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  • Rare hair: ultra rare original Skid Row!
  • NewWhitesnake, Meytal, and A Silver Lining
  • It’s Motley March!
  • New and classic tracks made with legendary Metal and Hard Rock producer Michael
  • Wagener
  • A very special Indie & Unsigned 3-fer with a special guest host, David B. Hope from Apocalyptic Lovers
  • Indie & Unsigned: New 80s Arena Rock sound from W.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Hair from KISS, Poison, Baton Rouge, LA Guns, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and Steelheart
  • Metal and Hard Rock from Saul, Palisades, Stone Broken, Wicked Witch, Sabbaths Black and Emerald, and more
  • From Indie & Unsigned
  • Playlist

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    New Music Premiere:

    Indie & Unsigned

    With Guest Co-Host David B. Hope from Apocalyptic Lovers

    New Music Premiere:

    New Music Premiere:

    Cover Song of the Week

    Beds by Audionautix.

    Transcript of the Show


    Welcome to a Beggar’s Day Banquet on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show. I’m Pariah Burke, and you’re listening to the right show if you’ve ever said to yourself “I just wanna rock n’ roll.”

    Steelheart – Rock’n Roll (I Just Wanna)

    I’m your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of a horny hedonist host, Pariah Burke along this journey of horn-throwing, head banging, drinking too hard, driving too fast, and screaming at the top of your lungs hard rockin’ party called the Hard, Heavy & Hair show.

    Thank you for tuning in to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, your weekly dose of hard rock, heavy metal, and hair band hits and deep cuts, including the very latest new music and the best of yesterday. You’ll hear the show every week right here on THIS station, and streaming forever more thereafter from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com, where you can listen to this and any previous show on-demand streaming online and mobile to soundtrack your ups, downs, and ins-and-outs any time you want to bang your head or bang someone else.

    I’ve got a big show for you this time around of Michael Wagener’s Beggar’s Day Banquet and much more. I’ll have the details of everything you’re going to hear after Def Leppard and Motley Crue. This is “Photograph”. I’m Pariah Burke.

    Def Leppard – Photograph
    Mötley Crüe – Live Wire

    “Live Wire,” the first of two Motley Crue songs on tonight’s show, that one mixed by Michael Wagener. Every show in Motley March will feature at least two Motley Crue songs in honor of the upcoming biopic The Dirt on Netflix and the soundtrack to the film featuring 4 new tracks by Vince, Mick, Sixx, and Tommy. On last week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair I debuted the first of those new songs, “The Dirt (Established 1981).” If you haven’t heard it yet, that was show number 189, titled “Ain’t That A Bitch,” which you can stream any time you want, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, on

    Let’s do ONE more song, then I’ll tell you everything you can look forward to in the next hour and a half or so. This is Stone Broken “Worth Fighting For” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Stone Broken – Worth Fighting For

    This is Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’m your host Pariah Burke.

    Coming up on this show is plenty of modern Hard Rock and even more 80s Hair and Arena Rock.

    In addition to the Steelheart, Def Leppard, and Crue songs you just heard, you’re going to get a whopping dose of 80s Hair from KISS, Poison, Baton Rouge, LA Guns, Cinderella, and more.

    You’ll hear a BRAND NEW Whitesnake cut, and new tunes from Meytal, and A Silver Lining

    – A very special Indie & Unsigned 3-fer with a special guest host, David B. Hope, drummer for Apocalyptic Lovers

    – 2000s Hard Rock from Saul, Palisades, and more

    And, a real special surprise: A very rare original Sebastian Bach-fronted Skid Row song from a rare variation pressing of the Slave to the Grind LP. This is not a demo song. It’s a fully-produced track left off the album, a Skid Row song most people have never heard! But YOU will on Hard, Heavy & Hair!

    This next song has been getting a lot of attention. For the first time on Hard, Heavy & Hair, this is Saul with “Brother.”

    Saul – Brother
    Wicked Witch – Soul To Fire

    That song was “Soul to Fire” from a band called Wicked Witch. Wicked Witch is long gone, having morphed into Machines of Grace. It was a Boston band featuring Jeff Plate on drums, who would go on to play for Metal Church, Savatage, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

    This is “Walks Like A Woman” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Baton Rouge – Walks Like a Woman

    Every week I pick a Cover Song of the Week. I play the cover, which is a hard, heavy, or hairy version of someone else’s song from any genre, and then I play the original back-to-back with it so that you can compare and contrast. This week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair is metal-on-metal, a heavy metal cover of a heavy metal original. But I’m not going to tell you what that song is or the two bands involved in it until the Cover Song of the Week segment in the second hour of the show.

