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  • NewNew Rival Sons, Whisky Myers, Flaw, Colt48, 99 Crimes, Helix, and the Raven Age.
  • Rare Hair from Journey, Daddy Dynamite, Britny Fox, Firehouse, Roxx Gang, Motley Crue,
    and Dokken.
  • Hits & Deep Cuts from KISS, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Black Star Riders, Fozzy, Motley Crue, and Sammy Hagar.
  • What is a “Tulsa” pass? By this time next year, you’ll be hearing rockers shouting it from the stage to roadies all over the world.
  • Ultra rare version rough mix of Motley Crue’s “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” with an alternate guitar solo
  • Black N’ Blue‘s Brandon Cook with one of his many other bands, The Loyal Order
  • Rock is dead! Said Gene Simmons, John Mellencamp, Tom Scholz, and others. New data says otherwise.
  • What happens when Thin Lizzy wants to record new music but doesn’t want to do it without the late great Phil Lynott? They form a new band.
  • 80s Glam with a guest appearance by Zakk Wylde
  • A Motley Crue demonic relic
  • The Struts cover “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger:
  • That complete Chuck Shute interview with Trixter’s Mark Gus Scott.


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Cover Song of the Week

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Beds by Audionautix.

Transcript of the Show


Let’s start Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 211 with a tribute to what came before. ‘Cause in the world of Spotify and Apple Music, ours, my dear listener, may be the last generation raised on radio.

Journey – Raised On Radio

“Raised on Radio,” the title track to Journey’s 1986 followup to Frontiers. That song is a deep cut–track 7 on the vinyl or the first song you heard on side two of the cassette. Raised on Radio gave us the singles “Be Good to Yourself” and “Girl Can’t Help It” among others. It was the first Journey album after both Neil Schon’s and Steve Perry’s solo records, and almost didn’t happen. Steve Perry said recording his debut solo album, Street Talk, which started with the mega-hit “Oh, Sherrie,” was one of the most fun experiences he’d had, and he considered not returning to Journey as a result. Keyboardist Jonathan Cain coaxed him back to record Raised on Radio, though Steve would depart Journey during the tour to support the album.

You’re listening to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, Pariah Burke. I’ve used my intro time imparting that Journey trivia, so I’ll tell you what’s coming up on this week’s big, big, really big show after some AC/DC and a rare hair surprise.

AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill
Daddy Dynamite – Stick ‘Em Up

The sound quality on that track isn’t fantastic because I had to transfer it from an old cassette. That was German Glam rockers Daddy Dynamite with “Stick ‘Em Up” from their 1993 Shark Records release Lookin’ for Trouble. You know me, I love rare hair and deep cuts. And this show has plenty of them, along with hits and new releases.

First, a proper intro.

Thank you for joining me, all you Rock-loving hairballs–whether the hair is on your head, on your chin, or just in your heart–this show, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, is for you. It’s your weekly dose of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands. I’m your host, the hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host, Pariah Burke.

This is Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 211 and it’s titled “Gunfire and Gasoline,” which tells you we’re in for an explosively great show featuring

New songs by Rival Sons, Whisky Myers, Flaw, Colt48, 99 Crimes, Helix, the Loyal Order, and the Raven Age.

More Rare Hair like the Journey and Daddy Dynamite cuts you heard from Britny Fox, Firehouse, Roxx Gang, Motley Crue, and Dokken.

Hits & Deep Cuts from KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Black Star Riders, Fozzy, Motley Crue, and Sammy Hagar.

And of course, plenty of Hard, Heavy, and Hairy music trivia and info along with the Cover Song of the Week and Cruel, Crue Summer.

You’ll also hear the Civil War healed in a band.

Let’s light the match on this sucker with modern Southern Hard Rockers Whisky Myers. They just played Portland a couple of weeks ago and brought the house down on the Roseland Theatre. From Tyler, Texas, this is Whisky Myers with their brand new song “Gasoline” debuting on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Whiskey Myers – Gasoline

Hell, yeah! “Gasoline” from Whisky Myers. Their new album drops September 27th on Wiggy Thump Records.

From new music to the classics, let down your hair with Poison and Firehouse on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Poison – Nothin’ but a Good Time
FireHouse – Reach for the Sky

“Reach for the Sky” from Firehouse’s 1992 Hold Your Fire album following Poison’s Glam anthem–Glamthem?–“Nothin’ but a Good Time.”

Ready for your first Cover Song of the Week clue? Let’s talk about the original version of the Cover Song of the Week.

