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A Hard, Heavy & Hairy Valentine’s: Counting down the 14 greatest mushy but metal, soft but hard, and all hair love songs of all time.

And, in between those 14 most romantic hair band heart songs are anti-Valentine’s Day songs to honor those who are boycotting the holiday.

So, whether you’re encoupled or uncoupled, in love with your bae or contemplating murdering your ex, this is the show you need to be listening to. If you’ve got someone, grab them to cuddle up and listen to this very special A Hard, Heavy & Hairy Valentine’s Day with you. If you don’t have someone, pull out your phone and swipe right right now to find someone to bang to the beat of the hard and heavy anti-Valentine’s tracks. If you just can’t get anyone else to listen with you, well, break out the booze and the battery-operated boyfriend or Fleshlight, because you’re going to love this show, even if you can’t stand the thought of love right now.


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