    Leading up to that, I WILL give you clues that will help YOU guess at those facts.

    Ready for your first clue? Here it is.

    The Cover Song of the Week is by a one-off, all-star tribute project who just released an album long in the making. Each song on the album is done by different musicians. This specific cover features vocals by Ron Keel, Vinny Appice on drums, bass by Rudy Sarzo, DC Cothern and Pete Rinaldi on guitars, and Ellen Morgan on keyboards. None of those musicians actually played on the original RECORDED version of the song, but most people THINK one of them played on the song for two reasons. First, this musician DID play the tour supporting the album, replacing another musician who had such severe alcoholism he says he can’t remember recording his parts for the album. The second reason most people think one of those musicians I named plays on the originally recorded song is because the album featuring the Cover Song of the Week original is the ONLY album from the band of that era that DOESN’T feature a recorded contribution from that particular aforementioned musician.

    The first Cover Song of the Week clue of the show is ALWAYS the hardest; they get easier as we go along.

    Let’s get back to the music.

    L.A. Guns – The Ballad of Jayne

    It’s a shame, what happened to Jayne. A song lamenting the real-life tragedy that befell pin-up girl and actress Jayne Mansfield. Often compared to Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood sex symbol Jayne Mansfield was killed in a car accident in 1967. She was 34.

    Speaking of famous women, are you ready for some metal by a badass female drummer? Meytal Cohen is an Israeli-American drummer who started performing drum covers or rock and metal songs on YouTube. After amassing a following that gave her more than 100 million views, she put together a full band using her last name, Meytal, spelled M-E-Y-T-A-L, and released the album Alchemy in 2015. Meytal is about to release their second album, The Witness, which they crowdfunded with Kickstarter. This song, “Armalite,” is from that album.

    Here’s brand new Meytal on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Meytal – Armalite

    ======================================== Indie & Unsigned

    [Indie & Unsigned Opener]

    This is Indie & Unsigned, the showcase for hard rock, metal, glam, and hair rock local bands, unsigned artists, and artists signed to small, independent labels.

    I’m Pariah Burke and for the first time ever, I’m joined in the studio today by a friend of mine. He’s the drummer and chief songwriter for the band Apocalyptic Lovers, David B Hope. How are you doing, Dave?


    Yeah, you’re really busy I hear. Thank you for taking time to join me on Hard, Heavy & Hair and for guest hosting Indie & Unsigned.


    Right. Your band, Apocalyptic Lovers, was on Indie & Unsigned last year, back on Hard, Heavy & Hair number 161.


    My pleasure, man. Your music is great. Since then I’ve played you guys again, and I’m not the only one. You’re starting to get a lot of radio play, aren’t you?


    Right! Enjoy the success. You’ve also got a really exciting gig coming up, on April 20th. Why don’t you tell all the hard rocking boys and girls about the legendary venue you’ll playing and with what legend of 80s rock.



    That’s fantastic! I’ve seen the vinyl LP. It’s really cool. Congratulations to you and the rest of the guys in Apocalyptic Lovers for scoring a gig opening for Dokken at the Whisky! If you listeners missed that, Dave’s band Apocalyptic Lovers will be opening for Dokken on LA’s Sunset Strip, at the world famous Whisky-A-Go-Go, April 20th. Fee-free tickets are on sale now on Apocalyptic Lovers’ website. I’ll put a link in the show notes for this, Hard, Heavy & Hair show number 190.

    And congratulations on the reissue of your album Redemption, Volume 1 on CD with new art and some other bonuses not available on the current LP, right?


    That’s amazing, man. You guys deserve it. I’m a big fan of Apocalyptic Lovers–as you know–and I’m really psyched that you’re starting to get the exposure you deserve.

    You said something on Facebook recently, something you and I talked about off-air. You posted this passionate review of another band’s debut E.P. I hadn’t heard of the band before your post, but I immediately contacted them, got them to send me that E.P. you heard. I knew immediately I wanted to feature them on Indie & Unsigned, but I also knew that there’d be no one better than you to actually introduce them. Why don’t you tell my listeners about the band they’re about to hear and why you’re so passionate about them.


    Wow! That sounds amazing! Rock needs music that can inspire that kind of review now. Let’s listen to the first of two WALKER songs you picked out for us. Which one is this and why did you choose it?


    Nothing wrong with older rockers, even ones just starting to get traction in their 40s and 50s like your band, but it’s refreshing and gives me hope for tomorrow that younger musicians, the ones who weren’t around in the 80s to hear the Sunset Strip sound as it happened, are creating new music with that sound, trying to keep the feel of 80s rock alive.