Although this song was written as a parody of 80s Hard Rock and the 80s Rock lifestyle popularized by songs like Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock” and Motley Crue’s version of “Smokin’ In the Boys Room,” and written by a genre-spanning act that was once described by their own Hip Hop record label as coming across as, quote, “the worst sort of blackface band,” unquote, the song was named one of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. It’s music video is ranked among the 100 Greatest Videos by both VH1 and MTV. VH1 also ranks the song as number 49 on the list of 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s.

That’s your first clue, the toughest clue. They get easier from here on out.

Keep shaking that mane. Here’s more hair from Roxx Gang. “Red Rose.”

Roxx Gang – Red Rose
99 Crimes – Move Like That

Another new song debuting on Hard, Heavy & Hair. That was 99 Crimes featuring Dangerous Toy’s Paul Lidel on vox and licks. “Move Like That” hasn’t yet been released as a single, so it’s a song you won’t hear anywhere but the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, unless you choose to buy 99 Crimes self-titled debut album which I HIGHLY recommend. It’s an f’n killer album. I reviewed it and played two more tracks from it on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 206, which you can hear on-demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week streaming everywhere you are from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com .

Seriously. Check out the album.

I love the groovy intro riff on this next track. The short guitar solo reminds of some of the power tool tricks Eddie Van Halen and Jesse James Dupree pioneered. Tell me if you agree. Back in 2014 Fozzy put out Do You Wanna Start a War on Century Media Records. This was the first single from that record, “When the Lights Go Out.”

Fozzy – Lights Go Out

Really cool song, isn’t it? That was Rich “The Duke” Ward on guitar. Did you hear the drill-like solo? Reminiscent of Eddy Van Halen and Jackyl’s Jess James Dupree, right?

This is brand new Flaw, “Because of the Brave.” After it I’ll have another Cover Song of the Week clue and Cruel, Crue Summer for you.

FLAW – Because of the Brave

Brand new Flaw there.

Cruel, Crue Summer is right after your next Cover Song of the Week clue.

The artist performing the Cover Song of the Week is in his early 70s but is still performing. Back in 1965, his mom paid $39.95 for this big name singer and guitarist’s very first guitar. They bought it at Sears & Roebuck, and it came with a case and amplifier. In 2007, after creating the second-best selling premium tequila brand in the United States, this rocker sold 80% of his interest in the brand for $80 million dollars. Three years later, he pocketed another $11 million for the remaining 20% interest. Not bad for a guy who became popular by singing about speeding.

Every Hard, Heavy & Hair Show this summer I’m going to play for you two Motley Crue tunes–one single, one deep cut or rarity–in a little segment I like to call Cruel CRUE Summer.

The first Crue cut is the 2012 title track single from the band’s final album of all new music, Saints of Los Angeles. The rarity after it, well, that’s something TRULY special. It’s an ultra rare version of “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”. This version is a rough mix of the Motley boys in the studio and features an alternate guitar solo from the version we all know by heart.

Again, that ultra rare “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” rough mix with the alternate guitar solo follows “Saints of Los Angeles” on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cruel, CRUE Summer.

Mötley Crüe – Saints of Los Angeles [Gang Vocal Version]
Mötley Crüe – Smokin’ in the Boys Room (alternate guitar solo – rough mix)

What do you think of that ultra rare, unreleased version of “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”? It was rough, right. That was a rough mix of the song, Motley Crue in the studio and Mick Mars trying a different guitar solo than the one in the released version of the band’s iconic cover of “Smokin’ in the Boys Room.”

Next week I’ll have another Motley masterpiece and another rare or deep Crue cut on another installment of Cruel, CRUE Summer.

Next is a double-shot of new music for you starting with something I’m VERY happy to play.

Have you ever heard of The Loyal Order band? Like me, they’re based in Portland, Oregon. The Loyal Order is the songwriting partnership of Jeff Beuhner and Brandon Cook manifest. Brandon’s a friend of mine, and I’m happy as hell to play his song on Hard, Heavy & Hair. If you’re thinking to yourself, “where have I heard the name Brandon Cook before,” it may be because you’re a fan of Black N’ Blue or seen them live. Black N’ Blue is also from Portland, with Jaime St. Jaimes and the guys hailing from here. Brandon Cook plays guitar in Black N’ Blue as well as in The Loyal Order and in at least two tribute bands I know of–Appetite for Deception, a G N R tribute band where he dons a black wig and Slash’s signature top hat, and in Jukebox Hero, a Foreigner tribute band that, no offense to Jeff Pilson and the gang, plays Foreigner songs better than Foreigner does.

