for the–


So, who was that 70s Metal band with a penchant for makeup? That was kind of a trick clue because the band in question is far more than simply a 70s Metal band. They had plenty of hits in the 80s and continued to remain popular worldwide through the 90s, aughties, 20-teens, and today. In fact, they’re on a massive farewell tour right now, in their trademark makeup.

That band is, of course, Kiss, which means the co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player who co-wrote the Cover Song of the Week original with Kim Fowley, Mark Anthony, and Bob Ezrin has to be Paul Stanley. That song is “King of the Night Time World,” and it’s covered by a band of Leather Boyz with Electric Toys, otherwise known as Pretty Boy Floyd.

Here’s your Glam-on-Glam Cover Song of the Week, “King of the Night Time World” as covered in 2010 by Pretty Boy Floyd followed by the original Kiss version from ’76’s Destroyer LP.

Pretty Boy Floyd – King of the Night Time World
Kiss – King Of The Night Time World

The Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week, “King of the Night Time World,” first by Pretty Boy Floyd and then the original as recorded by Kiss.

This is an all-time classic Blues Metal tune from Great White circa ’87. “Lady Red Light.”

Great White – Lady Red Light

That was Great White with “Lady Red Light.” This is Hard, Heavy & Hair, your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 20-teens including the newest released, biggest hits, and rarest of deep cuts along with your weekly recommended dosage of Hard, Heavy & Hairy trivia and info.

Thank you for joining me for this show. I’m your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a host and producer, Pariah Burke.

If you missed any part of this show and want to hear it again or share it with a friend, you can stream this show and ANY past Hard, Heavy & Hair Show on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, online and mobile from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com .

Tune in next week to this station for another all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with even more new, classic, and rare Hard Rock, Metal, and Glam.

Halestorm is going to play us out with “You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing.” I’m Pariah Burke. I’ll see you next week. Until then, rock on, dear listener. Rock on!

Halestorm – You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing

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