    That’s a great description of WALKER, and I, for one, and am excited to hear them. So, let’s go ahead and play them.

    Which WALKER song should we play, Dave?


    There’s a link to buy the EP on in the show notes for Hard, Heavy & Hair Show 190. Just click that link, and you can own the song you’re about to hear as well as the second WALKER song we’ll play shortly after. I’m Pariah Burke with my guest co-host David B Hope introducing us to WALKER on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Indie & Unsigned spotlight. This is “Time to Party”.

    [plays first song]

    Great song! You were right on in your description of them, Dave. WALKER definitely plays that 80s arena rock sound even though the band members are too young to have lived through the sound the first time. Shades of the first Skid Row album mixed with LA Guns and the energy of early Van Halen.

    If you’re just joining us, this Hard, Heavy & Hair, specifically the Indie & Unsigned segment, and I’m joined in the studio by a guest host for Indie & Unsigned for the first time ever. David B. Hope from the band Apocalyptic Lovers is introducing us to an artist he’s recently discovered and found a passion for, WALKER.


    Thanks to you mentioning them, I’m a new fan of theirs. Tell us more about WALKER, Dave. Where are they from? What are they about?

    [response, feel free to improvise]

    And I understand your band, Apocalyptic Lovers, has a connection to WALKER. What is that?


    Yeah, that’s exactly the same vibe I just got from “Time to Party.”

    Michael Wagener! Wow! That’s amazing! I’ve heard your record, and Wagener’s production is great. In fact, I know we’re supposed to be focusing on WALKER, but let’s hear one of your songs and then we’ll spin another from WALKER. You told me you couldn’t pick a favorite from Apocalyptic Lovers and asked me to.


    It was tough for ME to pick, too. I’m a big fan of the entire Redemption, Volume 1 album–but I picked a song I hadn’t played on the show before, “Dying Day.” What can you tell us about it?


    Right! I hadn’t thought about it like that before, but yeah, that fits perfectly. Okay, folks, Dave and I going to play another WALKER track for you in a just a couple of minutes. For now, though, this is Dave’s band Apocalyptic Lovers with “Dying Day.” Check it out on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    [plays Dying Day]

    That, ladies and gentlemen, was Apocalyptic Lovers, an Ohio-based band with “Dying Day.” I’m joined in the studio by the drummer for Apocalyptic Lovers, David B. Hope. Sean wrote “Dying Day,” didn’t he?


    I love that entire album, but let’s get back to WALKER, the band you’re spotlighting in Indie & Unsigned. We’ve got time for one more song. We already heard “Time to Party”. What’s the other one you picked for us?

    [response, please also add why you picked the song]

    All right. Let’s play it. This is WALKER “Dreaming of You” in the Hard, Heavy & Hair Indie & Unsigned spotlight.

    [plays WALKER track 2]

    That was WALKER from their debut EP Bringing Back Rock. The EP is self-published, but they just signed with a label didn’t they, Dave?


    Woah! So they’re in good hands.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. Between them and acts like the Struts, Greta van Fleet, Dorothy, and, dare I say, Apocalyptic Lovers, Rock is definitely on an upswing no matter what that schmuck Adam Levine says.

    [respond if you like]

    I’ve said for a long time that new music discovery is a challenge. Even people in the music business have trouble finding out about new bands and music. I think it was Billy Sheehan said in an interview last year that he had JUST discovered Black Stone Cherry with the release of their 6th album. If someone like Sheehan doesn’t know that a great band like Black Stone Cherry is out like with albums like Kentucky and Magic Mountain… Well, it’s tougher for the rest of us hard rock fans. That’s a big reason shows like the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show exist, to help surface great new music that doesn’t get a lot of exposure through other channels. And spotlighting the next generation of great new rock is the reason I do Indie & Unsigned.

    That’s it for this week’s Indie & Unsigned. I want to thank my guest co-host, David B. Hope, for joining me, for playing music by his band, Apocalyptic Lovers, and for introducing us all to WALKER, a band he discovered and became an instant fan of–and one his recommendation made ME an instant fan of.


