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    Catching a Wave

    1. The%2BSabres%2Bband%2Bshot Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM
      The Sabres (Rudy Varner, Chris Casello, Loney Charles)
      We chat with guitarist Chris Casello later in the show this week.  We talk about surf guitar influences as well as his involvement with The Prodigals and The Sabres! Plus, we spin NEW songs from The Surfrajettes and The Splashdowns along with a "trio from Chuck Rio", The Explorers Club, The Beach Boys, Surfer Joe, our weekly trivia question and more!

      Hear episode here:

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      Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"
      The%2BProdigals%2B45%2Bcover Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM

      The Sabres- "Mr. Moto"
      The Splashdowns- "Micro Meteorites"
      Trio from Chuck Rio:
      The Persuaders & Chuck Rio- "Toes On The Nose"
      The Champs- "T.N.T."
      Chuck Rio & The Originals- "Margarita"

      Duane Eddy- "Ramrod"
      Interview segment 1
      The Ventures- "Oh Lonesome Me"
      Interview segment 2
      Chris Casello Trio- "Miserlu"
      The%2BSabres%2BNashville%2BBoogie Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COMInterview segment 3
      The Prodigals- "Sharkskin Buffalo"
      Chris Casello Trio- "Walk, Don't Run"
      Interview segment 4
      The Sabres- "Ride The Savage"

      The Beach Boys- "Shelter"
      The Explorers Club- "No Strings Attached"
      The Astronauts- "Come Along Baby"
      Spies Who Surf- "Spy Beach"
      The Surfrajettes- "Cha Cha Heels"
      Surfer Joe- "Beach City Bop"

      Outro music bed: Chris Casello Trio- "El Nino"

    2. Slowey%2Band%2Bthe%2Bboats Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM

      We spin new tracks from Slowey & The Boats, Satan's Pilgrims, Chris Casello Trio, The Men In Gray Suits and Black Flamingos this week.  Plus, we hear from Brian Wilson, Bo Diddley, The Atlantics, The Space Cossacks, The Surfaris, The Belairs, The Beach Boys, our weekly trivia and lots more!!

      Hear episode here:

      Download all episodes on iTunes and stream on Google Play!

      Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

      The Galaxies- "Tremble"
      The Atlantics- "Surf's Up"
      Chris Casello Trio- "Shuck N Jive"
      Satan's Pilgrims- "Creep Beat"
      Richie Allan & The Pacific Surfers- "Malibu Run"
      The Men In Gray Suits- "The Victor"
      Bo Diddley- "Low Tide"
      Johnny Cymbal- "(Surfin' At) Tia Juana"
      Kay Bell &The Tuff's- "(The Original) Surfer Stomp"
      Billy Mure- "Flaming Guitar"
      The Dustaphonics- "Showman Twang Tiki Gods"
      The Space Cossacks- "Tsunami Tsurprise"
      The Surfaris- "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66"
      The Beach Boys- "Darlin'"
      Black Flamingos- "Hour Of The Coyote"
      Dean Torrence & Papa Doo Run Run- "Teenager In Love"
      Brian Wilson- "I Got Rhythm"
      Slowey & The Boats- "Hula Blues"
      The Belairs- "Squirt"

      Outro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Honky Tonk"
    3. CAW%2BHalloween%2B2%2Bcover%2B2 Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM

      It's our 2nd annual Halloween Show on Catching A Wave. Lots of ghoulish fun, fun, fun this week with Los Straitjackets, The Woggles, Messer Chups, Black Flamingos, Satan's Pilgrims, Jan & Dean, Man Or Astroman?, Bobby "Boris" Puckett, Kevin White, The Ghouls, The Hi-Risers and more!  Listen if you dare!!

      Hear episode here:

      BONUS...hear a couple of NEW Halloween singles plus new tunes from JD McPherson and more on the new Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour here:

      Download all episodes on iTunes and stream on Google Play!

      Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

      Los Straitjackets with Pontani Sisters & Kaiser George- "All Back To Drac's"
      The Phantom Five- "Graveyard"
      The Halibuts- "Monster Surfing Time"
      Man Or Astroman- "The Shadow Knows"
      Frankenstein and Dracula trailer
      The Von Drats- "Dratsylvania"
      Kevin White- "Frogman, Robutz & UFO's"
      The Surfaders- "Creature From Beyond The Reef"
      Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers- "Monster Mash"
      The Ghouls- "Bela Be Good"
      Plan 9 From Outer Space trailer
      The Neanderthals- "Werewolf From Outer Space"
      Al Casey- "The Hearse"
      Jan & Dean- "Surfin' Hearse"
      Satan's Pilgrims- "Haunted House Of Rock"
      Black Flamingos- "Haunted Hall"
      I Was A Teenage Frankenstein trailer
      The Hi-Risers- "Call Me The Wolfman"
      The Woggles- "Dracula's Daughter"
      The Ghastly Ones- "Hangman Hangten"
      Surfmen- "Ghost Hop"
      Burt Rocket- "Crypt Surfer"
      Robot Monster trailer
      Messer Chups- "Insomnia Of The Mummies" (Faster version)

      Outro music bed: The Ghouls- "Shake, Rattle & Rot"

    4. Al%2BJardine%2BA%2BPostcard%2BFrom%2BCalifornia Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM

      We spin solo tracks from Beach Boys members Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson & Brian Wilson this week.  Plus, hear rockers from Slacktone, The Lively Ones, Dick Dale, Hillbilly Soul Surfers, Martin Cilia, Tijuana Panthers, our weekly trivia question and more!!

      Hear episode here:

      Download all episodes on iTunes and stream on Google Play!

      Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

      Happy Times- "Lo-Fi Spy"
      Slacktone- "The Bells Of St. Kahuna"
      Dick Dale- "Surfin' And A Swingin'"
      The Denvermen- "Avalon Stomp"
      The Lively Ones- "Telstar"
      Al Jardine- "A California Saga" 
      Bruce Johnston- "Down Under"
      Dennis Wilson- "Sound Of Free"
      Carl Wilson- "Too Early To Tell"
      Brian Wilson- "Surf's Up"
      The Lustre Kings- "Bottlerocket"
      Tijuana Panthers- "Foolish"
      Big Ray & The Futuras- "Surf Hammer"
      The Real Gone- "Uprising"
      The Mighty Surf Lords- "Mighty Bah-Room"
      Glen Campbell- "Tequila"
      Hillbilly Soul Surfers- "Scratchin' And Twistin"
      Martin Cilia- "Futurama"

      Outro music bed:  Surfin Gorillas- "Penetration"

    5. The%2BEvanstones%2BMusic%2BFrom%2BThe%2BLast%2BBand%2BOn%2BEarth Catching a Wave - RADIOLANTAU.COM
      Hear NEW tunes from The Evanstones, The Woggles and The Hula Girls on the latest Catching A Wave. Plus, we spin tracks from The Beach Boys, The Kaisers, Aqualads, Ramones, Ramonetures, The Surfaris, The Von Drats, The Madeira, our weekly trivia and lots more!!

      Listen to episode here:

      Download all episodes on iTunes and stream on Google Play!

      Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

      The Evanstones- "Mr. Burns"
      The Madeira- "The Victor"
      The Beach Boys- "Dance, Dance, Dance" (alt. take)
      The Fabulous Plank-Tones- "Book Of Love"
      The Von Drats- "Tube City"
      The Woggles- "Jungle Queen"
      Link Wray- "Law Of The Jungle"
      The Surfaris- "Gone, Gone, Gone"
      The Wailers- "We're Goin' Surfin'"
      Dee Dee Sharp- "Riding The Waves"
      Ramonetures- "I Wanna Be Sedated"
      Ramones- "Rockaway Beach"
      The Hi-Risers- "(Let's Dance) The Freeze"
      La Luz- "It's Alive"
      Hawaii Samurai- "Creeky Tiki From The Deepest Jungle Of Gargula"
      Jill Gibson- "It's As Easy As 1,2,3"
      The Kaisers- "Lonesome"
      The Hula Girls- "Evening At Tonga Lei"
      Aqualads- "Barbara Ann"

      Outro music bed:  Eddie Angel- "Brawl"


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