Here’s The Loyal Order, “Ready for Dead” with co-writer Brandon Cook on lead guitar and Jeff Buehner on vocals.

The Loyal Order – Ready For Dead
The Raven Age – Fleur de lis

“Fleur de Lis” from English melodic Metalcore five-piece The Raven Age.

Everyone from John Mellencamp to Gene Simmons has said Rock N Roll is dead. Many others agreed with Gene’s 2014 proclamation. Tom Scholz from the band Boston was one of several to lay the blame at the feet of digital music distribution.

Today, we have a little good news. Inside Radio, a radio industry trade publication, released data that proves Rock is on a Roll. It’s growing.

Nielsen Music, a service that monitors radio listening like another branch of Nielsen monitors television viewing, analyzed their ratings data and concluded that nearly half of all music listeners–48%–are fans of Rock. Moreover, from 2014 to 2018, Rock radio’s unique listeners INCREASED more than 12 percent. So all these naysayers claiming Rock listening is on the decline are wrong; the statistics don’t lie.

AND, 26% of Rock fans turn to online radio to discover new music. FM and AM radio are the top source of discovering new rock at 44%, streaming sources like Spotify, YouTube, MixCloud, and this very show’s Hard, Heavy & Hair on-demand streaming are used by 42% for music discovery.

Rock is dead indeed.

This next track is a shoutout to one of the stations keeping Rock alive online, a station that has long aired the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Recently upgraded and super-powered, Radio X Rocks broadcasts this show from Detroit Rock City, and there just happens to be a song about that. This is Kiss on Hard, Heavy & Hair, ironically proving Gene Simmons wrong with his own music.

Kiss – Detroit Rock City
Black Star Riders – Sex, Guns & Gasoline

“Sex, Guns & Gasoline” from Black Star Riders. Black Star Riders is effectively Thin Lizzy, or at least the 2012 lineup of Thin Lizzy. That and the current lineup of Thin Lizzy includes not a single original member, but guitarist Scott Gorham IS from the CLASSIC Thin Lizzy that gave us “Jailbreak” and “The Boys Are Back in Town.” Scott and Thin Lizzy still perform, but when he wanted to record new music, Scott and the rest of the 2012 Thin Lizzy lineup did so under a new project name–Black Star Riders.

Scott did it out of respect to Thin Lizzy founder Phil Lynott, his legacy, and his widow. He also said that, as a fan, he would have been against recording new studio music without Phil Lynott on vocals but still calling the band Thin Lizzy.

There’s a lot of debate among fans and the musicians themselves about how long to keep a band name alive, how much should be done under that band’s name, when one or members has passed away. How many original or classic lineup members need to leave before the band, well, isn’t the same band any more? It’s a complicated discussion, especially now where more and more of the 70s and 80s bands are still touring, still recording, with very different lineups.

Here’s one such 80s band still touring, still recording: Britny Fox.

Britny Fox – Six Guns Loaded

From their ’91 Bite Down Hard album, that was Britny Fox. That guitar solo at the end of “Six Guns Loaded” was none other than Zakk Wylde. The Bite Down Hard album cover depicts a naked woman holding an apple while a snake entwines it and her. The model’s name was also Brittney, Brittney Powell.

Here’s a quickie little Supersonic and Demonic Relic track from Motley Crue followed by “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N Roses.

Mötley Crüe – Monsterous
Guns N’ Roses – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

G N’ R covering Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. That was the 1990 version that would wind up on ’91’s Use Your Illusion II. Guns N Roses started playing that song live in 1987, and even put a live recording on the “Welcome to the Jungle” maxi-single. The inclusion of an official cover studio recording of the song in the Tom Cruise racing film Days of Thunder cemented it as a G N R hit. They reworked the song a little for addition to Use Your Illusion II. Personally, I could do without the speech after the guitar solo, but whatever.

We here at the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show just learned a new term today.

Can you say “Tulsa pass,” children? “Tulsa pass.” That’s it! I knew you could.

Now, won’t you be, oh say won’t you be, my groupie?

In a new podcast series, celebrity interviewer Chuck Shute dug up a little tidbit from Trixter’s touring days and asked drummer Mark Gus Scott about it. When Trixter toured opening for the Scorpions in ’91, they, like Poison and plenty of other bands, had code words that told roadies which girls to get them for backstage after the show. Here’s a clip of that interview, Mark Gus Scott on the Chuck Shute Podcast.

