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  • Could the Beatles have helped form the Heavy Metal genre?!
  • NewTesla (X2!), Fever 333, Doro, Shapes, Dead Superstar, New Years Day, and 8mm
  • One of Rock’s and Metal’s
    most disgusting and shocking–but completely true!–modern legends
  • A double-shot of Denkmark bands
  • New music co-written by Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen
  • A Skid Row deep cut you’ll never hear on standard FM play
  • It’s Motley March!
  • Rare hair from Bad City
  • Music by Def Leppard, Jackyl, Lynch Mob, Cinderella, Kiss, Three Days Grace, Volbeat, Nonpoint, and more!
  • Trivia about one of the most famous Rock N Roll albums of all time that no one ever calls by its actual title.
  • Win the soundtrack to The Dirt and Amazon gift cards by filling out the Hard, Heavy & Hair Listener Survey.


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Cover Song of the Week

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Transcript of the Show


That’s right, this is the weekly hair down, balls out, volume up to 11 party that is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. And when it’s time to party, we will party hard, right Andrew W K?

Andrew WK – Party Hard

How about that new show opener before Andrew W.K.’s 2001 anthem “Party Hard”? The new opener is just the first of many exciting changes coming to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show over the next few weeks. Listeners like you have been telling me what you like and want more of on the show through the Listener Survey Form, and some of you are winning prizes from it. If you haven’t yet filled out the short survey, don’t miss out! I’m giving away Amazon gift cards and a copy of the soundtrack to Motley Crue’s movie The Dirt. That soundtrack contains four new recordings by the Crue. Even better, filling out the survey tells me what you love and just merely like about the show. Enter for your chance to win at slash survey.

Speaking of Motley Crue, this IS Motley March, so why don’t we hear one from the Crue before I tell you about all the new songs, old favorites, deep tracks, and rare hair you’ll hear on the show tonight. Here’s Dr. Feelgood. I’m Pariah Burke

Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood

This is Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’m your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host, Pariah Burke. Thank you for joining me for another raucous radio party of the newest, all time greatest, and even the rarest hard rock, metal, and hair from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20-teens, and today.

Let’s start with the “newest” and “today” descriptors. Coming up on this show is brand new music from Shakra, Fever 333, Doro Pesch, Shapes, Dead Superstar, New Year’s Day, 8 mm, and Tesla from their brand new album Shock.

You’re going to hear rare hair from Bad City and hits and deep cuts from Def Leppard, Jackyl, Lynch Mob, Cinderella, Kiss, Three Days Grace, Volbeat, Nonpoint, Skid Row, and more!

Let’s hear two of those new tunes now. Here’s the latest from Fever 333, “One of Us,” following “Self-Inflicted Heartache”, the very latest from husband-wife team 8mm.

8mm Self-Inflicted Heartache

That’s the second single from Fever 333’s debut LP Strength in Numb333rs.

Every week on Hard, Heavy & Hair I play for you a Hard Rock, Metal, or Glam cover song. The original song can be from any genre and time period, but the cover has to be hard, heavy, or hairy. I play both the cover and the original back-to-back. I also don’t tell you right away what the Cover Song of the Week is or by which artists. Instead, it’s a mystery you can try to solve before I reveal the song, the covering artist, and the original recording artist later in the show.

Ready for your first clue? The first one is always the toughest, meant to challenge those who know a LOT about rock and roll trivia.

Here we go. Your first Cover Song of the Week clue.

The original song comes from one of the world’s most famous Rock N Roll albums of all time, an album that no one ever calls by its actual title. The album is so famous, though, that I can’t even hint about it beyond that without it becoming immediately obvious. For that reason, I’m coming to keep this first clue short, AND I’m going to actually reveal the name of the original recording artist in one of the next clues. There will still be rock n roll detective work to be done

[clip Ford Fairlane]

knowing the original recording artist won’t on its own giveaway the song or who covered it.

One other thing I can tell you right now is that the first line of the song, a line that sounds incredibly profound and more than a little ominous, is actually a joke written about a slide at an amusement park.

I’ll give you more clues–easier clues–soon. Let’s get back to the music with Jackyl and Lynch Mob. I’m Pariah Burke.