    Hit the show notes for this, Hard, Heavy & Hair no. 190, titled [title TBD], on I’ve included links to WALKER’s Facebook fan page, where you can buy the amazing EP we just heard two songs from, AND links to the OTHER killer band we heard sandwiched between the WALKER tracks, Apocalyptic Lovers. If you like supporting rising new hard, heavy, hairy stars, please, please, please take just a tiny portion of your strip club and beer money and support these two bands. Get Apocalyptic Lovers’ LP Redemption, Volume 1 and WALKER’s debut EP Bringing Back Rock. Both are available worldwide for just a few bucks. You can get both in the show notes on

    [Indie & Unsigned Closer

    ======================================== Indie & Unsigned

    Warrant – Hole In My Wall

    That was Warrant with “Hole in My Wall” from ’92’s Dog Eat Dog LP, which was engineered by Michael Wagener, the same producer now working with WALKER and Apocalyptic Lovers.

    Kiss – Strutter
    Whitesnake – Shut Up & Kiss Me

    Brand new Whitesnake there, “Shut Up & Kiss Me.” David Coverdale is 67 and still rocking. True, his voice isn’t what it used to be, which a lot of trolls have been bitching about on Facebook, and not just about Coverdale. They’ve been throwing grief about Vince Neil, Paul Stanley, Coverdale, and others not having the same singing voices in their 50s, 60s, and 70s as they did in their 20s and 30s.

    To those whiny little bitches I say this: Age changes us all. Try to remember that while your typing out your vitriol on Facebook while sitting on the toilet with your aging balls sagging lower and lower toward the toilet water.

    Paul Stanley, also 67, had something to say in his own defense recently, too. He told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “There’s no denying, whether you’re an athlete or singer, that life goes on, and you aren’t who you once were. If you want to hear me sound like I did on ‘Alive!’ go listen to ‘Alive!'” End quote.

    You heard Paul singing “Strutter” from Alive! before Whitesnake.

    Ready for your second Cover Song of the Week clue?

    Let’s talk about the writer of the Cover Song of the Week. He’s a household name in any household that likes ANY kind of music played on Hard, Heavy & Hair, and in the original band for which he wrote and sang the song, this guy replaced ANOTHER household name as the singer, and also took over most of the writing. The singer/songwriter said of the Cover Song of the Week that it is “a great, great song that went in so many different directions.”

    The singer/songwriter, who passed away a few years ago, was recently a subject of rocks news. This gentlemen is credited with originating a particular hand gesture we all now associate with Heavy Metal. It’s a hand gesture ANOTHER world-famous, old school rocker was briefly trying to take credit for–even trademark.

    Still coming up is that ultra rare original Skid Row, Poison, Palisades, a brand new drinking song from A Silver Lining, and more Motley in this Motley March episode of Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Let’s slow things down for a moment ’cause love’s a game of easy come and easy go.

    Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    There’s no way you need me to back intro that song, but the FCC says I gotta do it, so… That was Poison with one of, if not THE, greatest hard, heavy, or hairy heartbreak ballad of all time, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

    Do you remember Skid Row’s sophomore album, Slave to the Grind? Of course you do. It’s one of the greatest 80s rock albums ever, and was a milestone that helped strip away some of the Glam and glitz from the era and move it into more serious, harder Hard Rock and Metal. Slave to the Grind is an amazing album, but there’s one track that some regions didn’t like. This one.

    [clip: Get the Fuck Out]

    I’ll play that song in its entirety on next week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair, by the way.

    So, some areas objected to the profanity of “Get the F Out”, so Atlantic Records pressed a separate “Clean” version of the Slave to the Grind LP that left out that song, replacing it with another song Sebastian Bach and Skid Row had recorded for the album but initially left off. It’s a song Skid Row–and later a solo touring Sebastian Bach–often play live despite it not appearing on the version of Slave to the Grind most people bought. It also doesn’t appear on their greatest hits albums.

    That means most people, even those who love Sebastian Bach-era Skid Row, have never heard this next Slave to the Grind song. Here for your listening pleasure is rare hair from the best Skid Row lineup ever. This is “Beggar’s Day.”

    Skid Row – Beggar’s Day

    Rare hair from Sebastian Bach-era Skid Row. That was “Beggar’s Day”, a track included only on the hard-to-find clean version of Slave to the Grind, replacing “Get the F Out” on that edition of the 1991 LP. Like the rest of the album, “Beggar’s Day was produced by legendary metal and hard rock producer Michael Wagener, who is a recurring name in this show because of his numerous producing credits. He’s still producing great rock and roll. You heard him talked about in the Indie & Unsigned segment during my interview and co-hosting session with David B Hope. Wagener produces both Dave’s band, Apocalyptic Lovers, and a new 80s arena rock band comprising Irish 20-somethings, WALKER.

    Wagener also produced this song.