[Clip – Chuck Shute Podcast]

So, there you go. That’s the definition of a Tulsa pass.

Mark himself shared the interview on Facebook, and it caught the attention of a number of musicians, roadies, and security people. Tony Taylor, a security guy for up and coming stars, said he’ll even bring the term to the attention of the artists he works with. I imagine I’ll be hearing “get her a Tulsa pass” from the wings of a lot of rock shows now.

Hit the show notes for Hard, Heavy & Hair number 211 to listen to the entire interview with Trixter drummer Mark Gus Scott.

I imagine I might even hear “Tulsa pass to her” at these guys’ next performance. Here’s the newest single from Rival Sons, “Too Bad.”

Rival Sons – Too Bad [Single Version]

The latest song from Rival Sons, “Too Bad.” Greasy guitars and stripped down raw Rock N Roll. Rock is dead my ass. The Rival Sons are currently on tour with Stone Temple Pilots.

Speaking of stripped down Rock. Have you heard the Struts’s newest? It’s a cover of “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger. David B Hope from Apocalyptic Lovers pointed it out to me today because I’m a big Struts fan. The cover is too Pop Rock to play on Hard, Heavy & Hair, but I embedded the video in the show notes on If you like pure Rock N’ Roll and the Struts, hit the website and check it out. Killer cover.

And on THAT note, it’s time for your final Cover Song of the Week clue and then I’ve got rare hair from Dokken for you.

As I noted earlier, the song being covered was written to parody Rock anthems. The intent backfired, making the song one of the most memorable teen angst anthems. Kids, especially those who thought living at home is such a drag, found in this 1986 Hard Rock / Rap Rock fusion song an outlet for releasing their rage against preaching teachers and hypocrite parents who wanted them to cut… that… hair.

The Cover Song of the Week follows this deep cut from Dokken’s Tooth and Nail record. This is “Bullets to Spare” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Dokken – Bullets to Spare

Did you guess the Cover Song of the Week? If you did, then you know the original artist, the one who wrote the Hard Rock / Rap Rock fusion song as a parody of 80s Hard Rock anthems. It backfired, becoming one of the greatest 80s Rock lifestyle anthems. Even those listeners who recognized its original intent ignored the fact that the song was making fun of them because the lyrics were so relatable. Parents hassling you? Teachers treating you like you’re a jerk? What kid CAN’T relate to those themes?

[Clip – Milhouse 3:30]

Ok. That kid. But not the rest of us.

Hell, my mother offered me a thousand dollars to cut my hair when I was 16. That was a lot of money to a teenager. I didn’t cut it. I had to pick up a second part-time job to pay for my car insurance, but I kept my hair.

The Cover Song of the Week is “Fight for Your Right (to Party),” written by the Beastie Boys and Paul Rubin, and covered by the Red Rocker himself, the man who made more money in one day selling his interest in his tequila brand than during his entire career as a musician, Sammy Hagar.

Like Sammy sings before the Beastie Boys original, you gotta fight, for your right, to parteeeeeeee!

Sammy Hagar – Fight for Your Right to Party
Beastie Boys – Fight for Your Right (To Party)

“Fight for Your Right (To Party) “, the immortal Beastie Boys 80s Rock and Rap fusion anthem. Before the original version there was Sammy Hagar’s rendition, which is this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week.

London-based Alt-Metal two-piece Colt48 has new music. This is their brand new song, “Scapegoat.”

Colt48 – Scapegoat

You’re listening to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 211 with me, Pariah Burke, your hard talking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host and producer.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

If you want to hear this show again, you can any time you want. It’s streaming on-demand online and on mobile devices from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com.

And I want to welcome even MORE new affiliates to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Family.

Gutentag, Deutsche! Hello Radio Rock FM in Germany listeners!

Hello to the UK listening in on Rock Radio UK!

Hey! I’m rocking’ here, New York! Even though I’m from Boston, we can still be friends, especially if you listen on Total Mixx Radio in NYC.

[clip DL – “Stagefright” “welcome to my show”]

Come back next week right here on this station for another two full hours of heart-pounding, guitar-crunching, throat-rending Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Rock/Glam from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 20-teens, and today along with the Cover Song of the Week, Cruel Crue Summer, and more.

I’m Pariah Burke. Helix is going to play us out with a new track going old School, this is “Coming Back with Bigger Guns,” which is exactly what the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show will do next week.

Helix – Coming Back With Bigger Guns

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