Jackyl – Down on Me
Lynch Mob – No Bed Of Roses

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of Tesla. Which is why I was excited for their new album, Shock. I got especially excited when I learned that Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was producing and co-writing the album. And, if not for Collen, this record might never have been made.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon told Guiltar World that Tesla was, quote, “stuck in these ways of thinking. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. You can’t write songs on the road.

“Phil Collen proved us wrong and taught us that we can do it.” Which is fortunate, because Tesla has been touring almost non-stop for most of the last decade.

About Collen’s work on the Shock album, Hannon said “He took our song ideas and really produced them to the max. The sound, the production and the songs are taken to a new level for us.”

Ready to hear something off that album? You’ve already heard the title track “Shock” on previous Hard, Heavy & Hair shows, and you can find it on YouTube pretty easily. So, I’ll play you a deep track from the new album. Here’s Tied to the Tracks. Brand new Tesla on Hard, Heavy & Hair with me, Pariah Burke

Tesla – Tied to the Tracks

Brand new Tesla, a deep cut from their new album co-written and produced by Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen. If I have time, I’ll play you another song from the album later in the show. I’ll also play you something by Def Leppard that shows off Phil Collen’s guitar work. That’s coming up.

On last week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair, Show number 190, titled Michael Wagener and a Beggar’s Day Banquet, I played for you an ultra-rare Sebastian Bach-era Skid Row track most people have never heard. The reason most people have never heard it is because it was released ONLY on the Clean version of 91’s Slave to the Grind LP. This next song was part of the regular Slave to the Grind album release, and it’s the reason there WAS a clean edition. This next track was replaced on the clean version with the ultra rare song I played you last week. For obvious reasons, it wasn’t released as a single, so this is a deep cut from Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind LP. In my opinion, one of the greatest metal records ever produced.

Here’s “Get the F Out” by Skid Row on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Skid Row – Get The Fuck Out
Nonpoint – Chaos and Earthquakes

Starting out in South Florida’s late-90s metal scene, that was Nonpoint with “Chaos and Earthquakes” from their tenth studio album, 2018’s X, the Roman numeral for Ten.

Speaking of chaos, let’s get you another Cover Song of the Week clue. And, yes, I deliberately said it like that. It isn’t just overt clues I give to help you solve the Cover Song of the Week mystery. I also almost always drop subtle hints, some of them things I say, some of them hints implied by songs and artists I play.

Let’s talk about the band doing the cover. Two members of the covering band were so notorious for their shared antics that they earned the moniker the Terror Twins. Let me pause here and say this is NOT a story for children. If you’ve got kids around, cover their ears.

Ok. So, the Terror Twins struck up a bet to see which of them could go longer without bathing while on tour, and, unwashed, still get women to sleep with them. They went two months of playing live, sweating, banging, and not washing any part of themselves afterward.

Then, one night, one poor woman who was lucky enough to be chosen to perform fellatio on one of these rock stars, couldn’t handle the accumulated filth of his member. She tried, but wound up vomiting her pasta dinner all over the rock star’s star rocker. With spaghetti noodles tangled in his short and curlies, he called his twin terror into the room, heedless of the poor gagging woman, and conceded defeat. The event is notorious in the rock world and known as The Spaghetti Incident.

Who were the Terror Twins? What band were they in? That band is performing the Cover Song of the Week shortly.

You can uncover your kids’ ears now, by the way.

Still coming up is Def Leppard, Kiss, Volbeat, Bad City, Cinderella, and four more new music premieres–five, if I can work in a second track off the new Tesla record.

How about we do a trio new March 2019 Hard Rock right now before I hit you with more great 80s Hair favorites? Here’s Shapes, Doro, and Dead Superstar debuting right now on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show.

Dead Superstar – On The Ledge
SHVPES – Undertones
Doro – Backstage to Heaven

That was the beautiful blonde metal mistress Doro Pesch with her band, Doro. “Backstage to Heaven” was originally released on last August’s double-album–the first double-album Doro has ever released–Forever Warriors, Forever United. It was just re-released as the title track and one quarter of 4-song EP that also includes the song Heartbroken as well as two live cuts, Blood, Sweat And Rock’N’Roll and If I Can’t Have You No One Will. All four songs feature guest musicians. “Backstage to Heaven” included German Jazz musician, comedian, author, and film director Helge Schneider.