    [clip Janet Jackson – Black Cat]

    Remember when that came on the radio? I was blown away. I was like, “Woah! Janet Jackson with a hard rock guitar!” To get that nasty sound Ms. Jackson chose famed metal producer Micheal Wagener.

    The Cover Song of the Week is just around the corner, so here’s your third and final Cover Song of the Week clue.

    The original song was the second single from a 1980 album. It was not a big hit at the time, but became a classic. The song was part of nearly every set list for this band during their tours from 1980 through 1992. When played live, guitarist Tony Iommi customarily plays a lengthy instrumental introductory passage with heavy atmospheric keyboard backing.

    And here’s a bonus clue: The following lines are part of the lyrics to the song:

    Behind the smile, there’s danger and a promise to be told
    You’ll never get old, ha
    Life’s fantasy to be locked away and still to think you’re free
    you’re free, you’re free

    Good luck.

    Before we get to the Cover Song of the Week, I’ve got for you another brand new song. This is Michagan-based 5-piece A Silver Lining singing about a modern cocktail every teenager knows. This is “Redbull Vodka” debuting on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    A Silver Lining – Redbull Vodka

    New song debut “Redbull Vodka” from A Silver Lining. ASL is an interesting band. Each of the members has lived through tragedy and heart ache, including addiction, depression, the death of loved ones, and even suicide. They came together to create something beautiful out of the ashes of their pasts. They focus on the art and craft of music, trying to break through what they call the barrier of music being held captive to social media and trying to bring back the bearings of Rock and Roll.

    It’s time for the…


    Have you figured out that the original song is by Black Sabbath in the Dio era? Ronnie James wrote the song you’re about to hear, though it was covered by EMERALD Sabbath, a massive tribute project from the Emerald Isle.

    Emerald Sabbath is the brain child of Michael Suilleabhain Bundade (I’m sorry if I mispronounced your name, Michael). Michael is from West Cork, Ireland. Back in 2015, while watching a performance of Swan Lake, Michael got the idea to record a classical tribute to Black Sabbath. He also wanted to use as many members of Black Sabbath as possible.

    Four years later, in February 2019, Emerald Sabbath released the album Ninth Star containing 6 songs and 5 instrumentals. The album features 11 ex-Black Sabbath members as well as graphic designers, string arrangers, and a producer who all worked with Black Sabbath.

    The Cover Song of the Week, Emerald Sabbath’s version of “Die Young,” is from Ninth Star. It even features Vinny Appice on drums. Vinny didn’t play on the original Black Sabbath recording of the song, but he did play on the tour supporting the Heaven and Hell album, and on every other album during the Die-Era of Black Sabbath.

    Emerald Sabbath – Die Young
    Black Sabbath – Die Young

    “Die Young,” there by Black Sabbath and before it by all-star tribute project Emerald Sabbath on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Cover Song of the Week.

    That was some old 80s metal. Let’s catch back up to the current year and erase the pain with Palisades.

    Palisades – Erase the Pain

    This is the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with me, your hard rocking, heavy drinking, hairball of horny hedonist host and producer, Pariah Burke. Hard, Heavy & Hair is a weekly show that features the biggest hits, deepest cuts, and rarest hair from the entire history of hard rock, heavy metal, and hair bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 20-teens, and today along with awesome rock trivia and insight.

    If you missed any part of this show you can stream it any past show on-demand from, that’s P-A-R-I-A-H-R-O-C-K-S-dot com.

    I want to again thank my David B Hope for being my very first co-host for Indie & Unsigned. Dave was kind enough to play for us a band he’s recently discovered, Ireland’s WALKER. If you liked the music Dave played–which included two songs by WALKER and one by his own band Apocalyptic Lovers–hit the show notes on for links to the two bands’ albums and to their Facebook fan pages. While you’re on Facebook liking WALKER and Apocalyptic Lovers, give a like to the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show page, too, will ya? You’ll get interesting news and reviews, funny and inspiring hard rock, heavy metal, hair band, and sexy fan memes and photos, and a lot more.

    Thank you for joining me for this week’s Hard, Heavy & Hair. I’ll see you next week right here for ANOTHER all new Hard, Heavy & Hair Show full of new tunes, old favorites, rare hair, another Cover Song of the Week game, and plenty of rock and roll trivia.

    This is Motley March on Hard, Heavy & Hair, so let’ let Motley Crue play us out with a deep cut from their last studio album, the autobiographical Saints of Los Angeles. This is a story of their early years, “Down at the Whisky.” I’m Pariah Burke. This is Hard, Heavy & Hair.

    Mötley Crüe – Down at the Whisky

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