Let’s slow things down with a Def Leppard ballad by request. This one really shows off Phil Collen’s guitar playing, but that’s not the only reason I’m playing it. Sophie from Auckland, New Zealand wrote and asked me to play it. She writes, “My dad loved ‘Two Steps Behind’ from Def Leppard. He passed away last night as I write this. Pariah, It would truly mean a lot to me if you’d play the song and dedicate it to my Dad. He was a good man.”

First off, Sophie, I am truly sorry for your loss. Clearly, you loved your dad, and no man could ask for anything greater than the love of his daughter. I would be my privilege to play a song for your father. For Jack Anderson of Auckland, New Zealand, from his daughter Sophie, this is Def Leppard’s “Two Steps Behind”. I’m Pariah Burke

Def Leppard – Two Steps Behind

From 92’s Adrenalize album, that was “Two Steps Behind” by Def Leppard, by request.

Bad City was a short-lived band from Chicago. In 2010 they released their debut album, Welcome to the Wasteland, on Atlantic Records. They earned praise from Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Kiss’s Paul Stanley, among others. Corgan called their music “a super fresh take on the Rock” while Stanley said of their debut album quote, “Every track is a winner and Bad City raises the bar out of most band’s reach. It’s really that good. The best album I’ve heard in ages. A killer, cohesive album of great rock and bombastic production that has been sorely missing.” end quote.

They toured with Smashing Pumpkins, Hinder, and Slash. And then, they called it quits.

18 months after the release of Welcome to the Wasteland, in December 2011, Bad City played a farewell show in Chicago and walked away from each other.

Here’s one of the best songs on their one and only album, Welcome to the Wasteland, a record Paul Stanley said was the best album he’d heard in ages. This is “Look Out” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Bad City – Look Out!
Shakra – High Noon

The title track to Shakra’s 2016 album “High Noon.”

How about some pschobilly groove metal from Copenhagen? This is Volbeat “Still Counting,” the first of a double shot from Denmark. I’m Pariah Burke

Volbeat – Still Counting
Junkyard Drive – Backseat Baby

Two Danish bands, Junkyard Drive and Volbeat. Junkyard Drive played “Backseat Baby” from their 2018 sophomore album Black Coffee. They’ve got a great 80s rock sound, but their press agent compares them to Guns N Roses with too much confidence. According to the band’s official description, quote “In the 80s Guns n’ Roses was called’ ‘The most dangerous band in the world’. in 2018 that band is from Denmark and they are called Junkyard Drive!”

What do you think about that claim? Maybe, if the music world were like it was in the 80s, with MTV and radio helping new bands get discovered… But now? Don’t get me wrong. I wish Junkyard Drive all the best, and I think they rock. I’m a fan. I just don’t think anybody as new as Junkyard Drive should make such a bold claim, and also don’t think the current state of the music industry has room for ANYone to be called The most dangerous band in the world. As musically fresh and disruptive as Bad City was, they just up and quit.

I hope Junkyard Drive continues making good music for years to come, but I think they need to embrace a little more humility while they do it. Mindfulness and gratitude, maybe.

Here’s the last carrier of the moniker The most dangerous band in the world. Here’s “Reckless Life” from G N R Lies. I’m Pariah Burke

Guns N’ Roses – Reckless Life
Kiss – Tears Are Falling
Cinderella – Once Around the Ride

Cinderella taking us “Once Around the Ride” after Kiss with “Tears Are Falling” from ’85’s Asylum album.

Ready for another Cover Song of the Week clue?

The original recording artist is the Beatles.

Now, wait. Before you give up saying “I don’t like the Beatles or their songs”. I told a friend of mine that the Cover Song of the Week was going to be a Beatles song. She replied, “Ugh. I hate the Beatles.” Then I played for her the original to the Cover Song of the Week. She amended her previous statement to: “I hate the Beatles, but I like that one Beatles song.” So, if you don’t like the Beatles and don’t think you could possibly like any cover of a Beatles song, I ask you to give this one a chance.

The original song, written by Paul McCartney and included on the Beatles 1968 the White Album, is often credited as being a foundational influence on the formation of the Heavy Metal genre. McCartney said he went into the studio and gave the engineers a brief that, with the song in question, he wanted, quote, “just as fuzzy and as dirty and as loud and as filthy as you can get.”

Many people think the song, recorded in 1968, is ABOUT the cult leader and murderer Charles Manson, but something close to the opposite is really true. Manson heard the song and others on the album, inferring from the lyrics a prophecy of a coming race war in America, one for which he and his followers needed to prepare. Manson even named the future war after the title to the Cover Song of the Week.

Right around the corner is more music from Motley Crue and Winger, as well as brand new New Years Day, but let’s hear another track from Shock, the new Tesla album produced and co-written by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen. This is “Forever Loving You” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Tesla – Forever Loving You

The radio premiere of brand new Tesla, “Forever Loving You”.

Now it’s time for the…


Did you figure out the Cover Song of the Week?

You know it was originally recorded by the Beatles and inspired Charles Manson.

A lot of people think Paul McCartney wrote the song “Helter Skelter” about Charles Manson, but it was the other way around, with Manson–insane as he was–interpreting the song as a kickoff to his murderous Manson Family Cult. One of his followers even scrawled “Helter Skelter,” misspelled but clearly recognizable, in blood at one of the four locations for their murders.

Because of that connection, the Los Angeles assistant District Attorney who led the prosecution of Charles Manson titled his best-selling book about the murders “Helter Skelter.” The film adaptation of his book had the same title.

So, the confusion is easy to understand, but the song predates the Manson Family Murders. It isn’t about them, but it, in part, inspired them.

That first line of the song, “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride.” It sounds incredibly profound and rather ominous, doesn’t it? [chuckle] Well, McCartney wrote the line as a joke about a slide at a British amusement park.

Originally, “Helter Skelter” was a 27-minute jam the Beatles played one day in the studio. More than 20 takes were recorded after that jam session, and only one made it to the White Album. All sorts of weird stuff got thrown in there.

And, finally, I told you about The Spaghetti Incident in one of the clues. That was Nikki Sixx, who lost his bet to fellow Terror Twin Tommy Lee.

The Spaghetti Incident is an infamous story in the Rock world, and many people think it has something to do with the title of Guns N Roses 5th studio album, The Spaghetti Incident. It doesn’t. There’s a whole other story behind that, but it’s not as disgusting as the Nikki Sixx story.

So, the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week is “Helter Skelter,” covering by Motley Crue in 83 on Shout at the Devil. Here it is, followed by the original version by the Beatles in a song that helped inspire not only a lunatic but an entire genre of lunatics. The Beatles “Helter Skelter” helped form the foundations of Heavy Metal music.

Mötley Crüe – Helter Skelter
The Beatles – Helter Skelter

“Helter Skelter,” the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week. You heard it first as covered by Motley Crue back on the 1983 Shout at the Devil LP, an album and title song Nikki Sixx initially wanted to call Shout WITH the devil, until he allegedly began encountering supernatural occurrences, things flying off the table and around his kitchen, apparently. After the cover by the Infamous Four was the original version by the Fab Four, the Beatles, from their 1968 White Album.

Let’s jump forward from old music to brand new with New Years Days’ latest. Here’s the brand new song “Shut Up” on Hard, Heavy & Hair with me, Pariah Burke.

New Years Day – Shut Up

Ash Costello and the gang are back with more good new music. That was New Years Day and “Shut Up” making its debut on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. Oddly, they’ve only released that censored, radio-safe version of the song so far. Most of the time I get album versions or uncensored single tracks at the same time as the clean radio-safe ones. This time, Red Music only sent the censored version.

“Shut Up” is the second single from New Years Day’s upcoming album Unbreakable, an album Costello described as “either the poppiest metal album or the most metal poppy album.” Either way, it’s clear it’s going to be much heavier than the band’s previous record. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

If you want to hear “Shut Up” or any of the other new songs again, if you missed any part of this show, you can stream it and all past shows on demand 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, from This is Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 191, by the way.

Being Motley March, let’s let the Crue play us out with the song a lot of people thought was the last Motley Crue would ever write and record together, 2015’s “All Bad Things.” Happily, it WASN’T the last, as we now have three new songs coming next week, including “The Dirt (Established 1981)”, which I played for you twice over the last two weeks, and two other newly written Crue songs as well as a new Crue cover that you just might hear on another Cover Song of the Week very, very soon.

I’m your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host and producer, Pariah Burke. Thank you for joining me for this Hard, Heavy & Hair show. I’ll see you next week for another 2 hours of the latest and greatest, rarest and hairest Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Glam from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 20-teens.

Mötley Crüe – All Bad Things

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